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  1. I also now remember I had an issue with it on the same shop a number of month's ago and was able to fix it. I was unable/unwilling to find the problem this morning and scrapped the contrib. For anyone that views this in the future what (if any) contrib do you recommend for thumbnailing? Todd
  2. Do you know what the issues are off hand? I am not really worried about speed, right now, I just need to get the images working. Is it to do with the upgrade to php 5.3.x? I also found that the thumbs are being generated just not shown. Thank you for your time, Todd
  3. I have used this contrib in a few stores and it worked flawlessly. A clients server just upgraded the php software so I did an update to fix some errors and assumed it would fix the thumbs, but it didn't. My thumbs are not generating, I do not get any errors, and when I view the image the path is correct( but I just get a path in the browser window instead of a image. I hope someone can shed some light on my problem, Todd
  4. It is here. In history it is the second one down...AJAX Attribute Manager by darkmex. I installed it today and verify it works.
  5. Thank you for reporting this. My sql statements are wrong, here are the correct ones: ALTER TABLE orders ADD giftMethod varchar(20) NOT NULL default '' AFTER cc_expires; ALTER TABLE orders ADD giftCard boolean NOT NULL default 0 AFTER giftMethod; ALTER TABLE orders ADD giftMessage varchar(150) NOT NULL default '' AFTER giftCard; I have updated the contrib packages also.
  6. OOPS...sorry about that, my mistake. Was working on a site, the OSC2.2 version and the OSC 2.3 version, forgot to include some essential files. The package has been fixed and re uploaded. Todd
  7. Support thread for the Gift Wrap contribution for OSC 2.3.1. Found here: For the Giftwrap contribution for OSC 2.2xx support thread go here.
  8. Many apologies for my tardiness. This is a simple the admin send extra order emails to your email address. It is not really the best way to do this, but I usually turn this on for my shop owners anyhow and have overlooked mentioning it. I am now working on it again and mentioning this in the readme.txt. I have also fixed a few issues with the logic that controls the show/hide of the giftcard question. Real soon I am going to be releasing a version for OSC2.3. Todd
  9. BEWARE some of the files in this contrib use php short_open_tags and ARE NOT compatible with all server setups and apparently are not XML compliant. Where this applies replace the '<=' with '<?php echo' AND '<? ' with the more standard '<?php' Todd
  10. This should be added in the install docs.....
  11. Yep. The new box doesn't have that, just forgot to add the delete into an update guide somewhere. Just logged in users should see the add comment note. Delete the first one. Thanks again. Todd ***CORRECTION*** That was fixed in update .9 to 1.0
  12. You are correct. I will look into a solution. Thanks for letting me to know. Todd
  13. I have uploaded a new version. + upgraded OTF to 2.4 fix + No slideshow if only one image + Add default image for plain image gallery box + Image box tooltip language compatible + Made some text more clear +in admin on upload page: state image size limits This update should clarify some of the errors in admin and fixed the infoboxes a bit. lildog
  14. You are welcome. Good Luck. Also....stay tuned here I am releasing another update soon. Todd
  15. Sorry it looks like you found the answer. The code is part of OSCommerce. It hides form elements from view. I assume it acidentally got deleted somewhere along the line. Paste it in and try again. In my version of osc it is in admin/includes/functions/html_output.php. But general would probably work also. Todd