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    Specials valid from

    Try checking it once more ---> I noticed that you have some code with errors in it - I highlighted t in red above - In the instructions, it says 'javascript', but in your code it says 'java script', with a space in it. I don't know if that's where the error is, but its a start. HTH ~bobsi18~
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    Printable Catalog With Images

    How did you do this???
  3. Hi there... I've successfully got a second manufacturer working on my site - but I was never able to get it to successfully filter on the category page - At this stage I can filter by manufacturer 1 OR manufacturer 2, but not both. I can search for both (in my advanced search page I can select to limit it to a certain manu1 & manu2). I worked at it for about a week before eventually giving up - it doesn't mean it can't be done, I'm only a novice 'hacker' - but I certainly couldn't crack it. Let me know if you get it! Good Luck ~bobsi18~
  4. Hi there all... I've just installed a 'pay by 30 day account' module and would like to restrict it so that it is only available for customers that I set it for. I found a post from someone saying to create a tick box in admin and an extra field in the customer table - if that box is ticked, then the payment method is allowed, if not, it isn't shown. Now, the tick box is a little too advanced for me, but I've created an extra field in the table using phpmyadmin. I'm happy to change the status for specific customers through phpmyadmin. So now I'm trying to edit my payment file ('includes/modules/payment/net30.php')... This is what I'm fooling around with: function update_status() { global $order; if ( ($this->enabled == true) ) { $check_flag = true; $check_query = tep_db_query("select 30account_status from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); while ($check = tep_db_fetch_array($check_query)) { if ($check['30account_status'] == 0) { $check_flag = false; break; } } if ($check_flag == true) { $this->enabled = true; } elseif ($check_flag == false) { $this->enabled = false; } } where 30account_status is my new field - '1' means the customer can use this module to pay, '0' means the customer cannot use it. However, I can't get it workin - wondering if anyone can see anything obviosuly wrong??? Thanks, ~bobsi18~
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    Restricting payment method based on customer

    THANKYOU! - that was it - all working now - I am just a novice 'hacker', so this is all still very much new to me. I'm sorry, enigma1, I didn't understand what you meant by - I really am inexperienced at this, all I did was take the NET30 contribution and smudge the zone details - so instead of allowing for a certain zone, it is allowing for a particular customer (that has '30account_status' set to 1). ~bobsi18~
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    Specials valid from

    Hey there all... I've added some changes to the original contribution that are working in my store - have a look and see how you go... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2520 ~bobsi18~
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    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi there all... Just wondering if anyone know how to hide the comments on default for the invoice? I know you can click the logo to get rid of them, but I'd prefer to click the logo to show the comments, i.e. have the invoice come up without comments by default. We don't often have to print comments on our invoices, and I can see it's goin to be a pain to constantly remind staff to click the logo. Thanks ~bobsi18~
  8. I think I've got it... I was missing a tiny bit of code from checkout_confirmation: if ( (is_array($payment_modules->modules)) && (sizeof($payment_modules->modules) > 1) && (!is_object($$payment) && [b](!$credit_covers)[/b]) && (!$customer_shopping_points_spending) || (is_object($$payment) && ($$payment->enabled == false)) ) { i was missing the bit in bold... oops :blush: ~bobsi18~
  9. Hi there all... I'm having a bugger of a time trying to figure this one out, please give me a hand :thumbsup: I have noticed that many of my test orders coming through don't have any payment details. I.e. if I look them up in admin>orders, it doesn't list the payment method, cc number, expiry (if applicable) etc. Also, when I'm placing the order, my credit card is not being validated, in that I can enter the number 4444444444444444444444444444 with expiry january 2006 and it's all ok, I don't get an error. I have a bunch of contributions installed, including CCGV (gift vouchers). I've tested this for the last two hours and have found that this only happens if the gift voucher balance is greater than the cart balance. If the cart balance is bigger, it's fine. So I've started going through all the files that were edited for CCGV. It's a long job, and I'm not convinced I'll pick up the error, so hence the post. Has this happened to anyone else? I've found snippets here and there on the board indicating similar behaviour, but nothing concrete. Does anyone know which file/s the mistake is likely to be in? I though maybe includes/classes/payment.php, but I've been through that one and it seems ok. Any advice would be great!!! thanks, ~bobsi18~
  10. Wellllllll... I think I may have found the problem... I really dont understand it, but I found the code in includes/classes/order_total.php... I changed: // #################### Begin Added CGV JONYO ###################### $gv_query=tep_db_query("select amount from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " where customer_id = '" . $customer_id . "'"); $gv_result=tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query); $gv_payment_amount = $gv_result['amount']; // if ($order->info['total'] - $total_deductions <= 0 ) { if ($order->info['total'] - $gv_payment_amount <= 0 ) { if(!tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_register('credit_covers'); $credit_covers = true; } else{ // belts and suspenders to get rid of credit_covers variable if it gets set once and they put something else in the cart if(tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_unregister('credit_covers'); } // #################### End Added CGV JONYO ###################### I uncommented the line in the middle (and added an extra } to make it work: // #################### Begin Added CGV JONYO ###################### $gv_query=tep_db_query("select amount from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " where customer_id = '" . $customer_id . "'"); $gv_result=tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query); $gv_payment_amount = $gv_result['amount']; //##uncommented section below to make it work... why??? i don't know!!! if ($order->info['total'] - $total_deductions <= 0 ) { //##uncommented section above to make it work... why??? i don't know!!! if ($order->info['total'] - $gv_payment_amount <= 0 ) { if(!tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_register('credit_covers'); $credit_covers = true; } //bof } //eof else{ // belts and suspenders to get rid of credit_covers variable if it gets set once and they put something else in the cart if(tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_unregister('credit_covers'); } // #################### End Added CGV JONYO ###################### I really have no idea why this (appears) to be working, if someone sees it as completely incorrect and can tell me what to do, i'd love it!!! thanks, ~bobsi18~
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    Hi there... I've done more testing and now believe the issue is with the gift voucher contrib... i've noticed that if my voucher balance is bigger than the cart balance the problems are occurring, but not if the cart balance is greater than the voucher balance... off to see if i can figure it out. ~bobsi18~
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    Hi Deep-Silver... I am having exactly the same problem. I was wondering if you knew of anyone else that has had this problem, and if you have any idea's about it? I'm about to go through my entire installation and see if I can find the error... One thing I've noticed is: I have the points system set up so that you can only redeem points if you have $50 or over in your cart. This problem is only occuring if you have less than $50 in your cart... Hoping for some guidance! Thanks ~bobsi18~
  13. Ok, update. I have the points/rewards module installed, and when the total is greater thanthe minimum needed to activate the points, the validation works. I'll keep working on it...
  14. I'm having the same problem - I can type in ANY number and ANY expiry (even one that has already been, eg January 2006) and the card it processed. I've checked both includes/modules/payment/cc.php and includes/classes/cc_validation and both are identical to the files that came with oscommerce (I have commented out some of the statements about which cards are accepted in cc_validation.php). I'm really kinda stuck, I'm guessing it's a contribution I've added, but I don't know where or what is doing this. Any advice gratefully accepted :) ~bobsi18~
  15. Ok, solution to the first part of my problem (checkout_payment.php not showing the errors, only showing them in the URL) can be found here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry824441. Turned out it was a problem with STS... Still trying to fix part 2 (the page asking me to select a payment method even though my voucher balance covers the total cost) ~bobsi18~
  16. This is exactly what is happening to me. Did you ever find a solution? (and, no, the total of my purchase is $10 inc shipping, voucher balance is $100) thanks ~bobsi18~
  17. I'm getting down to the nitty gritty, nearly ready to go live, and have noticed a weird bug. My customer has $100 in gift vouchers in their account, all working ok. However, when they go to checkout with only $5 worth of products in their cart, a problem occurs. If they try to pay with the gift voucher (by ticking the 'to be used from gift voucher' box), the checkout_payment page reloads with the url http://www.mysite.com/checkout_payment.php...+for+your+order. There is no error message. If I change the payment method to something else, e.g. credit card, the page goes through to checkout_confirmation, where I am able to edit the payment method to gift voucher and it works fine. Has anyone else come across this? I've tried doing multiple searches, but I can't really figure out what to search for. I do have ultimate SEO urls installed, that was causing issues with something else, I wonder if it's causing problems with this? Any help gratefully appreciated, I really want to go live soon!!! Thanks, ~bobsi18~
  18. THANKYOU!!! I have been searching for ages, this was my answer!!! ~bobsi18~
  19. Just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for this one? I really like this contrib, but it's going to be a lot of work to issue coupons and check that nothing from that coupon is already discounted... Any suggestions appreciated :) ~bobsi18~
  20. got it.... it was to do with the seo contribi'm using... http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry898388
  21. thanks, helped me heaps!!!
  22. Hi there... am using this fantastic contrib, mainly for the gift vouchers. am coming up against one prob tho. on the checkout_payment page, if i enter an incorrect code, a box comes up with 'coupon redemption' at the top, but no text inside it. i've gone round and round in circles on this one. does anyone know any solutions? or even what to search for to find advice? i've been searching for a while, have seen some posts about people having similar probs, but no solutions. thanks ~bobsi18~
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    Express Post Satchels Price help needed

    Have you got the satchel part of the Australia Post module installed? Try installing that (the first link at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...australia+post), and then just install the express post satchel, none of the others.
  24. Hi there... I've just been mucking around with my cart and have noticed a small problem on the shopping cart page. I have the 'add weight to product attributes' contribution installed... I have a product A that comes in 3 sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. Small weighs 1kg, medium weighs 2kg and large weighs 3kg. If I add a size small to my cart, weight is shown as 1kg. fine. If I take that out and instead add a size medium to my cart, weight is shown as 2kg. fine. Same thing again for size large (3kg). Now if I mix things in the cart, e.g. 1 x small plus 1 x medium, weight shows as 4kg (which obviously isn't fine!). I've narrowed it down to the small size being the problem, and only if other things are in the cart. In my product info area, I have defined the weight as 2kg, in the attributes area I have split it up into small (1kg), medium (2kg) and large (3kg). I think the 'default' weight is over-riding the attribute weight ONLY when there is a mix of different weights in the cart. Has anyone encountered this? I hope I've explained it well enough, kinda hard to put it to paper. If I change the default weight to the lowest possible weight for the product (eg 1kg), it seems to be ok, but I don't particularily want to go and change all the products I've entered (about 300 products would need changing). So, if anyone has had this happen or has any ideas, I'd love to hear them :) Thanks ~bobsi18~
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    Small issue with shopping cart

    got it... i had that section of code in the wrong place, needed to be moved up one set of curly brackets... oh well, it was a long day :) ~bobsi18~