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  1. JanR

    Manufacturers Sales Report

    Hi, Do you already have a solution. I want to reorder this also or maybe sort on a different way I you have the solution let me know Jan[ quote name=gecko' date='Dec 14 2006, 10:27 PM' post='989528] Hi Guys have installed this contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,3612/page,2 but want to reorder by total sales ie: best performing manufacturer. I cannot for the life of me work out how to do this ...ideas cheers Gecko
  2. JanR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Dylan, I know that Froogle don't want that. They also don't want my store because the used langauage is not in dutch. My store is located in the Netherlands and also for the Dutch market. Here we have also a posibility to do upload to specials sites like froogle. So I want to use this script for doint this. And of course they want to have the mentioned price including tax, also they want to know shipping/deliver cost even till when the special price is available. So that's the reason for my question. So how must I add the above mentioned fields. Thanks in advantage Jan
  3. JanR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi All, Great script. :D Still I have a question, how can I got the price including tax. The now selected price is excluding tax. Also is it possible to make some calculation for the delivery cost? I'm not so familair with sql so who can help Thnks Jan :D
  4. Hi All, I have installed the contrib. "Customer specific discount percentage" and it works whithout any problem in MS2.2. Because of actions, different per month. I want to have the discount only for a special time. For example for the month February I want to give all "new customers" a discount of 3 %. But on 1 march this must be reset. The month after I want to give already customers 5% etc. Who has something implemented so a discount for customers with a calender function. Would this be something to have <_<
  5. JanR

    Smart FAQ

    Hi, I would like to give my customers to look into a kind of FAQ. But not just a list where they must pich the correct "problem" I would like something like "problem solver" from microsoft. So just type a question get some answers , depanding on the answer a new list of possible answers etc. I found 3 contribs (faqdesk, faq system and faq addon) but I'm not able to see them in working and to see the difference. SO my questiosn: 1: Who can tell the difference between those systems 2: Where can I see them working 3: Will it suite my needs? Thanks in advantage Jan
  6. JanR

    User tracking

    Hi, I want to implement the user tracking module to get more information about the shop visitors. I found the contrib but still I have questions: - what is the latest version of this contrib - has somebody combined all patches etc in 1 contrib (and where to find) Jan