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  1. Hi, I recently updated Ultimate SEO to v2.7 from v2.2.2. Everything works great but I don't want the manufacturer displayed in the URL line. I disabled the Enable manufacturers cache? option but it still shows the manufacturer as long as I enable SEO URLs. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi, It works good with 3 zones but when I try to add more zones upating $this->num_zones = 10; it only shows blank fields (3 fields for each extra zones) without any descriptions and doesn't really update when I click on "update" button. I'm not sure if it's relevant but I couldn't use the last version (posted 26 Feb 2008) since it didn't appear under shipping module but 2nd last one (8 Nov 2007) was fine without the problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Okay, I got the answer here. And now it works. :)
  4. Okay, after adding a cache table the error message disappered but I still don't see any Ultimate SEO URLs menu... Help please.
  5. Hi, frankly, I couldn't go through all 69 pages. So, if it's duplicated question please forgive me. I downloaded and installed the latest version (uploaded on 31 Oct 2006) followed the install.html (well, what's written there was not as same as the things in the zipped files.) and additional_install_instructions.txt but I don't see any SEO URLs menu in the control panel. And if I "Update" any item in the Categories/Products the page displays 1146 - Table 'realtimefurniture_ca_-_rtf.cache' doesn't exist DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_name LIKE '%seo_urls%' [TEP STOP] Please help me on this. Thank you in advance.
  6. g7star


    I found <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_left.php'); ?> in line 202 in checkout_shipping.php without "// CCGV" comment. It seems checkout_shipping.php includes colum_left.php and header.php; and colum_left.php includes categories.php. Now categories.php and header.php both have function called tep_show_category() and that's why it cannot redeclear?? And I got the problem because I just overwrote the file while others searched for the // CCGV comment and modified their files?? Am I on the right track or all screwed up? :blink: By the way, Happy Easter!
  7. g7star


    After installing CCGV, if I click on "check out" I get "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in /mnt/web_o/d02/s11/b0271738/www/includes/header.php:266)". I read someone wrote: move tep_show_category() function from header.php and categories.php to general.php. Is this proper solution?
  8. g7star


    Hi, it's first time using CCGV (and osCommerce) so please excuse if my question is a bit off. :D I followed all the steps in "ReadFirst.html" file upto "List of Files to be Edited". My question is if I can just overwrite existing files with ones provided if no other contribution (or myself) modified them. Thank you.