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    I am an opera singer and an alto baroque recorder player, I recently started taking an interest in studying the clarinet as well, more precisely Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A, K622.

    I am also a self taught artisan jewellery maker since 2006.

    I take a great interest in all things related to coding and always take pleasure in trying to make changes to my osC shop. The learning curve is steep and I therefore often make mistakes. I will never thank enough my developer whose intervention on my shop has been, and still is, outstanding.

    I believe I am not allowed to promote a particular developer, but if you browse my site you'll soon figure out who that is. ;)

    ~ viam supervadet vadens ~

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  1. Bought an iPad recently thinking it would be the best thing after sliced bread....what a mistake, I don't understand anything about its functioning and Apple boast about "intuitive functioning".....yeah right, the damn thing is useless as I cannot do 1 tenth of the things I do on windows....result: I only use it to send emails and play games.....what a waste of $$$$$$

    1. Biancoblu


      LOL LOL!!! Now I found a good use for this thing! Thanks :)