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    I am an opera singer and an alto baroque recorder player, I recently started taking an interest in studying the clarinet as well, more precisely Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A, K622.

    I am also a self taught artisan jewellery maker since 2006.

    I take a great interest in all things related to coding and always take pleasure in trying to make changes to my osC shop. The learning curve is steep and I therefore often make mistakes. I will never thank enough my developer whose intervention on my shop has been, and still is, outstanding.

    I believe I am not allowed to promote a particular developer, but if you browse my site you'll soon figure out who that is. ;)

    ~ viam supervadet vadens ~

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  1. Interesting idea. As with addons, language packs should be properly maintained and updated.
  2. What language packs would the installer display? There are tons out there and looking at my languages, some are either incomplete, contain awful orthography or even come straight out of google translate. I think there should be "official" language packs that were properly translated by people who currently speak the language and the installer could point to those. If you're looking to re-do the language section by having new language packs submitted, I volunteer to do French and Italian, admin, shop side, installer, whatever is needed, I can also do different versions such as "formal" vs. "non-formal". Whichever way I'll make sure the texts are complete and error free.
  3. The VAT rules depend on what country you're running your business from so that is what everybody needs to check before collecting IP's which in itself can go against the privacy laws, again depending on what country the business is located and what country the buyer is located. For example in Switzerland you need to make over CHF 100,000 revenue annually (approx USD 102,000) in order to be VAT registered therefore collect and pay VAT. Still speaking of my country, when selling abroad one cannot collect Swiss VAT on a product, even digital, that one is exporting, because the buyer will pay HIS country's VAT upon importing the merchandise. All this can get complicated as it differs from one country to another. Needless to say, my modest business is not VAT registered :lol: and to be honest I'm not unhappy about it.
  4. Thanks for both of your replies and I hope I haven't offended anyone, if I did, apologies. To clarify, I'm just asking questions that will surely seem stupid to devs but that are important to me, given that I am a shop owner, not a coder. I have never complained about osC moving forward, neither have I ever wanted "to pull back the shit that wanted to come out their ass" as @@wHiTeHaT so colourfully put it and I have always been the one to open my wallet whenever the need arose, which is not everybody's case. @@burt thanks for what you added to your post when you edited it, this way I feel a little less inadequate
  5. As a shop owner I have a few worries....please forgive the long post and all the questions.... I understand your wanting to move onto working on a version that meets today's standards and I'm all in favour of that, but in practical terms though this might risk to be an issue both for existing and new users regarding the lack of compatible addons. Unless users (existing and new) are willing to pay to have addons coded/recoded/upgraded, and we know this is not the case for the majority of users, then they will have to wait a long time before having access to the same variety of free addons that are available today. You say that v2.3 will still be alive along with the 7,500 addons, that's fine, so are you planning to have that PLUS v2.4 with its own addons as/when they become available? Or will v2.4 only be a vanilla install and users will have to take care of their own addons by having them custom coded? What happens to a user that's on 2.3 and wants to migrate to 2.4 keeping the addons? Is it feasible to convert it all to fit 2.4? Finally, what difference will there be between v2.4 and v3.0? I'm trying to understand if you're planning for osC to have 3 main branches: v2.3, v2.4, v3
  6. I don't know what osc version you are on, but you could try this I'm using it myself, it installs very quickly and works as it should. Should it not work for you, try posting on that blog, it's worth it. :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks for sharing this excellent way of featuring products :thumbsup: TBH it will probably take me like 25 more views of your video to get it right on my shop (hopefully), but it's great, I love it. :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks for another great tut Gary, once this section builds up it will be excellent to have a whole series of video tutorials. :thumbsup: I too prefer the FTP method, in fact I so don't like define_language.php that I just deleted it from the site completely and removed the link from admin/tools. jmo.
  9. am going bonkers resizing all my images for twitter cards :-\

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  10. Thanks so much Robert, that fixed it :)
  11. Thanks for the great addon first of all. Everything works well and as described in your instructions. I have a question which is probably a stupid one but anyway: I was trying to call the errors folder from the browser to check that it would be blocked and was expecting a 403 Access Forbidden error, instead I got a 500 internal server error. Is that normal?
  12. @@FWR Media Thanks very much for your help, I will try this fix and let you know.
  13. I'm probably missing something obvious and I'm sorry for asking, but my foreign characters get cleansed in the search box, they disappear. For example "für ihn" becomes "fr ihn". So I have disabled sec pro until I find a fix.
  14. First of all thanks for making it compatible with 2.3.2, it's much appreciated. :) I'd like to know where exactly in the new file do I add the following function to allow foreign characters? function spro_cleanse_get_recursive( $get ) { /** * IMPORTANT - DO NOT use the below to gimp the whitelist, this should be used for valid language special characters only * * @[member='Example Member'] $lang_additions = 'åÅäÄöÖ'; * @var string - Valid language special characters to be added to the whitelist */ $lang_additions = ''; // Special language characters go here - see the example above if ( !is_array( $get ) ) { $banned_string_pattern = '@GLOBALS|_REQUEST|base64_encode|UNION|%3C|%3E@i'; // Apply the whitelist $pattern = "/[^\s{}a-z0-9_\.\-" . $lang_additions . "]/i"; $cleansed = preg_replace( $pattern, "", urldecode( $get ) ); // Remove banned words $cleansed = preg_replace( $banned_string_pattern, '', $cleansed ); // Ensure that a clever hacker hasn't gained himself a naughty double hyphen -- after our cleansing return preg_replace( '@[-]+@', '-', $cleansed ); } // Add the preg_replace to every element. return array_map( 'spro_cleanse_get_recursive', $get ); } And another question, are we also meant to apply the following to the new version?
  15. "Implying" means "suggesting, indicating by a hint", so what ICO are saying is confusing, in fact first they say that "implied consent" is sufficient and then they state "You should not rely on the fact that users might have read a privacy policy that is perhaps hard to find or difficult to understand." If "implied consent" is sufficient, it means that by visiting a site people know that the setting of cookies is a logical consequence. If you need to have an opt out and a warning regarding the setting of cookies, that is not implied anymore. I would have a clear and unequivocal section about cookies in the privacy page, as for having a text on top of all pages, I guess that's the best way to protect yourself, but it does detract from the general look and feel of a site. How about getting the opinion of an internet lawyer?