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  1. Cyclone2007

    Whats best Paypal or Paypal IPN

    Hello Fellow OS's Could some1 plz help me out with this question, which is best for a website.? Paypal as shown at www.cyclone.me.uk normal check out or IPN. I have heard so much about this, do you have to have a different account for paypal IPN? Thanks in Advance Shaun :)
  2. Cyclone2007

    City Link

    Hello fellow oscommerce members, I need to know does anyone have a module for CITY LINK as i only ship to the UK and parts of the little irelands that surround us. City Link do different prices. here is a link to there price plan. http://www.city-link.co.uk/services/cl_nat...ice_pricing.pdf Could any please help with this problem. Thanks in Advance Shaun
  3. Cyclone2007

    Royal Mail - Module Problems

    I had the same problem and was told to goto the admin control - configuration - shipping & packaging. Then set your Package Tare weight from 3 to 0. It worked for me with the Royal Postage.