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  1. Here I go answering myself again -- If I remove: //if OK do this stuff $realorder["ordertype"] = "POSTAUTH"; //CHANGE FOR 1.2a $realorder["oid"] = $result["r_ordernum"]; //CHANGE FOR 1.2a // Send the SALE transaction. $result = $mylphp->curl_process($realorder); // use curl methods // - SGS-000001: D:Declined:P: //- SGS-005005: Duplicate transaction. // Begin Transaction Status does not = APPROVED if ($myorder['debugging'] == 'true') { exit; } if ($result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED" && strstr($result['r_error'], 'D:Declined')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . ' - ' . urlencode(MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINT_API_TEXT_DECLINED_MESSAGE), 'SSL', true, false)); } if ($result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED" && strstr($result['r_error'], 'R:Referral')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . ' - ' . urlencode(MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINT_API_TEXT_DECLINED_MESSAGE), 'SSL', true, false)); } if ($result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED" && strstr($result['r_error'], 'Duplicate transaction')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . ' - ' . urlencode(MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINT_API_TEXT_DUPLICATE_MESSAGE), 'SSL', true, false)); } if ($result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED" && strstr($result['r_error'], 'SGS')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . ' - ' . urlencode($result["r_error"]), 'SSL', true, false)); } if ($result["r_approved"] != "APPROVED" ) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . ' - ' . urlencode(MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINT_API_TEXT_ERROR_MESSAGE), 'SSL', true, false)); } // End Transaction Status does not = APPROVED This will cause only a pre-auth, and allow the customer to log into the Linkpoint account and then flag the txn as shipped? Right? Thanks!
  2. Greetings! Using the current Linkpoint API and have received a strange (IMHO) request from a client... They want the LinkPoint API to only pre-authorize the card and not charge until shipped with the option of changing the final charge amount before final billing. I don't see anything that does this by default -- and I'm quite sure it will take some major re-work of the orders part of the admin, but was wondering if anyone has attempted this with OSC before. I figure it is a matter of changing the XML sent to get the pre-authorize and having the orders page send a new XML to bill the account when the order status is updated to shipped. ? Anyone with some insight? As I move forward with this project I plan on makings things as contrib-friendly as possible, we may get a new trunk of the Linkpoint API contrib. :) Thanks! Glen
  3. Great contrib... Just one question. Looking to add 2nd day saver and 2nd day am. Just how do I go about this?? Thanks!
  4. O.K. I see no reason why the DOB is not being entered. But I will address this later in this message. The Company Name and Mr/Ms was not being included in the IFF. It is now. :) This puzzles me. Can you please send me a copy of an IFF and the error and line number of said error as a result of that IFF? I'd love to see what is going on. Either post it or (Prefered) E-Mail it to me at: Customers and sales are written to seperate files. After you import an IFF to your QuickBooks, DELETE IT! Otherwise the cart will keep appending info, and you will start importing duplicate data. After I see your IFF and make any fixes I will finaly take this baby out of Beta. Woot woot. :) If anyone else is having these problems, please speak up!!
  5. Ummmmmmmmm... Huh. I'll get back to ya.
  6. I believe so. I think the IFF is good for all versions of QuickBooks (2000+).
  7. Greetings all! I have not had any E-Mails from people having problems with the beta version. The only comments I have recieved are ways to make the code easier to modify, and one about a problem with overseas (From the US) curriencies. I have been waiting to release a next version until a problem comes up, since I'd only be changing the version name and re-posting it. I've been using it, as well as 20 others (That I have heard from) and not any problems. Go ahead and install the Beta version, it works fine. But - If you do have a problem -- LET ME KNOW!
  8. Good question. If you can upload IFF files, yes. Try asking Intuit's help staff if it does.
  9. Nothing. Use the origional release found,291/page,9 <-- there.
  10. I should say -- Since nobody has replied I have no idea how to fix this,...
  11. Ummmm... They look fine to me. :)
  12. Thanks Reemo! Hey -- Nice store. Just my style! :)
  13. BTN and NAGS are the QuickBooks CLASS for each item. If I understand correctly, most people will only have one CLASS. I am just learning QuickBooks so I could be wrong. They are sky blue because the origional contrib defines them as such. If you remove <font face="<? echo TEXT_FONT_FACE; ?>" size="<? echo TEXT_FONT_SIZE; ?>" color="<? echo TEXT_FONT_COLOR; ?>"> from admin/categories.php (It will appear 4 times) it should take care of that sky blue color.
  14. Thanks to Tom from it seems the contrib works fairly well. There is a problem with the tax handling, but other than that, it would appear he still has a online store! :) I'll be working on this issue today (hopfully - If my 11 m/o daughter will permit it). Any more input is more than welcome!!
  15. I **THINK** this will work with Post Nov-1 snapshots. It works with mine. Check it out,957 and please give me your input and any problems you may have. Thanks! And *BACKUP EVERYTHING*! You never know. :)