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  1. Unfortunately for my shop does not show the product listing, if in category ist products and subcategories. As I showed this in screenshots. I installed in my shop: Optimize_tep_get_tax_ratev1.1_1 Optimize categories box v1.2 tep_get_category_tree optimization v2 tep_get_path_optimization_v1_0 Then remove: tep_get_path_optimization_v1_0 (and restored function tep_get_path of Optimize categories box v1.2 contrib) I'm removed cache, disabled cache and then nothing :(
  2. Yes. in admin panel products in category: Software |___Action | |___Unreal Tournament |___Simulation | |___SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle |___Strategy | |___Disciples: Sacred Lands | |___The Wheel Of Time |___Beloved |___Courage Under Fire |___Red Corner oryginal oscomerce installation: optimized oscommerce:
  3. Hi Jan, Thank you for your great contribution. Unfortunately, I have a problem. If a category includes subcategories and the products to display only subcategories. The products list is not visible. In the file index.php condition: } elseif ($category_depth == 'products' || isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'])) { is not fulfilled. In the file CountProductsStore.php likely to be responsible for the function countChildCategories. Unfortunately, I do not know how to solve. Currently moved products into subcategories, but this is not a perfect solution :-( Thanks Peter PS: sorry for my english
  4. My default currency is PLN. When shopper selects by way of currency USD to be sure to 2CheckOut sending correct operation informations, but in Store display information of conversion value. (on page Order Confirmation: Payment Information 2CheckOut - Prices will be converted to USD for payment.)
  5. Thanks ;) And display: Payment Information 2CheckOut - Prices will be converted to USD for payment. :? i'm try replace if ($currency <> "USD") $title = $this->title . MODULE_PAYMENT_2CHECKOUT_CURRENCY_CONVERSITION; else $title = $this->title; to if (DEFAULT_CURRENCY <> 'USD') $title = $this->title . MODULE_PAYMENT_2CHECKOUT_CURRENCY_CONVERSITION; else $title = $this->title; and no effect :(
  6. If Client select Currencies EUR or PLN ist OK (Prices will be converted to USD for payment.) ;)
  7. Hi, Error If my Client select Currencies USD (in 2CheckOut Order Total is Bad)... Order Total in Store = $10.77 sending to 2checkout Order Total = $40.00 ($10,77 = 40.00 PLN) PS: Sorry, my english is not very weird...