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  1. freeform

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    great mod, but having a couple problems. Frist, everything installed fine, and its the latest version, v3.2a Config everything correctly, created a feed at google base, with the same file name as what will be created. i login via "store feeds" to froggle.us i run feed and get a ftp failure. checked and see feed was created in /feeds/, but no download button shows. All my config is correct, everything seems to be as it should. Now, as long as the created feed is correct for froggle formatt. This is not a big deal as long as it creats the feeds as it should. I can manuelly upload them. talked with my host about the firewall problem and they say their is none. I know my ftp settings are correct. As i can access upload.google via my ftp program. Cany help getting this pinned down and fixed is greatly appericated. Thanks
  2. you rock kgt! thanks for the awesome contrib. been needing this feature for some time and finally got it working.