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  1. Thanks Doug, is Mandril hard to setup?
  2. Hmmmm... I guess that's a no then? LOL. Please, pretty please, anyone ever managed to accomplish this?
  3. Hi guys (and gals), Is it possible to send oscommerce emails from outside of oscommerce? I basically wish to send my emails from a different ip than my main sever. We are lucky to have 2 linux servers so I want to be able to send our newsletters, promotions for the server that is NOT hosting our main website. Is this possible? If so, any ideas on how to set it up? Cheers
  4. Ok fair enough. Was something I needed but I guess I'll have to try and code my own..
  5. Ah bugger... Any chance of adding it? ;) or is the code available anywhere so I take a look? Pretty please....
  6. Cheers, was it ever released as an add on do you know?
  7. Was this ever completed and added as a contribution?
  8. I'm looking to create a custom order total module and was wondering if I could use the ot_total.php as a base and build on that. I want to create a customer credit feature, something I'm surprised is not already built in. I want to give the customer the option to use all or part of their store credit which I plan to store in a database table. Obviously it would require I deduct that credit ammount from the overall total and that's why I figure I need a new order _total file. Has anyone done this?
  9. Many thanks pal. I did use some osC functions so I will recreate my 404 page without any.
  10. Hi, having a little difficulty in getting my not found urls to go where I want them. Ok, in the admin I have set the not found url method to equal '404 include page' and set the page for any 404 errors toa custom page. When I try and use this I just get a blank page. I've tried resetting the alias cache file but it's not working. Previously any unfound page went to the index.php page but I'm getting complaints from Google that I'm not using a 404 status code hence the change I'm trying to carry out. Any ideas?
  11. I'm trying to create a custom vendor tx code to pass through to Sagely via sagely direct. I can see where this is generated in the sagely module but has anyone managed to set the tx code to be the actual order number? Would this involve including the order I'd via the orders class? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Really love this addon. But, you knew there would be a but didn't you. For some strange reason when I have SEO Friendly URLS enabled alongside 'HeaderTags SEO V 3.2.9 ( I originally had this installed) all meta tags on the product_info page disappear. Every other page leading up to that page work fine. The url is produced as expected but no meta tags. Any thoughts on this? I have tried to remove HeaderTags SEO but it caused all kinds of problems on my store. Thanks and keep up the good work..
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to fix open_basedir restriction but this caused a 500 server error. I can confirm that the SEO Friendly URLS configurations are indeed installed. As I pointed out, the add-on works, it's just the apparent long time it takes to render/load the page. URLs are working as expected.
  14. Tried re-installing your add on and found I get these errors when I try to navigate to a category page for the first time.If I refresh the page the errors clear, the configuration data is added to the tables and the urls do work, it's just that it takes around 1-2 minutes for the page to load onse the add-on is enabled in the admin. I suspect it's something to do with the class file. Hope this helps: Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS_STATUS in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php on line 791 Warning: is_dir() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/..) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/:/tmp/) in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php on line 916 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php:791) in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php on line 814
  15. Thats great. I will await your next version before fiddling too much. I try your add on on a fresh, clean install and it worked fine. Maybe there's a conflict somewhere. Thanks for the reply...