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  1. rgow

    fast easy checkout

    yes but i got this message
  2. rgow

    fast easy checkout

    I have tried to install fec but when I test and go to checkout i get the message cant find fec.php Does anyone know what i am doing wrong here? Thanks
  3. rgow

    help with fec

    I have tried to set this up..followed the instructions to the word..but when I pressed the continue to checkout I got the message can't find fec.php Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? Thanks
  4. rgow

    It's FEC(in) doing my head in

    tried PWA and FEC and can't get either contribution to work...all I wan't is help on enabling my customers to go direct to checkout and pay...without creating an account...is there anybody out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeeeez help
  5. rgow

    Checkout Contribution Advice Needed

    I have been trying to get help on PWA and FEC for ages now...but no one seems to be able to... :angry:
  6. rgow

    FEC and PWA conts wont work

    Okay I have spent a couple of weeks pulling me hair out trying to install both of these (not at the same time I must add) and can't get either to work...all I want is when a customer visits my site and wishes to buy something they can just pay direct without having to create an account. I sell mp3's and although osc is great it would be marvellous if I could just get this working. So if anyone knows how to do this right or another contribution easier to install..pleeeeeeeeeeez reply. Thanks
  7. rgow

    go to checkout without creating account

    Okay tried that, eveything seems okay until I go to checkout. I amended includes/filenames.php changing the define of both FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT and FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING to fec_shipping.php but when you go to checkout it can't find catalog/fec_shipping.php Anyone Know what I am doing wrong here? Thanks
  8. rgow

    go to checkout without creating account

    Thanks I will give it a go
  9. rgow

    help with PWA

    Okay..you can't knock me for trying...I am still trying to resolve a problem with PWA. I have a site www.imusiclabel.com selling digital downloads and cd's....having heaps of visitors...but most are being put off buying because of the 'create account'...most want to choose their products and go direct to pay....now I have tried to install PWA but it never seems to work..I have tried file compare programmes to pull over PWA coding but it still won't work and I am banging my head off the wall now.... I have two other contributions installed 'downloads controller' and 'Master products' so I don't know if these may be causing the problems.... some one out there please help.....
  10. rgow

    go to checkout without creating account

    Thanks I have the contribution but can't get it to work...and no one seems to be able to help
  11. rgow

    go to checkout without creating account

    obviously no one has a clue!!!! :( Thanks to those who looked
  12. I have tried to get an answer to my problem here but without much success..so I am hoping that someone may see this and help me. I have a digital download site (mp3's) and use paypal as a method of payment. Store, payment method and osc software great....One problem is that I am losing sales because people cannot be bothered or reluctant to create an account before payment...I have tried to incorporate PWA (several times) contribution without success. Has anyone been through this before and can advise on a simple way so that customers can be sent direct to checkout without the having to do the account bit. I have two other contributions installed. Master Products and Downloads controller. There are some great sites out there offering this Payloadz.com/Paydownload pal, e-junkie etc so why not osc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Russell
  13. rgow

    credit card payments

    I use paypal as a payment method but would like to use credit cards as a means of payment. You can activate but wher do you input info to transfer payments to a bank account?...please help anyone. thanks
  14. I have just installed the payment without account contribution and compared and merged all files. However, when I try to open store I get this message ?> Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /hsphere/local/home/imusic/imusiclabel.com/catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php on line 425 Can anyone help please
  15. rgow

    Help with PWA

    Can anyone help me on the installation of Purchase Without Account without messing up my store...Would love to have this facility but worried incase I mess up big time.. Cheers Russell