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  1. Ok, I'm sorry for the long delay in working on this module. Billable work always takes precedence. I have just posted a NEW version 'price-break-1.1' to the contrib section. 1) This is a REWRITE to the old awb_pb module. Don't use these together as it will not work. 2) I modified the products table columns that I needed so you will have to remodify your products table if you're using the old version. 3) This version works with MS2 only. No more CVS versions. 4) Please don't ask me if I have instructions for hand editing these files. I don't and don't intend to. If someone else wants to post them, great. The 'patch' file is relatively easy to read if you want to hand edit these things. ('-' means remove line, '+' means add line) 5) You can find a vanilla MS2 distribution with this patch installed at my website http://www.beezle.com/oscommerce 6) The price break doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense if used with a product that has attribute pricing as the price break is not applied to the attribute pricing. 7) As always, please test all these modules in a test environment first before destroying your production system ;^) The module creator takes no responsibility for any problems caused by this code. Enjoy, -Andrew
  2. Hey, Sorry for the slow response. I've been swamped with work lately and haven't had the time to look at this problem. I will find some time soon. - Andrew