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  1. Hi, First answer Nothing ready for that. You need to calculate the average number of stars to display, then choose the right graphic, then create a new STS tag to dispay this graphic on your template. Good exercise. Second answer (or first answer to the second question) You can use both placeholders, as long as the dutch is empty when english is selected, and vice versa. The best solution would be to follow the osCommerce structure and place all the language-dependent texts inside the language files, using "define". You can then create STS tags or directly echo the defined variable from within your template. - Chris
  2. So far there is no module written to take care of the product listing templates, STS does not do it. The only way is to modify the php code. - Chris
  3. In the case of the product image, we use iBrowser only to retrieve the path of the image, because only this path is saved in the database. Alt tag and other formatting parameters have nothing to do here, so they are grayed. These tags are created in the catalog side, on the pages where the product image is displayed, for example by placing the product name in the alt tag. - Chris
  4. STS is not able to change the informations on the checkout pages, you'll need to modify the pages manually, for example by adding the "order total" listing at the top of the payment page. - Chris
  5. Looks like you are calling application_top.php twice in login.php, compare your file with an original one. - Chris
  6. oscThumb has a cache feature. By default, cached files are stored is in catalog/phpThumb/cache, this directory must be writeable. You can watch there if you have thumbnails or not. There are some options about the cache in catalog/phpThumb/phpThumb.config.php (delete cached files based on age, size, nbr of files). To increase speed, you can reduce the quality of the generated thumbnails (see config parameters). You have to check also other images, like on your home page, can you make them smaller. - Chris
  7. You say you store in is directory /shop but there is nothing like this in your configure.php, so can't work. Also, your DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT is strange. The best way to move a store and have both configure.php files up-to-date is to re-install the store: make a backup of your database, with the file created, replace install/oscommerce.sql and run the install again. After that you'll have a good database and good configure.php. - Chris
  8. Are you using some kind of multi-product-image contribution? If not, check in admin/categories.php where the word TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES is used and remove it.
  9. By "No output" do you mean no images or a blank page? Certainly something went wrong when modifying html_output.php . There is one function to rename, and a new one to copy in from the contribution. Best use a file compare program like Beyond Compare or WinMerge. - Chris
  10. There is a difference between ob_clean and ob_end_clean, otherwise there would not be 2 functions (eh eh). Well, ob_clean only empty the buffer, while ob_end_clean destroys the buffer. The difference is important when cascading buffer, because when destroying a buffer the output continues to buffer of higher level, while if only cleaning a buffer, the output continues into the same buffer. STS4 is using cascading of buffers in at least 3 levels, example when infobox template is used: 1st buffer for the GZIP function (standard osc function), 2nd buffer for the infobox, 3rd buffer to read the infobox template. It is difficult to understand, I had to make an example to understand myself, the only difference in parts 1 and 2 are our famous functions. Try it, you'll see that results are different! <?php echo 'Start 1<br>'; ob_start(); echo 'After start1<br>'; ob_start(); echo 'After start2<br>'; $var2 = ob_get_contents(); ob_clean(); // Only clean, without distroying buffer. $var1 = ob_get_contents(); // We get nothing in $var1, because buffer just cleaned ob_clean(); echo 'No more buffering<br>'; echo '1:'.$var1.'<br>'; echo '2:'.$var2.'<br>'; echo '======================================<br>'; echo 'Start 1<br>'; ob_start(); echo 'After start1<br>'; ob_start(); echo 'After start2<br>'; $var2 = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); // Clean and destroy buffer, so we continue with next buffer $var1 = ob_get_contents(); // Magic, there is something in $var1 ob_end_clean(); echo 'No more buffering<br>'; echo '1:'.$var1.'<br>'; echo '2:'.$var2.'<br>'; ?> The guy who made v4.5.6 did not test in all situations. But he is right that only cleaning is faster than destroying, but it's just not working in all situations. Have to study how to get the speed effect without breaking the layout...
  11. About the code for the size (line 126 in oscthumb class v1.0.0): The code mentionned is for images smaller than asked: do we show them bigger or in their original size. The function asked by Frank is in case the image is bigger than asked, that's another story not covered by the class so far, but it would make sense to implement it.
  12. @Frank: Image watermark: The watermark directory you see in the image URL is relative to the phpThumb directory, because phpThumb is executed there. Have you experienced problem with this? Maybe that's why Jeebus does not see his image watermarks, but then it means it depends on server configuration. The directory can be moved to a parameter, why not. Image size: Well done, you are right there is something wrong here. Next version coming soon... with newer version of phpThumb, just need time to pack everything together again.
  13. What version of osCommerce are you using? Have you just copied the contribution files over your installation? The files delivered with this contributions are for 2.2MS2 version, if you just copy over a 2.2RC1 you'll get this error. It is mentionned in the install instructions to do the changes manually and not overwrite if you have a 2.2RC1, which is at this date the latest version. The best would be to use a file-compare program to merge the changes (believe me, it'll save you millions of hours).
  14. Your link is broken due to this forum but I copy-paste and get your image. The link is for a text watermark and it works. I changed to image watermark and it does not work. I then took your image to my test shop and the image watermark is showing up. Have you tried to choose another watermark image from the admin? Which version of the GD library you have?
  15. Same answer as the post before, when using content template for the product_info.php page, the code to display is not coming from catalog/product_info.php anymore, but from catalog/includes/modules/sts_inc/product_info.php, so the code for PAOT must be placed there, and the result must be placed in a placeholder (an easy way is to remove the old code, paste the new one between $sts->start_capture() and $template_pinfo['optionchoices'] = $sts->stop_capture(), then use $optionchoices on your template but not $optionnames.