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    "Manual processing" payment module

    Thanks dynamoeffects. I will do just that. Regards, Langdon
  2. langdons

    "Manual processing" payment module

    Hi I am new to osCommerce, so my appolgy if my question has an obvious answer that I haven't found yet. My problem: My client maintains an account for each of their customers. The customers then go online and place order for product. I want to present the customers with one payment option only in osCommerce. That is something like "manual processing". This means that the customer will not be required to provide any payment details, just to confirm their delivery address and shipping. This is very similar to the COD payment module. Basically the only difference is the name displayed in the checkout. I could hack the display name on the COD payment module, but would rather not as that payment option may be needed in the future. Any suggestions, or pointers to existing modules would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Langdon