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  1. I'm looking for a contribution that does this: when the customer press on the black button it will add an extra row (max 5 rows here) in the product_info.php page i have seen this many time before but never on a osc site. anyone can help me finding this contribution? translations for the image: maat=size ; aantal=quantity ook andere maat bestellen=also order another size?
  2. schoent

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I have installed this module, works great except for 1 function. the ot_lev_discount module from the order totals is calculated automatically is there a way to disable this calculation
  3. is there a way to put the cpath before the .html instead of the end of the product URL when using this function "Add cPath to product URLs?" also does this do any damage to the ranking on google because it's not an html
  4. schoent

    [Contrib] Your Recent History V2.0

    i still can't find the problem maybe someone can look at my website and give me some advice (send me a meesage)
  5. schoent

    [Contrib] Your Recent History V2.0

    it's still there i use several contributions maybe there is one that conflict with that i have ultimate seo urls, this contributions don't use cpath, maybe that's the conflict
  6. schoent

    [Contrib] Your Recent History V2.0

    Great contribution, only i have one problem about 1 month ago it works fine but then it's not showing any last viewed categories anymore, the rest is working fine i have changed a lot in my shop in the last month, i can't figure where the error might be. i have also reinstalled the contribution maybe it's something with the cache or sessionid, or problems with some other contribution who can help me?
  7. schoent

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    yes same error here
  8. schoent

    [Contribution] Product Sort Order

    Great contribution but i do have one problem it is working in my catalog but in the admin it still sort by productname this is really confusing it should sort by sort order maybe i made a mistake or it should not sort by order can someone help me with this or tell me where i can change so it's going to sort by "sort order" many thanks