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    I am an opera singer and an alto baroque recorder player, I recently started taking an interest in studying the clarinet as well, more precisely Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A, K622.

    I am also a self taught artisan jewellery maker since 2006.

    I take a great interest in all things related to coding and always take pleasure in trying to make changes to my osC shop. The learning curve is steep and I therefore often make mistakes. I will never thank enough my developer whose intervention on my shop has been, and still is, outstanding.

    I believe I am not allowed to promote a particular developer, but if you browse my site you'll soon figure out who that is. ;)

    ~ viam supervadet vadens ~

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  1. Miss you all guys! Hugsssss

  2. Thank you for the support messages and emails when I was ill....I appreciate it. :) Hugs :)

    1. Biancoblu


      And on a side note...I'm switching from Android to iPhone...hope I won't regret it LOL

  3. Checking into hospital today for eye surgery.....isn't MS fab? if anyone here remembers me, wish me good luck. Hugs to all.

    1. Tsimi


      Viel Glück! Hoffe alles chunt guet. Drucke dir beidi Tume.

    2. altoid


      Best wishes on the surgery.

  4. Tomorrow I'm going to a masterclass with Maurice Steger, considered the greatest flutist of all times....I'm hungry to learn and improve. Wish me good luck! :))

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    2. burt


      Excellent, exciting...have a great day!!

    3. altoid


      Best wishes.

    4. Biancoblu


      Thanks guys I have the privilege to study with him 3 days :D @gegerly sorry about your carpal tunnel....not good for playing....hope you can fix it.

  5. Bought an iPad recently thinking it would be the best thing after sliced bread....what a mistake, I don't understand anything about its functioning and Apple boast about "intuitive functioning".....yeah right, the damn thing is useless as I cannot do 1 tenth of the things I do on windows....result: I only use it to send emails and play games.....what a waste of $$$$$$

    1. Biancoblu


      LOL LOL!!! Now I found a good use for this thing! Thanks :)

  6. Baked a scrumptious looking apple pie....too bad I mistakenly used salt instead of sugar....must be getting old :(

    1. Tsimi


      Ouch!I'd love to see your face the first time you tried a piece. lol

    2. MrPhil


      Gack, gack, gack! Reminds me of the time my little (8 y.o.) sister thought she'd help out by fertilizing the lawn... but she put rock salt in the spreader instead of fertilizer.

  7. multiple sclerosis is killing me :(

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    2. Biancoblu


      Thanks for your wishes :)....burn? As long as you manage not to crash it into a wall...;)

    3. Biancoblu


      LOL, you got yourself a deal!

    4. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      2 legged mule? I don't even want to know what that means!

  8. Interesting idea. As with addons, language packs should be properly maintained and updated.
  9. What language packs would the installer display? There are tons out there and looking at my languages, some are either incomplete, contain awful orthography or even come straight out of google translate. I think there should be "official" language packs that were properly translated by people who currently speak the language and the installer could point to those. If you're looking to re-do the language section by having new language packs submitted, I volunteer to do French and Italian, admin, shop side, installer, whatever is needed, I can also do different versions such as "formal" vs. "non-formal". Whichever way I'll make sure the texts are complete and error free.
  10. Biancoblu

    IP Address

    The VAT rules depend on what country you're running your business from so that is what everybody needs to check before collecting IP's which in itself can go against the privacy laws, again depending on what country the business is located and what country the buyer is located. For example in Switzerland you need to make over CHF 100,000 revenue annually (approx USD 102,000) in order to be VAT registered therefore collect and pay VAT. Still speaking of my country, when selling abroad one cannot collect Swiss VAT on a product, even digital, that one is exporting, because the buyer will pay HIS country's VAT upon importing the merchandise. All this can get complicated as it differs from one country to another. Needless to say, my modest business is not VAT registered :lol: and to be honest I'm not unhappy about it.
  11. windows 8.1 system restore positively sucks....beware!

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    2. wlsnoops


      @Biancoblu - I had a client come to me with a Win 8 startup issue. His Asus laptop didn't have a recovery partition and he didn't have any back-up disks. A local computer shop wanted to charge him $240 bucks to reinstall a copy of Win 8. I installed Linux Mint 17 for $35 and he started doing the happy dance.

      @MrPhil - Roger that on Debian. I switched to Linux a couple of years ago and never looked back.

    3. Biancoblu


      @wlsnoops the problem with linux is that many programs won't work on it, or is it just me? I'm afraid people like me are stuck with windows or mac, but I prefer windows by far. I paid under $50 to have windows 8.1 reinstalled, not bad.

    4. MrPhil


      If a binary (compiled-linked) program is made for Windows, it won't work on Linux or Mac, period. And vice-versa. An "emulator" (WINE, Cygnus, etc. may work for you here). Even interpreted scripts (Perl, Python, Java, etc.) may be written with dependencies on one OS or even a given window manager within an OS. There's always some flavor of Virtual Machine to switch among programs on the fly, or multiboot to run one OS at a time.

  12. Today on the bus a guy tells me: Excuse me is it Thursday or Friday today? I say: Thursday. He says: Oh because I noticed you wear 2 Freitag bags.....Have you ever heard a more stupid chat up line??

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    2. Biancoblu


      yeah who knows...I might have been interested if he weren't 20 years younger than me ;)

    3. MrPhil


      Ah, time to play the cougar!

    4. Biancoblu


      yeah maybe I should try ;)

  13. Thanks for both of your replies and I hope I haven't offended anyone, if I did, apologies. To clarify, I'm just asking questions that will surely seem stupid to devs but that are important to me, given that I am a shop owner, not a coder. I have never complained about osC moving forward, neither have I ever wanted "to pull back the shit that wanted to come out their ass" as @@wHiTeHaT so colourfully put it and I have always been the one to open my wallet whenever the need arose, which is not everybody's case. @@burt thanks for what you added to your post when you edited it, this way I feel a little less inadequate