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  1. Sorry, No idea, but I wonder if you or anybody else knows how to fix an access issue, once I click on the mp3manager button it directs me to the page stating access denied. I changed every new file and folder to chmod 777, and I am just not sure what to do next. I tried to comment out most of the mp3manager.php file, and still not hope until I removed the require application_top.php file os it worked once I comment out the " require('includes/application_top.php');" I mean did not give me the access denied any more, but I have to get the mp3manager back to work, and I am not sure what to do next, any clue? Any idea or comment will help. Thanks, Dun.
  2. Hi All, I wonder if some one can help out, it might be a simple problem but I am just not sure what the issue is. I installed the OsPlayer contribution, but I get to the point where I click on the MP3 manager in the Admin and I get the Access denied page, I am not sure how to fix this, all the folders have the right file permissions, I am not sure where to look next. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dun.