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    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack. I was wondering if you were still maintaining and providing support for your Header Tags SEO contribution for osCommerce. We're using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a, and I'm having a difficult time deciphering the instructions for it. Rather than wading through the 113 pages in this thread, .. I'm hoping that maybe you could help me by maybe answering a few questions: 1) Do I still need to run the "headertags_seo_update.sql" sql script (or run the "headertags_seo_install.php" script) for my osCommerce version -- considering that this is a first-time attempt at an installation of the contribution? (I am not upgrading from a previous version) 2) Do I need to install any patches for my particular version of osCommerce, and if so, .. which patches do I need to install? 2) What are "STS" and "BTS" users? How can I determine if I'm running either of those osCommerce versions? 3) Am I supposed to copy all of the files within the "catalog_for_new_shop_only_RC2" folder into the "catalog" folder of my osCommerce store, ... and will that overwrite any of the existing files? --- Or -- do the files inside the "catalog_for_new_shop_only_RC2" folder already contain all of the code revisions that are outlined in your instructions? In other words -- do I NOT have to apply any of the code revisions you've outlined if I allow my existing files to be overwritten with your updated files? Thanks! - Yvan