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  1. willows

    Realex Oscommerce

    Hi we have implemented this many times, please pm me for more details. realex 3d redirect on oscommerce is tricky as realex do not allow redirects on the response url, but oscommerce rely on this. So there is a rewrite if the checkout_process.php code to prevent this.
  2. willows

    Realex 3D secure install problem

    we are currently attempting this here. Its not easy. we hope to have it sorted in a few days. ( project managers estimate = couple of weeks in earth time. ) Speaking to realex there is a solution for re direct, but this defeats the purpose. They have not implemented the php 3d themselves so it is goign to be pretty slow to wade through this. I will keep yuo posted, if any one else is out there at this lets pool the resources on this one.
  3. hi when I run the easy populate upload the EOREOR is ignored when trying to define the header columns. File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/php9NjevC User filename: baseprice-VATinclusive_120506.csv Size: 5758 Fileheader was v_products_model,v_products_price,v_products_quantity,EOREOR BCT10,59.16,-2,EOREOR BCT105,40.65,0,...... Of course I want it to stop at v_products_model,v_products_price,v_products_quantity I found it was doing this when I uncommented this foreach( $theheaders_array as $header ){ $cleanheader = str_replace( '"', '', $header); echo "Fileheader was $header<br><br><br>"; $filelayout[ $cleanheader ] = $lll++; // } Any ideas, the file is loading up correctly and it is a comma seperated file from excel 2003. Regards Sean
  4. willows

    Easy Populate 2.90 error

    Whats the last good version of this. getting the same errors and more it is not uploading when you do get it sorted. cheers sean
  5. willows

    incorrect card number cannot change

    Dear Oscommercers, I am integrating a remote payment system and testing using varios card numebrs supplied to me by the remote cc processor. Problem is when I enter an expected bad card numebr i cannot correct it to be a good card nuumber. the form keeps reverting to the original bad card number. It looks like the card number stored in the session cannot be deleted or edited even though we are trying to do so. when the payment is attempted to go to the processor the validation ont he shop side fails and gives back the previous cc number. Therefore if a customer enters the incorrect card they cannot re enter a good one later. any ideas? happy holidays.... Willows
  6. willows

    Imprint Text Options

    Hi I have a client who is willing to pay for this addition if anyone is interested. cheers Sean
  7. willows

    OrderCheck v 1.3 Released

    This is because you have to initialise the holding order id to be the next order id on systems where there are existing orders. they need to sync. You get duplicates because the new holding order tale is back at order no 1 and your existing orders table already has this so you get the duplicate message.
  8. willows

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi Great contribution and it's well presented and finished. I have updated the latest version of this tool and there is one serious bug I found in it and it causes an embarrising side effect. when you change the customer comments and tick to have them notified it notifies all your customers. Any ideas on a fix for this? Cheers Sean
  9. I installed this contribution and it is a great bandwidth saver. However some of the resulting thumbnail images have distorted darkened colors, some of the images are black and whet and others are totally black. Visit http://www.mcevoys.ie to see what i mean. When you get the popup image you will see the true colors. I have seen a solution else where for this but the code in the message board was mangled ;-(. http://www.phparch.com/discuss/index.php/m/2138/0/#msg_2138 Cheers Sean
  10. willows

    shipping rates

  11. willows

    Error message advice please

    Dear Mark, the line looks ok whats the context though, you would need to show a few lines before and after. I would reckon its a function called tep_array_merge that is not defined anywhere. 1. Do a search on the all the code to find the function tep_array_merge where it is defined. 2. Make sure you are passing the right arguments 3. find another call to this function and see how it is being used 4. the function typically will be defined in a file in admin/includes/functions or catalog/includes/functions Hope this helps your niggles Regards Sean
  12. Hi, i have installed this fantastic contribution. All works well...... except the links I am on ie 6 xp professional When I try to add a link I can add it manually using the html view. <P><FONT color=#cc9966><FONT color=#cc9966><A href="http://www.celticjewelleryandgifts.com/product_info.php/cPath/22/products_Id/144?"></A>this ring is also available in ladies, click here for the ladies version</P> when I go back to the visual mode and preview and then do a back button and view the html version of the description I get this code <A href="\'\\\"http://www.celticjewelleryandgifts.com/product_info.php/cPath/22/products_Id/144?\\\"\'">this ring is also available in ladies, click here for the ladies version</A> You can see all the slashes are being escaped etc. Basically its loosing and reformatting some where along the line. I dunno what version jvm I have here but I reckon its up to date as the machine is only 2 months old. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved, thank you for taking time to read this post. Regards Sean
  13. just replying to own message to turn on email notification, ;-) BTW I have still not solved the issue. Heres hoping.
  14. Hi installed this contribution and i have set it to do the thumbnail only on jpg files. Some of the files are auto thumbnailed and others are not. What I have looked into the permissions of the image files in question are the same. the extensions are the same no case changes in the file names This is a working thumbnail page This is a page where the thumbnail is not created Is there some sort of server limitation on this? All help appreciated. Kind Regards Sean
  15. Hi Matt that solution worked fine, thank you for the time and the help. Regards Sean Owens