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  1. alex2621

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi Jack, Could not give up so went through every file from header tags SEO and article manager with winmerge. did this on every single file needed. I am pleased to say i have finally cracked it, dont know where or how but it works! Thanks for your help again.
  2. alex2621

    Article Manager v1.0

    i am afraid i have to admit defeat, i just do not know enough php programming to locate any problems. Just to let you know, i have boiled it down to the articles.php file in admin folder of the new files. The page stops loading after it displays the title header / banner, the section at the top of the actual page containing the following: "Articles Manager V 1.57_6 title by Jack_mcs from oscommerce-solution.com" and the search box. It will not go any further and does not display the footer. Thanks for you help anyway, it was an idea i was working on but will try something else.
  3. alex2621

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thanks, i will have another go, but what i am finding, i install header tags seo first, just by coping the files to the new shop folder, then try the the same with article manager , but some of the files are different to the ones installed, so i am doing a file comparison on them and them updating the files. will let you know how i get on. I think that i am makeing a very simple mistake but just cannot see it. Thanks again
  4. alex2621

    Article Manager v1.0

    The articles and author box was just to try it out to see what it may look like, have left it out for now. i am afraid that the buttons dont show up, i have checked the folder several times and this is what is in them: from extracted folder ArticlesManager_1.57_6: Docs oscommerce_2.3 oscommerce_other article_manager_update_configure.php article_manager_V_1.57.sql readme.txt as per instructions in read me file, used oscommerce_other folder as i am using OsCommerce-2.2rc2a in oscommerce_other folder catalog NewFiles readme.txt uploaded all of NewFile folder which had the following files admin includes boxes >articles.php functions >articles.php >version_checker.php languages english images >article_manager_blog_comments.php >article_reviews.php >articles.php >articles_config.php >artices_xsell.php >authors.php >version_checker.php modules >articles_pseudo.php >article_manager_blog_comments.php >article_reviews.php >articles.php >articles_config.php >artices_xsell.php >authors.php images article_manager_uploads >empty folder includes boxes >articles.php >authors.php functions >articles.php languages english images buttons >button_submit.gif >button_print_article.gif >article_blog.php >article_info.php >article_manager_search_result.php >article_reviews.php >article_reviews_info.php >article_reviews_write.php >article_rss.php >articles.php >articles_new.php >article_sumit.php >article_topics.php modules >article_listing.php >articles_pxsell.php >articles_upcoming.php >articles_xsell.php >article_blog.php >article_info.php >article_manager_search_result.php >article_popup_print.php >article_reviews.php >article_reviews_info.php >article_reviews_write.php >article_rss.php >articles.php >articles_new.php >article_sumit.php >article_topics.php The catalog folder was installed using 'winmerge' to compare the files, these files were in the folder. catalog admin includes languages >english.php >application_top_MS2.php >application_top_RC2.php >column_left.php >database_tables.php >filenames.php includes languages english >tell_a_friend.php >english.php >application_top_MS2.php >application_top_RC2.php >column_left.php >database_tables.php >filenames.php >product_info.php >redirect.php >tell_a_friend.php I have checked several times and i think i have compared all of these files and uploaded them. As i said, this is on a fresh install of oscommerce, so there are no other contributions installed except for header tags seo of course. This is on a home server so at the moment i can not provide a link. I am hoping that it is something very simple that i have overlooked. Thanks for all your help
  5. alex2621

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, I installed Article manager V1.57_6 on a vanilla OSC RC2. I have followed the instructions including installing Header Tags SEO V 3.2.5. All seemed to go well, a few niggly problems, now sorted, along with the following: Add the following before the last ?> in includes/column_left.php or column_right.php (depending on what side you want the boxes): /**** BEGIN ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ if (AUTHOR_BOX_DISPLAY == 'true'){ require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'authors.php'); } if (ARTICLE_BOX_DISPLAY == 'true'){ require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'articles.php'); } /**** END ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ got round it by leaving it out as when i replaced it with the following: /**** BEGIN ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'authors.php'); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'articles.php'); /**** END ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ the site would hang, but it was better if i just added: /**** BEGIN ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'authors.php'); /**** END ARTICLE MANAGER ****/ Anyway hope this helps somebody, but my main problem is that when i login to the admin section and goto admin > Articles Manager, the default page appears, however in the list, i cant seem to find a way of adding any articles. I can add authors etc, which i have done as this was in the instructions to do first. I have checked the installation several times, reinstalled it several times, installed Header Tags SEO first and then Article Manager V1.57_6 and then the other way round, each time comparing files with win merge. Still no luck. Have i just over looed something obvious? Hope somebody has an idea, please