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  1. zaq

    Easypopulate 2.X for MS2

    Don't mind loxly. She makes a big deal out of nothing a lot of the time. Probably a PMS thing is my guess. :wink:
  2. zaq

    Need info on charge.com plugin

    authorize.net is included with the stock OSC install.
  3. zaq

    Need info on charge.com plugin

    A search for charge.com would have told you that it's merely a reseller for authorize.net. http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...ight=charge+com ...among others. :wink:
  4. It sure would help if we knew what contribution you were trying to install. :wink:
  5. Search for oscaffiliate.
  6. What exactly is your problem? Did someone screw up and make you a moderator? You have one of the worst attitudes here. These forums would be much better off without you. :roll:
  7. Maybe you should go through the contributions one-by-one then? It would likely be quicker than waiting for a reply here and you'd find them all. :wink:
  8. zaq

    Store credit?

    Wrong! :wink:
  9. zaq


    This is obviously commercial in nature since you are selling customization as well as hosting. Hopefully a moderator will make this go away.
  10. Well...I haven't discused any specific "external solutions" now have I Mr. Moderator. :roll: I would expect a moderator to know what he was talking about at least. Apparently not in this case. :wink: Translation: I'm not contributing a darned thing. *"Specific" is your addition - if you have nothing to contribute, as you say, then do not make reference to supposed code you have developed - and please stop harrassing other forum members* - Johnson
  11. Sharing has absolutely nothing to do with being "nice". I choose not to share my work for my own reasons not those made up by others.
  12. There's nothing that requires it to be there. :wink:
  13. Many things. More than you'll ever know about in fact. I've been working with and hacking OSC since the very beginning. I wouldn't expect any less from you considering your history here of turning molehills into mountains. :roll:
  14. Download the version listed before the one that loxly screwed up.
  15. zaq

    Template System for MS2

    The contribution section is searchable. Search for controller and you'll find it.