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  1. >_< Sorry to dig this out from the grave, but hopefully someone will read it and help us here. I tried the code but still doesnt work.... if anyone has better solution please help here.. hard to find products that can bundled together but also work for sppc. by the way i am using sppc 4.1 thanks in advance....
  2. blanktape

    Is there a Greyhound module?

    I am hoping there is a greyhound module as well.
  3. blanktape

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    This happens with the file account_newsletters.php. thanks in advance.
  4. blanktape

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-_phplist.phplist_user_user where email = 'me@jamesyang.info'' at line 1 select id, email, foreignkey from rocketz_net_-_phplist.phplist_user_user where email = 'me@jamesyang.info' Hmm...syntax error.... can someone suggest me where to look for?? james
  5. blanktape

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hi, your contribution works like magic. I love it with automatic thumbnail and it just make my life easier! Thanks for the great contribution. here is my site. http://www.zolaonline.com However I encouter little image resolution problem. I tried to display the whole image without "click for larger pic" Seems like the imagecache does not delete the smaller image so I sometimes ended up with blurry large picture display in product_info.php Can anyone help me here?? thanks.
  6. blanktape

    Easy populate import problems

    That is a php5 problem conflict with the EP. Search the contribution support for more info.