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  1. Cattom

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi! Great contribution!!!! Finally I got it work. :) It works really fine except one problem. After I installed this contribution Infopages unlimited stopped work. Page looks OK but text don't appear (I mean disappear completely :blink: ) and any attempts to enter text where useless. I even tried reinstall infopages but nothing happened. Maybe there is some suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Cattom

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    I fixed Custom_META_Tags_per_Item but login problem still remain and it much more important then tags at the moment.
  3. Cattom

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi! I just installed contribution, links work fine but there is two problems. 1-st. Customers cannot login to the site, I think problem is between html_output.php and loginbox best (actually this question remain without answer on this topic's page 13). How can I fix it, help me please!!! and 2-nd Custom_META_Tags_per_Item stopped work. Thank you. Viktor.
  4. Great contribution. I checked it by googlebot simulator: Visible text to web page size ratio: index.php - 7,4% against index.html - 47.22%. One question: Is it possible to add images derectory to SEO sitemap? Thank you.
  5. Great contribution, thanks. But I got a problem: disappeared all images in admin/catalog, catalog images and product images, no link from admin/catalog to catalog/images: The requested URL /home/blablabla/public_html/images/obxmwgcf.gif was not found on this server. . But on the main page everithing OK. Can someone suggest how to get images back. :)
  6. Cattom

    Shipping discount.

    Hello everyone! I got two questions. 1. I need arrange shipping discounts for next product. For example: Customer ordering 3 items, with different weight: shipping of the first product costs ?3, second ?4, third ?5. The highest shipping is third which is ?5, so that is charged at full price. Second's and third's product shipping price discounted by 50%. Is it possible to do somehow? 2. I d'like arrange maximum shipping price (10 pounds for example). It's meen that my customer never pay more then ?10 for one order in the same address no metter how many items he order. I hope there is some ideas. Thanks.