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  1. palidor

    Paypal Redirect, payment without order

    We think the problem is caused by people getting too click happy and clicking out of paypal before they are redirected back to the website where inventory is adjusted. We had our redirect set to 3 seconds and we just dropped it down to 1 second. I guess if people are going to another website before the entire perchase is completed there is nothing we can really do about it. If anyone knows of anything we can do it would be great, it seems like quite a few people are having that problem. The actual order goes through 99% of the time, its the ones that don't that are annoying. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, We are getting payments from paypal, but no order in OSC. We used to get the orders without any problem, but now are getting just the payment without any clue what was just purchased. Any help would be great.
  3. palidor

    UPS/USPS shipping option for one item only

    sorry thats www.bulletsvsbutterflies.com/catalog but you problaby knew that
  4. Hello, We are adding shoes into our shiny new oscommerce run store and have some questions about changing the shipping modules. We are set up right now to ship by USPS domestically and internationally. The company we order from offers drop shipping, but by UPS. Global Priority Mail has a weight restriction of 4lbs, and shoes can go way over that. We want to set additional shipping options for the shoes only, UPS and Airmail Parcel Post, anyone know of a way to do this? We dont mind skipping the drop shipping but the international shipping is something that has to be worked on. Right now I am only putting up shoes that are less than 4lbs to avoid any weird shipping conflicts. Any ideas would be great. Thanks very much, Christina Oh, and if you need to take a look at what we have its: www.bulletsvsbutterflies.com/products