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  1. mytinytown

    babelfish infobox

    OK All does, it is in the same area. Keep in mind this is calling the default language English. Joe
  2. mytinytown

    babelfish infobox

    Why thank you, I am now back at work and in the next day or 2 I will get this around and fix it up for you. I'll then upload it and let you know when and where. Joe
  3. mytinytown

    babelfish infobox

    Sorry, I been away from the PC due to haing a baby over the weekend. I'll have to get a few and write up your code to have only the flags clickable. Sorry! joe
  4. mytinytown

    babelfish infobox

    Instead of font-weight (this is for making the fonts bold face or normal) leave 'font-weight:normal' and use 'font-size: 12px;' The only trouble is that I made this with out thinking about someone wanting a different font size, so to change the font size you'll need to change the image's for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Because I could not find a font to make them look right so I needed to make them images instead of text and the default size I used is 'font-size: 13px;'. Does that make sense? I could try to make a different size for you and post them, but it will take a while caus I am smapped with PC trouble.