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  1. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class amdb in /Volumes/x2RAID/sites/markanderson/stampics.com/catalog/admin/attributeManager/classes/amDB.class.php on line 18 If anyone has a work arround for this error, please let me know. I've tried a few other attribute contributions that have not met my clients needs, I have a feeling this one will, but alas, I cannot get it to work.
  2. the page wasn't displaying errors because of the php.ini setting display_errors was off. Once I was able to see an error, I kicked myself for missing an uploaded file.
  3. I hope someone can offer some insight to me. I have the latest OS build. The only contribution I have loaded is the register globals fix v1.3a. I'm on day 4 of reinstalling re-configuring and pulling my hair out. The File Upload contribution works great across the board... UNTIL I check out. I get as far as order conformation. When I click confirm, I go to checkout_process.php and get a blank screen. This is pretty tricky to troubleshoot since there are no error messages and no source code getting to the browser. Has anyone run into a similar problem either directly with this contrib or in general with blank pages? Thanks!