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  1. I am using OSCommerce Frozen and have the shipping's 'allow free shipping' option set to true(within order totals). I need to make the free shipping option be based off the subtotal amount rather than the total amount within the shopping cart. Is this possible? I need to have free shipping activated when the subtotal is over £118. At the moment free shipping is showing when the overall total ( including subtotal and tax) is over £99. In simple terms i want free shipping to trigger when the sub total order value is £99.
  2. Hi there, I have been given the task of updating an existing osCommerce store to Phoenix and I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good addon that will allow Ebay and Amazon integration. Need to have products syncing to our Ebay ans Amazon stores. Looked through some old post and contributions on here but there doesn't appear to anything working with Phoenix. Have looked at third party paid addons outside of this site but I'd prefer to know that somebody has had any experience using them and can recommend such an addon. Failing that I will have to go ahead with plan B and WooCommerce. I'd prefer to stay with what I know though. Thanks in advance
  3. Any particular reason why I have been removed from the Phoenix club?

    1. burt


      Inactive Member Pruning happens on a 3 monthly basis. You may get caught up in that if you don't post - it's nothing personal - just PM me and you can be re-added.

  4. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    I'd best start looking then... LoL. Thanks
  5. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Hmm.... I don't have that option. I have this one however....
  6. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    @JcMagpie Hey there mate, are you using the same version then as me? That's exactly as I'd like the paypal window to appear
  7. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Where is the paypal option? Is this in the checkout_payment page?
  8. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Paypal is working correctly in the way the cart is performing. I do have 'In-Context' flow enabled and also I did notice that this was depreciated. This led to my initial question of the version number for Paypal Express.
  9. freakystreak

    Get 1 Free

    I'm having the same issue. Is there a way to add a free product to Paypal Express?
  10. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    thanks for the quick reply. shame that the window is full as I really want to keep it within the site as much as possible. Thank you.
  11. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Hi all, I'm using v2.3.4.1 CE (FROZEN) and am using the in-built Paypal payment method, Paypal Express (ayPal App v5.018 ). Is this the latest or most up to date version of the app? Also when testing in sandbox mode, the paypal log in screen appears, full screen once you select your payment method and click continue. It does not go to the confirmation page and then ask you to go to the Paypal server. Is this correct? I would prefer to have the Paypal screen be inside a popup instead or a full screen, anyone out there who use this know if it's possible to achieve? Many thanks
  12. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Got it working... was a conflict with another add-on.
  13. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Nope, must be something conflicting. It's working on my default frozen site but not on my main site. This site is quite heavily modded too so I guess I will be busy searching through it. Great add-on.Thanks for your help.
  14. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Aha, I was just going to try that... LOL. Cheers pal
  15. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Hmmm... @JcMagpie done as you instructed but I don't get any model cart pop-up. I just get the default cart as normal. I have even tried it on a default install of Frozen in case there was a conflict.. Maybe it's me. Will try re-installing it. Just to clarify copy the files minus the 'Hooks' section then use the supplied template file?