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  1. dormouse

    Paypal App return url

    thanks tried it again and it is working ... must just be me!! After the paypal verification what page do you get taken back to, I am currently getting a 403 which is triggered by mod_security and I need to tell my hosting so they can investigate and turn off the mod_security rule for me (hopefully)
  2. dormouse

    Paypal App return url

    What should the paypal app return url be on the paypal website developer page. I've tried mysite/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/login.php mysite/ext/modules/payment/paypal/login.php I keep getting the error Relying Party Validation error: redirect_uri provided in the request does not match with the registered redirect_uri. Please check the request I can't leave it blank on the paypal site either. thanks in advance
  3. dormouse


    I had this problem and the following worked for me .... uncomment out the following line in ot_coupon.php (129 ish) //$_SESSION['cc_id'] = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred commented out, do not use $_SESSION[] due to backward comp. Reference the global var instead. My host has register globals to off - but someone else who had the same problem reported the above worked for them I haven't had any problems with doing this
  4. dormouse

    CCGV vs CCGV(trad)

    From my own personal perspective I found that CCGV trad was better because it was a single mod and you knew what you were getting, CCGV (Original) I found difficult to work out which version I would have needed to choose with all the bug fixes and changes. I was also uploading mine on a modified store so prefered the installation instructions of CCGV Trad. I think trad came about because later versions of CCGV have been changed by so many and in some cases the changes have caused inconsistencies and bugs, trad is based on a version before the inconsistencies and has been updated by Vger.
  5. dormouse


    Hello all I've been trying to get the coupon redeem refresh problem I had working and this morning I think I have got it to work... in the ot_coupon.php there is the following line (129 ish) //$_SESSION['cc_id'] = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred commented out, do not use $_SESSION[] due to backward comp. Reference the global var instead. I uncommented this out and it appears to work (although I don't know if this will cause any problems elsewhere as I am a complete php dummy and perhaps someone with some php knowledge would be able to confirm if changing this is likely to cause the shop to fallover) Sarah
  6. dormouse


    Hi Vger Thanks for looking at this 1. Which version of PHP is being used PHP 4.3.11 2. Is Register Globals set to 'off' on your server Yes (host UK2) 3. What version of MySQL is being used MySQL 4.0.24 4. Did you make sure to update to the latest version of MS2 (November 2005), because this contribution is based on the updated MS2 file set I didn't update the sessions part (because my sessions.php has references to register globals and when I tried changing it, the new one wouldn't work). 5. If you had another version of CCGV installed did you completely delete that version - revert all modified files back to their originals, delete the database tables etc. N/A 6. What other (if any) contributions do you have installed. Back Button CVV (one with blacklist) Image Magic Advanced Cartbox Recover Cart Sales Froogle Googlesitemaps Master Password Register Globals RM Shipping Rates (I think this is all of the ones I have done) Thank you for any suggestions or tips in getting this to work Sarah
  7. dormouse


    Hi Vger Thanks for your suggestion, I tried it and it still doesn't work (unless I have done something wrong). I wondered if you (or anyone) had any other ideas as I don't understand why when I redeem the voucher it doesn't work yet when I press the Refresh button on the checkout confirmation page it then correctly shows the discount. What could be happening to stop it originally working and then being ok when the page is refreshed? Is there anything I can add in to get it to automatically refresh when they press the redeem voucher button so that the discount is applied automatically. I am not getting any error messages (that I can see( Thanks in advance Sarah
  8. dormouse


    hello all I've installed this mod and the only problem I have is that when I redeem a coupon I have to do this twice for it to show in checkout_confirmation. My host is set to Register Globals off - I don't know if this is part of the problem as my php knowledge is pretty scarce and more hit and miss than anything. Does anyone know how I could update the code so that it duplicates the submit entry (perhaps this would work) or have any other suggestions on working round this little glitch or refreshes the checkout_confirmation page twice as this seems to apply the discount and update the order when I try manually. Thanks for any help in advance. Sarah
  9. dormouse

    Recover Cart Sales

    Met00 Thank you for your help - I will try the echo statements at the weekend Sarah
  10. dormouse

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi This is my first post on these boards. I installed this contrib yesterday and think its a great idea. I was suprised at how many carts had been abandoned in my shop. I have a problem in that I can't email the customers, when I click the send email button it just refreshes the screen and nothing happens. I've tried reinstalling but no change. I can use the other mail features in OSC, I wondered if anyone else who had this problem was able to solve it or if anyone knew good places to check what the problem may be as I'm not a web developer and my knowledge of sql and php is not good. I work on the trial and error formula (including the shout at the computer when it doesn't work approach). :) Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions Sarah