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  1. Hi just installed this on my test server. All looked good until I tried to buy something. We use protx 3d secure contribution in an iframe. When I submit the payment it says your card is being processed but the status line at the bottom of the browser is flickering very fast and nothing happens. Strangely, when I tried to follow the code through with my debugger it worked. Any ideas as everything else seems ok and I want to turn register_globals off. Thanks for your time and any advice.
  2. englishchrissy

    Protx and Security Pro

    Hi, just to let community members know the problem with Protx and Security Pro. There was a problem in version 1 of Security Pro due to Protx verify by visa form contained a : (colon) in the time field. The new version has now resolved this problem and as far as Ive tested it seems to be working real good. To those that are not familiar with Security Pro, its a very good contribution to prevent hackers using sql injection techniques on forms. I know people who have had their sites hacked by this technique, so believe me, prevention is better than cure. A few minutes work now could save you hours later on. Its a simply install and can't be recommmended enough. You have been warned.
  3. Hi, just installed version 1.1 as I was having a problem with protx on version 1. All seems ok now and payments are working again. I'll keep testing and keep you all posted if I find any problems. Thanks again for a very useful contribution. Cheers.
  4. Hi, I have just installed this contribution on cre loaded 6.15 and now have it working the way I want it, so thanks for the contribution. I had to make quite a lot of changes, see below. 1.You state in the recently_viewed.txt, "All this is without slowing down the product info page (as no extra database queries are required there)." This is not true. The way it is written in includes/boxes/recently_viewed.php you use the line:- tep_get_products_name($recent),0,$recently_viewed_box_max_characters_per_line) to get the product name. This function does a select on the product table and it does it for each 'recently viewed' product in the array. If you have 5 recently viewed products, thats 5 extra reads to the db. How I got around this. When you build up the string of 'recently viewed' products in the products_info program, instead of storing just the product_id, store whatever you want. In my case, product_image and product_name. Now when you go to build the 'recently viewed' box you already have the info so do not have to go back to the db. Cool eh. I can't show the exact code as the files are structured slightly different in cre loaded. 2.The other main change I made was to show the 'recently viewed' products in a box directly under the product where it can be easily seen by the customer. 3.I made it so that it does not display the product you are viewing in the 'recently viewed' box as that seemed a bit pointless and used an image with the product name as the 'title' instead of a text link. I am very pleased with the result and am greatful for the contribution for the code. Thanks again. You can see the 'recently viewed' box working at Sexotic Toys Just go to a product and then visit another. You will see the 'recently visited' box just below the main product details. Oh, it's a adult site so if you are under 18 please do not follow the link. Any comments about the site would be appreciated. Its still being developed (as at jan 25 2008) so please take that into consideration. Cheers
  5. Hi, great contribution. Is it posible to control the amount of indentation of unordered lists? Also I would like to position the whole menu over to the left so that the bullet lines up with the C of the Categories box heading. Is this posible as it is causing word wrap on some of my longer category names. I am using $show_ulcats_as_box = true and displaying the list in the original Categories Box. Thanks for a great contribution.
  6. englishchrissy

    Easy Populate v2.79

    Hi, does this work on PHP5. Ive installed it and 'Easy Populate' dose not show in the Admin page. It should be under Catalog/Product Attributes. Any ideas.
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    Hi, I'd like to see STS before I implement the changes. Thanks guys.
  8. englishchrissy

    Easy Populate v2.79

    Hi, Ive got it working! Just had to change the sql insert statements so that the column names were mentioned and removed category_id as its an auto_increment field. Thats all. I guess thats a mysql5 thing. So ends this topic. Another happy customer.
  9. englishchrissy

    Easy Populate v2.79

    Hi, does this work on PHP5. Ive installed it and 'Easy Populate' dose not show in the Admin page. It should be under Catalog/Product Attributes. Any ideas.
  10. englishchrissy

    Easy Populate v2.79

    Hi, Ive got it working! Just had to change the sql insert statements so that the column names were mentioned and removed category_id as its an auto_increment field. Thats all. I guess thats a mysql5 thing. So ends this topic. Another happy customer.
  11. englishchrissy

    Header Tag Controller 2.5.6

    Hi Jack, Ive worked out the problem and its now working. Somehow I had a version of catalog/includes/header_tags.php that did not have the code in for product_info.php or specials.php. I copied the one from the installation over to my catalog and lo and behold its working. Can't think how that happened but anyway nows the time to push on. Thanks again for trying to help. Cheers
  12. englishchrissy

    Header Tag Controller 2.5.6

    Hi, ive just installed HTC v2.5.6 and everything seems to be working. I'm trying to get the tags to work for individual products. For example, if I click on my category 'Radio Control Toys' I go to the Radio Control Toys page and as I expected the title says Radio Control Toys, the description and keywords say the correct description that I entered via admin/catalog/categories/products/radio control toys. So far so good. Now if I click on one of the products, say 'X-UFO' on the 'Radio Control Toys' page I go to products_info.php page for the product. Here the title is 'Product Info' which is what is set up in /catalog/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php. I want the title to say 'X-UFO' with the correct description and keywords. Ive looked at my database product_description table and products_head_title_tag, products_head_desc_tag and products_headkeywords_tag are set up with what I want to appear. Does anyone know how to do this. Maybe ive missed something or I'm just being a bit thick. Please can someone point me in the right direction. Incidentally, if I go to admin and look at the product X-UFO via the edit option I can see a section for 'Meta Tag Information' with Products Page Title, Page Header Description and Product Keywords headings. I have entered some data in these but cant see where its being stored or even being used. Any ideas? I think HTC is a great contribution. Good instructions. I managed to install it at the 1st attempt. Thanks guys.
  13. englishchrissy

    FAQ Desk v1.01.1

    Hi, Ive just downloaded FAQ Desk v1.01.1 and before I install it I'd like to see a site with this contribution working. Thanks
  14. englishchrissy

    Header Tag Controller 2.5.6

    Hi Jack, thats all working. If I edit a product via admin category/products and change the title, decription and keywords then update, the changes are reflected in the product_description table in products_head_title_tag, products_head_desc_tag and products_head_keywords_tag columns respectively. Thats all working ok. I want these to show as the title, description and keywords on the product_info.php page. At the moment its getting these values from the header_tags.php page so they are the same for all products. HTC must be able to do this otherwise what is the point of adding the extra columns to the product_description table. How do I get it to display individual tags for each product. Cheers.
  15. englishchrissy

    Header Tag Controller 2.5.6

    Hi Jack, all the data for the tags is in the product_description table. Initially Ive set it up as the same as product_name. ive added the following code in product_info.php to replace the original title tag as per install file:- <?php // BOF: WebMakers.com Changed: Header Tag Controller v2.5.6 // Replaced by header_tags.php if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else { ?> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <?php } // EOF: WebMakers.com Changed: Header Tag Controller v2.5.6 ?> When i go to the product_info.php page the title is 'Product Info' which is what is set up in /catalog/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php. What I want to see as the title is what is in the products_head_title_tag column on the product_description table. Can HTC do this?
  16. englishchrissy

    vvc image not displaying

    Hi, Ive just installed the vvc contribution. Ive changed only create_account.php at the moment. The Verify security code box displays but without the image showing the secret code. There is an entry in the visual_verify_code table on the database. In the installation instructions under requirements it mentions the GD library. I'm still under development so I'm running my shop on localhost. I use php5, mysql5 and apache2 on windows xp. How can i get the GD library on my localhost or is there another way around this. Maybe, I'll have to wait until my store is live before implementing this contribution. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. englishchrissy

    Error after installation of Dynamic Site Map

    Just a bit more info about what Ive done to fix this problem. I added the following code just before line 58 in dynamic_sitemap.php to see if category_tree.php exists in the catalog/includes/classes directory :- <td><?php echo DIR_WS_CLASSES . ' = '; print_r(scandir(DIR_WS_CLASSES)); ?></td> which produced these results:- includes/classes/ = Array ( [0] => . [1] => .. [2] => boxes.php [3] => breadcrumb.php [4] => category_tree.php [5] => cc_validation.php [6] => currencies.php [7] => email.php [8] => http_client.php [9] => language.php [10] => message_stack.php [11] => mime.php [12] => navigation_history.php [13] => order.php [14] => order_total.php [15] => payment.php [16] => sessions.php [17] => shipping.php [18] => shopping_cart.php [19] => split_page_results.php ) So this proves that category_tree.php is in the classes directory. So why is the 'require' on line 58 not finding it? Very strange to me.
  18. Hi, Ive just installed the Dynamic Site Map. Nice easy installation. When I click on the link for the Site Map I get the following error:- Error: E_ERROR Class 'osC_CategoryTree' not found at dynamic_sitemap.php line 58 It fails in dynamic_sitemap.php on this line:- <td width="50%" class="main" valign="top"><?php require DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'category_tree.php'; $osC_CategoryTree = new osC_CategoryTree; echo $osC_CategoryTree->buildTree(); ?></td> For some reason it is not able to find category_tree.php. DIR_WS_CLASSES contains "includes/classes/" I have checked the directory /catalog/includes/classes and sure enough category_tree.php is there. Ive tried copying the contribution category_tree.php over to my /catalog/includes/classes folder several times so I'm certain it is there. I follow the code through using my PhpED debugger and its definitley failing on the 'require' as it thinks category_tree.php does not exist but it does. I'm using PHP5, MySQL5 and Apache2 on Windows XP Pro with the oscommerce files on my localhost. Any ideas on this one? Ive rechecked everything on installing the contribution and it all looks ok. I'm baffeled! Thanks guys.
  19. englishchrissy

    Dynamic Site Map

    Hi, Ive downloaded Dynamic Site Map v1.0 contribution but would like to see it in action before installing it. Cheers
  20. englishchrissy

    ccgv 5.16 problem after installation

    Thanks to those who responded. I have now found and sorted out the error in checkout_payment.php I replaced lines 195 - 198 from }<? } else { $coversAll=false;?> function clearRadeos(){ document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked=!document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked; }<? } ?> with }<?php } else { $coversAll=false;?> function clearRadeos(){ document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked=!document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked; }<?php } ?> NOTICE the error is in the openning php syntax, was <? so I replaced it with <?php and it WORKED!!!
  21. I have a problem with checkout_payment.php after installing ccgv 5.16. When I follow the code through with my NuSphere PhpEd debugger i get the following message:- Error: E_PARSE syntax error, unexpected $end at checkout_payment.php line 573 There are only 572 lines of code in checkout_payment.php. I'm using php5 mysql5 and apache2 and oscommerce-2.2ms2-051113 on localhost. Although its not a new installation, I have not changed any of the 'checkout' programs. I copied the new versions straight over to my htdocs folder. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.