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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the tax amount to show up on the order_confirmation.php page, even when the tax amount is 0.00. Would the best way be to make all zones taxable, but make the tax 0% for all but the one state that we do have to charge tax for? Or, would it be best to go in and edit the order total module somehow? If the latter, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I know that this might not be easy, but I was wondering if it is at all possible to alter osCommerce to allow each category to have multiple parent categories. Basically, we're an offroad automotive shop. We're basically selling 4 main types of parts now: Jeep, Truck, UTV and Outdoor Parts. I had found a contribution where I could create different boxes for each of the top level categories. We were thinking about making our four main types the top level categories and putting them each in different boxes with their own sub-categories Here is the hard part: Some of the sub-cateogories are general and would fit into more than one of the main four. I know that the easiest thing to do might be to make a new category and then copy (link) products into both. But we're talking about a LOT of products and quite a few sub-categories. So, I'm trying to see if there is a way to either insert multiple parent categories for a category. Maybe we could possibly even have multiple category lists within one store and maybe having some type of check box on each category to decide which lists that category will show up in. Does anyone think any of this would be possible?
  3. naclu

    Help with CC Numbers in Database

    I'm sorry. I posted this in the genral support chat forum already, but I didn't see this forum before. We're using the authorize.net module (not AIM) on our website. Because of some customization issues, we've opted to keep the numbers in the db, but mask them on the order page and in emails, etc... We also have a module installed that will allow us to capture funds in authorize.net on the same order admin screeen where we mark an item shipped.... None of these things are working, and 2 days ago, we started getting error messages... After researching the problem, we see that the only thing being written to the database in the credit card number field is a single asterisk (*). My authorize.net payment module file has not been touch in our files for over a year according to the file information, so I don't figure it's that... Actually none of my admin side files or order checkout process files have been edited in months. Nothing has been changed in the admin area, etc... I'm totally lost. Can anyone give me any ideas why this started suddenly? Anyone even have any idea where I should beging looking? Thanks in advance.
  4. naclu

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Someone had asked how to get the featured items to show up in one column. That worked perfectly for me, thanks! If I wanted to change it to two columns, what might I do?
  5. naclu

    Multiple Infobox Colors

    Anyone? (Moving it back up)
  6. My boss is liking the way that grokdotcom.com has their infoboxes (not that they are using OSC) in two different colors. I wanted to try to implement something where I could define which class to use within each of the files in the includes/boxes directory instead of them all using the one set in classes/boxes.php. Does anyone have any ideas where I should begin in implementing something like this, or if it can be done at all? Thanks, Nancy
  7. naclu

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Love this contribution... I've downloaded and installed the 3.5d version and installed it on our MS2.2 system. I was just curious if there was supposed to be a help file included... If you go to the wishlist page as a customer, if the wish list were empty, there is a link to help with your wish list. But that file doesn't exist in the 3.5d download. I've downloaded a few others to see if one of them had it in there, but I haven't seen it yet. Also, the wishlist.php page does not display any blanks for email addresses. I've set the number allowed in the admin to 5, but all that I see is the place to enter the customer's name and email and then the message that he/she would like included. I haven't altered the wishlist.php file in the least from the version that I downloaded. Where do you think that I might need to look to see why that is happening?