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  1. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    No one is telling you that you don't need some additional layers. BTW, have your tooth fillings been playing the Beach Boys lately??? Kurt
  2. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Honestly, I'm not trying to play with you guys. I'm just as baffled. Most of my problems started when I had someone install Easy Populate (which still doesn't work properly). I can send you copies of any file you want. I just need this to work cause I have multiple dropshippers and I need to be able to charge different shipping costs based on these dropshippers. Kurt
  3. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I didn't do anything to this file. I see where line 288 calls the list, but can't understand why it isn't functioning. Could I have made an error when modifying the vendors.php file? Kurt
  4. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Went to set up my vendors and found this message at the bottom of the configuration screen: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_country_list() in /home/ltldoc/public_html/ltldoc01/admin/vendors.php on line 393 Line 393 of Vendors.php says this: echo tep_get_country_list('vendor_country', $vInfo->vendor_country); Did I miss making an appropriate entry when changing the file?? Thanks Kurt
  5. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Thanks for your help. Its working like a dream now. Wish all these contributions were as smooth to take care of and as well documented. Good Job. Kurt
  6. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I believe what he is telling you is that you need to upgrade your oscommerce. There is no (at least none that I can find) version 2.0 of MVS. Right now I believe it only goes to V1.1. Kurt
  7. ltldoc

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I just finished loading the newest version of MVS. Was easy to accomplish and the instructions were well written. However ---- I do have a problem now. I received the following when attempting to call up the admin: 1146 - Table 'ltldoc_osc1.TABLE_VENDOR_CONFIGURATION' doesn't exist select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from TABLE_VENDOR_CONFIGURATION [TEP STOP] Now I am certain that I followed the instruction to the letter. What did I do wrong??? Kurt
  8. I just love it when someone answers a question without answering the question. I am fully aware of how to ftp a file. I've been doing it for years. As for "pointing to another site's images", do you really think I am not aware of needing or asking permission to do so? My vendor encourages this as they do not desire making a CD of images. Now as to their understanding that this will increase their bandwidth requirements, that is their decision. When they tell me to use the URL and pull the image from their site, that's what I do. But thanks for you input. Kurt
  9. This is getting a little ridiculous. Isn't there anyone out there that has worked with EP long enough to understand its mediocrities? I understand that OSC and EP are both free, but if you write a contribution, post it online and then just let everyone hang, now that's just wrong. I guess I need to find another program and tell my host that he's full of it about OSC being the best there is and that its community is so helpful. Kurt
  10. Skope and Mibble, Thanks for your replies but I think your missing the point here. The biggest problem is that while the products show if I pull from the manufactorer's listing they are not in the category listing. Additionally when I go to admin>categories/products, they are not there either. Therefore I can't edit them with a category or an image. I can download another file and put the images in there and then upload that file, but since I uploaded the original file with categories listed properly how do I ensure that they will get listed again? Is EP so dependent on v_products_image that it would bail out if it was listed incorrectly or not listed at all? What was listed was the url address for the images on my vendor's web site. EP can't go to the site and pull the image? Kurt
  11. Hey guys, I am really in a bind here. I did a download directly from the db and found 580 products listed, but there are only 310 in categories. I need to get to these product (580) to move them to the correct category and to attach an image to them. Please, someone respond. Kurt
  12. I'M BAACCCK!!!!!! Well, I got someone to get me over my installation of EP. And it seems to "KIND OF" work. It accepts my files and does what it is supposed to do with one real big problem. The new products show up in the store, but not in the admin catalog. I have no idea where they went. There is no MISC folder created. The new products show up in "Whats New" and in the "Manufacturers" listings. I really need to get to these products as I need to update the images associated with them. Not a problem you say, one of the files (which I have manually split) contains over 4,500 new products. Just a little problem. Can anyone give me any ideas on what has gone so awry here? Thanks, Kurt
  13. I'm using version 2.79b-MS2 with Tommy Vo's easypopulate.php file. I'm don't know what version Grant101 is using. Kurt
  14. Why don't you look at the name of this forum. It's called "Contribution Support". That leads one to believe that if you need support for a contribution, you come here and ask for help. And I don't remember anything in the rules of the forum that state you have to read each and every post. If it bothers you that some of us need assistance, don't come here. Pretty simple to me. Kurt
  15. OK, I found most of my problems, but I still keep getting this error message. It appears to me as if the database.php is being called twice, once by some other php file and once by easypopulate.php. Can someone tell me which files are calling the database.php and which one should I "possibly" turn off, (make that line a comment line). Again, I appreciate any help. Kurt