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  1. x-plosiv

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hi...i need your help i have install the v. 2.3.3 an it's working fine. may only when the costumer order enough for free deliver cost. when the costumers make a little order with deliver cost, then you can't choose the paypal module. the costumer don't see the paypal options? why is this? i hope you understand my english and problem. please can you help me. thanks
  2. x-plosiv

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    i have the same problem :-(
  3. x-plosiv

    phpbb: Error creating new session

    thanks for you help you meen the sessions in the shop or in the phpbb? now i have more problems with the php 5..is there any update for phpbb and php 5.0 an osc? thanks
  4. x-plosiv

    phpbb: Error creating new session

    please..have anyone some idee? thanx
  5. hi...i hope you understand me...my english is not so good. :-( i have installed the phpbb constrib 2.0.8a and by 90% of the useres is working without any problems. may 10% have problems: here's the error code...i hope you can help me...thanx phpBB : Critical Error Error creating new session DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1062 Duplicate entry 'd32fbb0af2120d791fd35229612bc586' for key 1 INSERT INTO phpbb_sessions (session_id, session_user_id, session_start, session_time, session_ip, session_page, session_logged_in) VALUES ('d32fbb0af2120d791fd35229612bc586', 2, 1091000488, 1091000488, 'c186fe73', 5, 1) Line : 80 File : /home/XXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/phpbb2/includes/sessions.php