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  1. AWLHobbies

    Insurance with Paypal IPN?

    ANyone at all? Somone must have this actually working.
  2. I have done numerous searches, but have not come up with any answers. Has anyone used the Shipping Insurance module with Paypal. It shows the shipping insurance cost on the "checkout confirmation" page, and shows it added to the total, but when you confirm, and it takes you to the Paypal checkout, Paypal shows the total minus the insurance. Any help at all would be appreciated. If you want to try it out for yourself, just make a fake account on my site, just make it obvious so that I can later delete it. Try it out here: AWLHobbies Thanks, Andrew
  3. AWLHobbies

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Anyone know how to get this Paypal module to add in shipping insurance. I have a shipping insurance module installed, and it shows the cost of the insurance on the osC total page. You go to complete the transaction, it takes you to the Paypal page, and the shipping insurance is gone!! Anyone else run inot this? Is there a fix?
  4. AWLHobbies

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    OK, I found it. :blush:
  5. AWLHobbies

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    OK, I am confused. I have added this and it works fine IF YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED IN. I have made the cahnge so that it shows a sub total if you are not logged in, but the shipping estimates do not appear. I read above where somone else had the same problem and he fixed it by turning on a county drop down from within admin. There is no shipping estimator module listed in my shipping modules, or anywhere else that I can see. Where do I find this, did I do something wrong on the install?