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  1. Juanernesto


    Hello everybody! I 've just found this contribution and I would like to know if it's also possible to send an invoice to each customer as a pdf attachement (automatically when his order status gets updated). In my store each purchase creates automatically an invoice.pdf. Would it be possible to have this invoice.pdf get mailed to each customer with this contribution? Many thanks in advance, Johannes
  2. Hey, I have the typical German special characters, like ?. It gets replaced in an odd manner in the URL, how can I define how they should be replaced in the URL? I tried the following code, but it didn#t work: if ( (SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS == 'true') && ($search_engine_safe == true) ) { while (strstr($link, '&&')) $link = str_replace('&&', '&', $link); $link = str_replace('?', '/', $link); $link = str_replace('&', '/', $link); $link = str_replace('=', '/', $link); $separator = '?'; } $link = str_replace('?', 'ue', $link); $link = str_replace('?', 'oe', $link); $link = str_replace('?', 'ae', $link); $link = str_replace('?', 'ss', $link); $seo_link = str_replace('?', 'ue', $seo_link); $seo_link = str_replace('?', 'oe', $seo_link); $seo_link = str_replace('?', 'ae', $seo_link); $seo_link = str_replace('?', 'ss', $seo_link); $seo_rewrite_link = str_replace('?', 'ue', $seo_rewrite_link); $seo_rewrite_link = str_replace('?', 'oe', $seo_rewrite_link); $seo_rewrite_link = str_replace('?', 'ae', $seo_rewrite_link); $seo_rewrite_link = str_replace('?', 'ss', $seo_rewrite_link); I didn#t get any errors, it just didn't show up as it should be. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Juanernesto

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    Hmmm, I couldn't get the attributes into the vendors_email yet and I really don't know why. Anyway, if you got a minute these days, it would be great if you could take a look into this. 4 eyes can find more than 2 eyes. ;) I did everything how it was described in the installation.txt. This is the snippet from the /admin/orders.php // Get all the products to be included in the email $vendors_email_products_query = tep_db_query("select distinct o.orders_id, v.vendors_id, p.vendors_prod_comments, o.products_name, p.vendors_prod_id, o.products_model, o.products_id, o.products_quantity, p.vendors_product_price, o.orders_products_id FROM vendors v, orders_products o, products p where p.vendors_id=v.vendors_id and v.vendors_id='" . $vendors_email_list['vendors_id'] . "' and o.products_id=p.products_id and o.orders_id='" . $oID . "' order by o.products_name"); while ($vendors_email_products= tep_db_fetch_array($vendors_email_products_query)) { $email = $email . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n". 'Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,' . "\n" . "\n" .'hiermit bestellen wir folgende(n) Artikel:' . "\n" . "\n" . 'Artikelbezeichnung: '.$vendors_email_products['products_name'] . "\n" . 'Artikelnummer: '.$vendors_email_products['vendors_prod_id'] . "\n" . 'Preis (inkl. Mehrwertst. und Versandkosten): '.$vendors_email_products['vendors_product_price'] . ' EUR' . "\n" . 'St?ckzahl: ' .$vendors_email_products['products_quantity']."\n" . 'Anmerkungen: '.$vendors_email_products['vendors_prod_comments'] . "\n" . "\n" . 'Bitte versenden Sie - sofern wir nichts Gegenteiliges vereinbart haben - die Ware mit unserem Absender. Die Rechnung schicken wir direkt an den Kunden.' . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" .'Nur f?r Dokumentationszwecke:' . "\n" ."\n" . 'Unsere Artikelnr. bei Prontomania: ' . $vendors_email_products['products_model'] . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . 'Mit freundlichen Gr??en,' ."\n" . "\n" . 'Johannes Pieper' . "\n" . 'Prontomania' . "\n" . 'www.prontomania.de'; $current_products_id=$vendors_email_products['products_id']; $vendors_email_products_attributes_query = tep_db_query("select distinct p.vendors_id, opa.products_options_values from orders_products_attributes opa, orders o, products p where opa.orders_id='" . $oID . "' and opa.orders_products_id='" . $current_products_id . "' and p.vendors_id='" . $vendors_email_products['vendors_id']. "' GROUP BY vendors_id"); while ($vendors_email_products_attributes= tep_db_fetch_array($vendors_email_products_attributes_query)) { $email_message = $email_message . '<tr><td> </td><td colspan=3>'. $vendors_email_products_attributes['products_options_values'] .'</td></tr>'; } $email= $email . '<br>' . $email_message; } $email = $email . '</table><br><HR><br>'; As you see, I didn't comment this line out: $email= $email . '<br>' . $email_message; The email is perfect, just as it should be. Only the attributes are not shown. So, did you or somebody else find the issue? Thanks in advance!
  4. Juanernesto

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    Hey, many thanks. I 've just inserted the code you provided me wit, and it works a charme. I will take a look into your MVS Demo Admin and Demo Catalog for sure. When I decide to install MVS, do I still need Vendor_Auto_Email. Is it recommendable to use both of them? if you don't mind, I still have got one question regarding the Vendor_Auto_email-contribution. I 'd still like to make the products attributes (e.g. color: green) shown in the vendors email. I guess I must insert products_attributes somehow into the $vendors_email_products_query, but I was not sure since "products_atributes" is a table of its own and its not a field of the products table. Can you give me a hint? Cheers, Johannes
  5. Juanernesto

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Oh, I thought the latest release was a full package. But it just provided the changed files. So .. I ' ll try how things change when I upload the ext folder as well. Many thanks !
  6. Juanernesto

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Sorry, it mind sound stupid, but I don't find this file: catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php. I just uploaded the two other files. In the package that I downloaded there was no file like ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php. What have I done wrong?
  7. Juanernesto

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    First of all: This is the greatest contribution ever. It's just perfect for people who use Drop Shipping just like me. I' ve been looking so long for something like this. If I would have to pay for a software that would send these emails, I would have to pay so much ... Anyway, I still have got one question (or actually two) ... :) 1. I 'd like to display the customer's telephone number in the vendors email. Therefore I added a new field to the 'orders' table called delivery_telephone and I also added a new field to the Adress_book table called entry_telephone. Then I added this line to the vendors email section in the admin/orders.php: $delivery_address_list['delivery_telephone'] ."\n" . But still I don't get the number displayed in the email. I also don't get any errors. Does somebody know how I can solve this? 2. I 'd also like to display the products attributes in the vendor's email. any ideas how I can do this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Juanernesto

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I 've just modified the paypal_ipn.php and the english/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php. What else shall I modify? When I installed paypal_ipn, I just uploaded these files, I didn't modify anything else. That's why I wonder why it's not enough just to modify these two files. With the normal paypal files, I did the same (replaced "paypal" with "creditcard", as described above) and it works.
  9. Juanernesto

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hey, thanks for your answer. I 've let the the URL field at Paypal free now and the customer first gets a confirmation by paypal that the amount has been paid and then he gets redirected to the checkout_confirmation of my store. There - again - he gets this warning as posted above. Another question: I 'd like to copy the paypal_ipn.php file and name it "creditcard payment" because with this, customers see better that they can pay with credit cards (via paypal) at my store. Therfore, I copied the paypal_ipn files and replaced every paypal_ipn with creditcard and every PAYPAL_IPN with CREDITCARD. I didn't change anything else. In my admin, now, I do see a new payment option "creditacard" and it also has got the "Enable creditcard payment" true/false options. All the other options at the bottom ("Gateway server", "Transaction Type" and so on) are not shown. There are just the blank fields. Therefore I don't get this "new" creditcard_ipn module to work. I have been doing the same way with th paypal file that comes with osC by default, and it works great. Has anybody some idea, why it doesn't work with paypal_ipn? any advice welcome. Thanks in advance!
  10. Juanernesto

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hey folks, first of all: thanks for this great contribution. I installed it and it works .. .... beside one thing. In my paypal account I 've set the redirect url as www.myshopwhatever.com/checkout_process.php When a customer buys a product now at my shop, he gets redirected to this page https://www.whatever.com//checkout_confirma...AGREEMENT_ERROR On the top he sees a red warning CONDITION_AGREEMENT_ERROR!. I tried the same with entering the checkout_succes.php and the checkout_confirmation.php. The reason of this is probably, that I am using the contribution "Must agree to terms". Has anybody an idea how I can fix this?? Thanks in advance. These are my settings of Paypal IPN: PayPal IPN Enable PayPal IPN Module True E-Mail Address perugia2007@gmx.de Transaction Currency Only EUR Payment Zone Set Preparing Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Gateway Server Live Transaction Type Per Item Page Style Prontomania Debug E-Mail Address info@prontomania.de Sort order of display. 0 Enable Encrypted Web Payments False Your Private Key Your Public Certificate PayPals Public Certificate Your PayPal Public Certificate ID Working Directory OpenSSL Location /usr/bin/openssl Can anybody answer me these questions: 1. What shall I type in my IPN settings in my paypal account as the url at which I 'd like to receive my IPN notifications? I wrote www.myshop.com. Is that correct? 2. How can I fix the problem regarding this CONDITION_AGREEMENT warning at the top. Is anybody using this contrib and also "Must agree to terms"? 3. Which redirect url is the correct one? I 've already read checkout_confirmation or checkout_success. which s the right one? It would be great if you could give me some advice. Thanx in advance
  11. Look for return htmlspecialchars(utf8_encode($link)); in your sep_class.php. Notice that this line exists twice. Replace both with return str_replace('"','"',str_replace('>','>',str_replace('<','<',utf8_encode($link)))); For me it worked. Good luck!
  12. I 've just found the answer to my problem. In case anybody else needs it:
  13. I just found something out ... when I change the & in the adress field into just "&" a customer sees the product in his shopping cart (as it should be). So, have you got any ideas why I get this "&" in my adress field? There should be a way to change the code in order that instead of & just & comes up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. I just found something out ... when I change the & in the adress field into just "&" a customer sees the product in his shopping cart (as it should be). So, have you got any ideas why I get this "&" in my adress field? There should be a way to change the code in order that instead of & just & comes up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey folks. I 've just installed the latest version of this great contribution. It works great except for one problem: When a customer clicks on "Buy now" he won#t get to the login.php, but to the shoppingcart.php. So he gets a product not found message. :( I know, this problem is already known, but I thought it already had been solved since the version 1.2 release. So, how come is the problem still there? Do you guys get the same problem? any ideas? Thanks for any help in advance!