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  1. markgale1

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Royal Mail website was down last week - simply providing phone numbers to contact Royal Mail departments while maintenance is carried out.
  2. markgale1

    (COD) Cash On Delivery Hack / Mod

    Hi Amanda I appreciate your help, but your code still offers the hidden module to all users. I have added it to includes/modules/payment/paymentbypass.php just under the if ($check_flag == false) { $this->enabled = false; } If I leave your dummy IP values in I can still see the module when processing a sale. What have I done wrong? Thank you again.
  3. markgale1

    (COD) Cash On Delivery Hack / Mod

    Hi Is anyone able to help out with a modification to the COD payment module? Situation, we currently are using PROTX FORM payment module which takes card details off the site, although it works about 90% of the time, the remaining 10% of customers are not getting order numbers generated, and the orders remain in the basket as they get a failure when PROTX return to our site. PROTX do however take the money, and on most occasions take the money loads of times as customers believe the payment has failed. Currently to get around this we have duplicated the COD module changing it to allow us to by pass entering card details again to complete an order. We do this manually in the office on an order by order status when we notice the payments stuck in limbo. At the moment we disable the "COD/bypass payment module" until we need to complete an order, at this point we put the payment module live allowing all customer to choose this option as a payment method which is obviously not good. Ideally I would like to see an array of IP numbers to check against to see if the COD/bypass payment module should be displayed. I have played around trying to combine the BAN IP module with the COD module to make this new module but have not had any success. I'd appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Thank you.
  4. Which bank do you use? Streamline have a Security Declaration you need to sign and agree to which says you ned to physical have your own server with you having the only access to it etc... All of which can't be done with 1and1. Each system administrator should have an individual account and quality passwords should be used and changed regularly and a full audit trail of system administrator actions should be maintained and regularly reviewed.
  5. Hi We are experienceing similar problems, we have just opened the account and for the past 5 days have had a 7% failure rate on writing to the database, most get through, some customers send duplicate payments for a single order, and others send payments with no order which we have to find. We are on 1and1, speaking to Protx we found them no use at all they are sayi9ng it's osCommerce fault they are sending the info back??? It got so bad that on Tuesday we removed the system complelty as we didn't really understand where the missing transactions were going, we can now trace them but customers are not happy getting error pages so we will have to find a fix very soon or lose Protx. The only advise they give is "You're stuck in a 3 month contract so you will have to pay fees until then", thanks... Which date/contribution fixed it for you Geordiedan? The one I can see say that the order IS stored, yet the customers get the error message. Mark