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  1. One more thing - I'm having a small problem with the gift vouchers. - A customer purchases a $50 gift voucher. - I send it through admin - Customer logs in and attempts to send the gift voucher onto someone else. Customer cannot send the $50 gift voucher (error reads: Invalid Amount). However, after playing with it, it will send $49.99, so it's obviously a rounding error. Has this happened to others? How can I fix it? Thanks, ~Barbara~
  2. hehe didn't even think of the COD issue! I checked the payment zone again, and it is definetly set right (for Australian Zones). Eventually when I get the store running, I'll only be using CC and Bank Transfer, while I'm playing around I've got other settings going, hence the COD. I'm still trying to figure out why it won't give me those options though?
  3. bobsi18

    Australia Post module

    Hmmm, I seem to have it working now. Problem # 1 (problems with the parcel flat rates): I'm still playing around with the demo products that came with oscommerce (the dvds and software etc.). When I added a product to the cart that I hadn't modified, and attempted to check out, it wouldn't give me the flat rate options. If I added a product that I had modified (changed the weight, price etc), then I got the options??? Don't know why, but thats ok, because when I start adding products, I'll be modifying them, so it should take care of that. Problem # 2 (problems with the standard shipping): I've also just installed the 'actual attributes price' contrib, and I think I must have had something wrong - I've re-installed it correctly (fingers crossed) and it seems to be working now
  4. bobsi18

    Australia Post module

    Any ideas? I'm also having intermittent problems with the standard shipping module - sometimes it's fine, other times it just displays the error message (ERROR: The delivery rate for this option cannot be determined at this time If you prefer to use this option as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.). I can't see any pattern for it at all... please help! ~Barbara~
  5. Hi there all... I'm still having a little bit of a problem with this mod: I have created a product called '$50 gift voucher'. If a customer buys only the $50 gift voucher, when they check out, the only option they get for payment is credit card (although I have bank transfer and COD installed). Does anyone know how to change this? If something else is brought, it gives all the options. Also, if a different product AND the gift voucher is ordered, it gives all the options, it's only when its JUST a gift voucher that I don't get all the options for payment. Thanks, ~Barbara~
  6. bobsi18

    Australian Registered Post Options

    Hi there... I'm also just starting out - and I wanted to do registered post. I've used the Auspost contribution, and just added a $4.50 handling fee ($2.50 for the registration and $2 for the bag/box used to post). This seems to be working so far (still testing and playing with it). ~Barbara~
  7. bobsi18

    Stock Status in Product Listing

    Hi there.. I have just installed this contrib and *think* I installed it correctly... Only one prob: On the page that lists everything in the category Product Name+ | Price | Buy Now | Quantity Beloved | $60.49 | | Out of Stock Courage Under Fire |$32.99 | | Out of Stock Red Corner | $35.20 | | Out of Stock it is listing everything as 'out of stock' (which is not the case, each product has a stock>0). However, when I click on a praticular item and look at it's details, it is definetly in stock, and is able to be brought. Any ideas? Thanks, Barbara
  8. bobsi18

    Australia Post module

    Hi there... I'm also running into a few probs with Australian shipping. I have the shipping module set up, for my Australian customers I'm just using the standard option, none of the express etc options. For my international customers I'm using 2 of the internation options (sea and air mail). that's all working fine. My problem is that I've also installed the AusPost FlatRates module and set it up for standard shipping and express shipping. I've set the zone to 'all australian zones'. The problem occus when i log in as an Australian customer, for shipping I get the first option (from the standard auspost module), but not the other two (the flat rates module). If I change the zone to 'none', I can see all the options, however I can also see all the options if I'm logged in as an international customer (which is not good, as I can't offer the flatrates to an international customer). Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Barbara
  9. ***hits herself on the head...*** I just gave it one more shot, and it looks like I was adding code 1 line above where I was supposed to add it - it's working now (fingers crossed!!!) Thanks Coopco, attempted to download it again and it just displayed a text file - certainly wasn't doing that last night!
  10. hey there all... was just wondering if anyone knows of a contribution that would achieve the following (have looked and looked, but I don't see anything): I want the ability to sign each customer up to a 'members' group (after they spend a set $ amount in one order, eg $50). I then want to offer that group a discount, based on the total of their order (something like: Under $100 - 10% discount $100 - $150 - 15% discount $150 - $200 - 20% discount Over $200 - 30% discount) I also want to be able to restrict the discount (i.e. so that it isn't applicable to specials, already discounted items or shipping). Any ideas? Thanks, Barbara
  11. Oh yeh, while I'm here, how do I open aviram's 'bunch of fixes v1.1 (table/roundoff/etc.)' contribution - it's a .gz file... i'm oh so confused :blink:
  12. Hi guys... am having a few probs. I've installed CCGV v5.16, and just installed 'coupon admin rollup 3'. The first installation seemed to work fine, it was after installing the rollup that I've had problems. Now when I try to log into my admin it says: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_set_coupon_status() (previously declared in /var/.../catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php:752) in /var/.../catalog/admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php on line 100 I've gone though and double checked the installation instructions for the rollup, and I'm pretty sure I've followed it correctly - does anyone have any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks Barbara
  13. Hi there! I posted part of this in the general part of the forum earlier today and it was suggested that I put this partic question in this forum... I'm a complete beginner when it comes to php and am trying to do things as easily as possible... I've successfully installed a copy of oscommerce and have started playing with it. I thought first step was to install the contributions I want and so I have also installed: - Seperate Price per Customer (SPPC) - AusPost Flatrates - Credit Class Give vouchers (CCGV) v1.51a [half] Some of the other contributions I want to install are: - Purchase without account - Australian Bank Transfer - Add a printable catalog - Add weight and weight total to cart - Add weight to product attributes - Some kind of import function And a few more that I found but have since lost (will have to find them again...). I've only installed half of CCGV because I soon realised that some of the files would need to be edited because of the SPPC installation and that's where my problems begin. I've started playing around with editing the files and have quickly realised it's something I'd rather not do too much of. I installed SPPC first because, based on the forum, I thought there were alot of files that would need to be modified if I did it last. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the other contributions that I'm thinking about, any particular order that would make it easier? Any suggestions gratefully accepted!!! Thanks, Barbara