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  1. ShowImages set to 1, resize set to 0, I get: ShowImages set to 1, resize set also to 1, I get: That's what I get. The shop is MS2, has 2 categories with 2 products in one and 1 product in the other. The categories and the products have the same image-file specified, which is "no_picture.png" and is located in the .../shop/images directory, and it's a valid PNG. I've set up this clean shop just to see if I can get this contrib to work, because on my other shops----I made a mess trying to install and debug this! So far I've been able to make it work only with "show images" set to false. Please, help! Orlin :oops:
  2. orlin


    Hi again, Sirkyle. I located the problem, but don't know why it occurs. Commenting out around line 1451 the $data=fread($f,filesize($file)); eliminates the error, but still no images, and of course---I comment out the reading of the image file. Wonder why it can't read them...maybe the paths are not good as you say.... As for the error, it is not an error of the script itself, but server error, so I should have thought since the beginning, that there is some I/O problem. But if you still want to see the exact words, they are: This is in German, because my hosting server is German. Me myself don't speak/understand german, but still---it clearly says that there is some error in the Skript, which is confusing. Anyway, I'll be going for now (it's 5pm here), and I'll be back online tomorrow morning (Germany time), when I'll try to look again into the problem, and I'll post here anything I find. Have a good day :) Orlin.
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    Thank you Sirkyle.... I visited those posts, and they are really useful and I will definitely use the info there. In the meantime, I've set up an MS1 test shop, and I tried to install this contribution. I made sure that all of the products' images are JPG format, as well as the images for the categories, the manufacturers and etc. Then I got this script-error (not specifiying what exactly) when I try to create the PDF from the admin. So, I started commenting out lines in the code, and going deeper and deeper into the code, I reached a point where I commented just one line that calls a very simple (but working---I verified it!!!) function, and then the PDF is created, but with no images. Maybe if you've got time, you can look into the "fpdf.php" around line 1254 where it says $this->_putstream($info['data']); Commenting that out enables the shop to create the PDF, but with no pictures. I think that this is actually the pixel information for the images themselves, and then, where do you think is the problem? Maybe the $info['data'] is not made properly??? Or it's too long (big in size) and for some reason the _out function cannot write it to the file? Any opinions from anybody will be appreciated!!!!! Thank you, Orlin.
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    Sorry, I guess I've hit the "new topic" button instead of "reply" when I was browsing another thread. Anyway...I'll be more careful next time. The contribution in question is the "Catalog products PDF reports" (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,908). As for the GIF, I use legal copy of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, but I don't think that using free programs like Irfan View for example would violate any compression algorithms copyrights and bull... Please, correct me if I'm wrong, I'd appreciate it. Orlin
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    Hello you all... This contribution is awesome, but my client has over 2000 products with images in GIF format. Is it possible somehow to implement GIF image support in addition to the JPEG and PNG??? Thanks, Orlin.
  6. Hello peoples :) I was wondering if there is any easy and convenient way to put the whole catalog database for download. I mean, for example in some kind of html format, or PDF, or just some text-file... I looked for some contribution about this, but couldn't find any. Maybe somebody of you have any suggestions or heard about some add-on that can do the job, or is even willing to spend time and develop something like that if interested.... Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, info, help!!! Orlin
  7. Stretchr, thankx. I just fixed it though, and the problem turned out to be that there was a "?>" in the comments that I added, and for some reason it was not being treated as comments, but as code. Removing that solved everything, now the admin w/ levels 1.2 is running like a dream :D
  8. Hi u all. :wink: I'm using MS2, and I added, compared, appended, updated database, etc. all the files, and I'm sure I did everything right... but for some reason, when I go to the /admin/login.php, on the top it shows me this: Then, I enter the login and password, and here's all I get on the screen: Can anyone help???? Any ideas? I'm using the Admin w/ levels v1.2. Thank you in advance, Orlin. :oops: :oops:
  9. I've installed this contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1050) on my 2.2 MS1 and it's working just fine until my client called and said he can't log into the admin section. Turns out that I've only tested logging in from computers with Windows 2000, and I guess there's some difference in the internet explorers between win2000 and XP. Can somebody help?? Also, did somebody try already---if I use this same contribution on the new MS2, will it work? Thanks a lot, peace!