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  1. Very good question.


    First you need to ensure your server supports TLS2.0.  You can test it here https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest   You are aiming for an A but specifically you want to see that TLS 1.2 is enabled.  So in your results, scroll down to the Configuration section and look for TLS 1.2 set to Yes.  If TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are also enabled contact your hosting company and ask when they plan to disable.  If not disabled you might have issues passing PCI Scans.


    Second, since authorize.net has disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on their sandbox ( https://community.developer.authorize.net/t5/The-Authorize-Net-Developer-Blog/TLS-1-1-and-1-0-Disabled-in-Sandbox-on-April-30-2017-Updated/ba-p/57726)  you can test your specific module by changing to test mode and verifying it still works. If it does not work then I suggest you first update it to the latest version for your specific osCommerce version and retest.  If you still have problems then post the details here: osCommerce Version, Authorize.net AIM version, error details.

  2. This change is happening on Dec 29 2014. 


    Are people going to enter the dimensional weight for each product or try to calculate the dimensional weight for each box in the order using the UPS XML Dimensional Shipping features?


    We have a customer testing the latter but no outcome yet.


    Anyone tried the former to see how accurate the calculations are?

  3. There is no flag to control what rates are offered in this module.


    Someone would have to program it to do that assuming that the new API does in fact allow it.


    You can always add on a handling fee.


    However given shipping charges is one of the top #3 reasons for abandoned carts, I'd recommend you pass on any savings you can.

  4. Hi


    1. Can someone put the whole fopen issue into the Installation Instructions given is has to be allow_url_fopen has to be set for the Page Rank to work? Updating the comments on that feature saying it might not work on your server would also be useful.


    2. Can someone explain the implications of allowing fopen? Isn't this a little big of a security issue? Hacking?


    3. I installed the latest version and I get varying results with I do a SEO Assistant Search for a site and its keyword and Google.


    For example, if I search within 200 results I am not found, 1000 and I am found but it says 163 (161). If it was then I'd show within 200 wouldn't I?


    Then if I look within 500, I get 161 (160).


    Same flaky results for MSN. Yahoo thinks I don't exist within 5000 results which is crazy.




  5. Hi


    I came across this contribution and I was wondering about the legality of logging into a site and processing an order for a customer. Regardless of whether the order is flagged as "manual", I would have thought when it comes to credit card processing at least that this should not be done as it is a "card absent" transaction and therefore should not be processed thru the site gateway but on the merchant account side of things. This is why they provide "virtual terminals" (even paypal has it now) so you can process cards manually.


    I have not checked lately about such transactions but usally they do not make use of the CVV - because the card is absent :)


    Can anyone advise on this?




  6. Hi


    The auto installation does not work on my server. I can't get access to the SQL server due to the server setup.


    I am used to hand installed MS2.2. So I tried to do that with this alpha release. I loaded the code. I created the database and I loaded the sample data.


    But it falls over.


    Notice: Use of undefined constant MODULE_SERVICES_INSTALLED - assumed 'MODULE_SERVICES_INSTALLED' in /home/ozeworks/public_html/demo/MS3/oscommerce/includes/classes/services.php on line 20



    I am guessing I missed some site setup in the installation. So how do I work around this?




  7. Hi


    I installed this and it does not work on my product listing page.


    We do have the qty there so I followed the post that said to update teh module/product_listing.php file but I ended up with two qty fields and two buy now buttons and one was clearly the Ajax one but it did nothing just spun its wheels.



    okay I missed the fact there are TWO case statements like the one he said to replace. read more carefully next time ...




  8. We are getting the odd transaction where what the osCommerce invoice shows and what is sent to PSI and charged by PSIGate are out by a small amount.


    We have started to log what we send PSIGate in the log table (had to add a field).


    So far we addressed rounding problems with Specials prices and issues with Prices when dispay prices without tax is set.


    But we cannot work out how what this problems is




  9. Here's the most recent file I have been working on so far. The following changes were made so far:


    1. Changed URL's to match Postal Service Changes that were just made.

    2. Added reference number as the Order Number

    3. Changed "Shipped from Zip Code" to set as default.

    4. Cleaned up some un-needed code

    5. added COMPANY in define


    don't forget to change the variables (lines 34 thru 40)


    It can be downloaded from here (after downloading change the name from .phps2 to .php)



    I noticed that the refernce number does not seem to show up any where that I can tell?? Using this mod will get you to a message that says"We are unable to find any available service options for this label, please review your label and try again."


    If you scroll down & hit CONTINUE it will take you to the "SERVICE OPTION" page. I tried to work around this, but have to quit for now. If anyone else would like to pick it up from here, please do go for it. Hope this helps, Tony...



    We appear to have a modifed version of this includind the program name.


    I fixed the URL but can someone tell me where I should look to fix


    . Changed "Shipped from Zip Code" to set as default.