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  1. milkhouse

    [Contribution] STS v4

    It seems to be an STS bug. Now I have another,... I installed the "Print Order" mod and get this error on the print invoice page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_banner_exists() in ///file/ print_footer.php on line 22 I've run into this before, but can't fix it fast enough. ???? Matt
  2. milkhouse

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Someone posted a fix here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4091 for checkout_payment.php Tested and is working.
  3. milkhouse

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I can't force a "Declined" error message when running transactions through Authorize.net. I was hoping this was the answer, but it doesn't work. Instead of an error message they are redirected back to the payment page. This is a problem because customers may try to order over and over and each time they're declined their bank will withhold the charges on their account. (Actually, this has happened already.) I'm new to STS so any insight is welcome.
  4. milkhouse

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    Thanks for the contribution. I'm getting this error "popupPrintReceipt is not defined" [break on this error] null print_order2.php (line 1) in the Firefox Firebug console. I recall installing this as version 1.4 without these errors some time ago. Any help is appriciated.
  5. milkhouse

    fast easy checkout

    Phillip, Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, please send it. Matt
  6. milkhouse

    fast easy checkout

    Hi everyone. After much bug fixing (I wish I could list them all as we would all like to see a more sensible checkout process) I've got this contrib functioning with both A.net and Paypal. The only (fingers crossed) problem is if a customer fails to select the correct radio button for payment type they get caught in a loop that only spits out errors, even if they go back and correct their chioce of payment. This happened on the first customer who came to the live install. He gave up and left. One possible workaround would be to have the radio button for A.net "pre-selected" for the customer, as this is the method of payment for 90% of customers anyway. Not the best solution, but I'm willing to live with it untill someone comes up with a better way of handling the checkout process for all of us. This is turning into a much bigger project than any contrib install I've ever done. Has anybody done this before? Also, does anybody know how to get rid of the checkbox in the password creation box? Again, I would just like to force customers to create a password. I would really appriciate any input. Thanks.
  7. Chemo: Thank you for the great contribution. I had no problem installing it a few weeks back, but I recently noticed that when I go to a manufacturers/brands listing I can only get one page. If I click to see the next page it bumps me back to the index page. Any thoughts? Possibly htaccess? (It's a CRE shop) - milk