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  1. Leok

    Missing Data in PayPal Order Confirmation Email

    G'day Lasse, I had the exact same issue, and rearranging the code as you suggested seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much for posting this Cheers, Leo
  2. Leok

    how to arrange free shipping offer

    I have to say this is a very impressive module, however I have one little niggle with it... the postage charges are all calculated ex GST. I have created a Taxable Goods class @10% and added that to the local & international shipping but the charges are still too low by 1/11th. I have had trouble adding a shipping zone - the Aus states are not included in my install so I just added one called Australia. However if I use it then it disables that postage option. As I understand it I shouldn't need it... in theory. Any suggestions appreciated. Leo