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  1. when enabling pictures in the latest version, either from amd system or intel system i get a syntax error at line 331, does anyone have any ideas var wotax = eval(document.builds.Total.value) var taxrate = eval(1.08125) var wtaxes = wotax * taxrate var taxtotal = wtaxes - wotax document.builds.Tax.value=cent(Math.round(taxtotal*Math.pow(10,2))/Math.pow(10,2)) document.builds.Wtax.value = cent(Math.round(wtaxes*Math.pow(10,2))/Math.pow(10,2)) } function custRound(x,places) { return (Math.round(x*Math.pow(10,places)))/Math.pow(10,places) } function myfunction() { if (){ line 331 is this line alert('Required Option Not Chosen') return false }else{ return 'true'}} //--> </script>
  2. this only happens in ccc, i get no such error in any other area of admin for oscommerce
  3. I get this error after a install, any ideas on this one, it works fine, except when i try to access the admin area to configure it Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem.
  4. not sure where it was, but i cut and pasted those lines again and it worked, thanks AL
  5. http://www.thecastle.net/oscommerce/catalog/index.php all new files here, uploaded them twice to make sure :-)
  6. well i followed the instructions, and yes all those files are there and accounted for, i double checked that, i will play with it and see if i find something unusual here, but it should work, nice clean install of ms2 with no hacks or add ons Al
  7. Warning: main(DIR_WS_TEMPLATESMAIN_PAGE) [function.main]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory in /home/thecastl/public_html/oscommerce/catalog/index.php on line 150 Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_TEMPLATESMAIN_PAGE' (include_path='') in /home/thecastl/public_html/oscommerce/catalog/index.php on line 150 followed instructions to the letter on new test install and i get this, any ideas?