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  1. soulpatrol

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi, have installed Feedmachine latest version but all my products show without tax when the file is generated, i've tried the various options ie.. PRICE_WITH_TAX/ FINAL_PRICE_WITH_TAX etc... but still have the same result i've also checked to make sure the tax class is set, tax zone etc.. anyone who has similar experience with a solution? Thanks in advance Tony
  2. its version 2.1d STABLE FINAL r172 from the product info page it returns 'your basket is empty!' co.uk/shopping_cart.php?osCsid=aum3c6ricrf6cqsq1erflsgrp4 the product listing works ok
  3. configure file looks ok, forgot to mention I've had a previous version of seo urls working.
  4. Can anyone help? I've installed ultimate seo urls 2.1d which all seems fine, the re-write works ok on product listings & product info. however there is an issue when you try to 'add to basket' where it returns an empty basket. if i turn of seo urls the basket works fine. server is linux running php 5.1 Thanks