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  1. freakystreak

    When to expect osCommerce v4 release

    Best wishes and thoughts to those in Ukraine. We stand together.
  2. I am currently going through the process of moving an OSCommerce 2.3.4 website from a php 5 server to a PHP 7.4 server. Boss wants it doing even though ideally it should be written with a newer version of OSC. Nearly finished updating and now going through the checkout pages. Having an issue on checkout_process.php. The order process is fine until I click confirm order and then I get this error: 1364 - Field 'Sp_Status' doesn't have a default value insert into orders_status_history (orders_id, orders_status_id, date_added, customer_notified, comments) values ('464786', '1', now(), '1', '') A bit more information: The live website uses Sage-Pay as a payment module so I thought I would use the standard pay on delivery module as a test to see if the checkout is working and then I can clear any errors with Sage-Pay once I go live. Having looked at the above error, I think I understand it to mean the query can't insert the field 'Sp_Status' as there is no value given for it. I tried looking for any reference for the field and values needed but I can't find any. I've also tried setting a default value in the table but it still doesn't fix the issue. Any ideas on what may be causing this? This appears to be the only issue I'm having (fingers crossed). Thanks.
  3. freakystreak

    Paid Apps

    I expect there is to be paid apps for V4 but do you have any details of price structures? Or maybe this will be based on the app/addon itself? Also, is there an eta on the list of features that will come 'out-of-the-box' ?
  4. freakystreak

    New management and osCommerce v4

    How easy will it be to modify or add some custom code? Some features I've created over the years are independant to the website's needs and might not be something that is useful to another user. Or there may not be an add-on available.
  5. freakystreak

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thank you @osCommerce-Official. This is very exciting indeed. Will this new iteration of our beloved OSCommerce be similar in features to that of Magento? There has always been some features lacking in past versions of OSC that should be in the initial out of the box download. Can't wait to see what is planned. Also, will apps/Addons need to be added manually or will there be an install process, say like Wordpress?
  6. freakystreak

    Multiple Sales Channels

    When you say additional apps or add-ons will be needed to enable Ebay and Amazon integration, will you be creating these add-ons?
  7. freakystreak

    Marketing features

    Will this new version have X-Sell built in? Related products is a great way to increase sales.
  8. Cheers, Jack. Really sorry for the late reply. Much appreciated.
  9. I am using OSCommerce Frozen and have the shipping's 'allow free shipping' option set to true(within order totals). I need to make the free shipping option be based off the subtotal amount rather than the total amount within the shopping cart. Is this possible? I need to have free shipping activated when the subtotal is over £118. At the moment free shipping is showing when the overall total ( including subtotal and tax) is over £99. In simple terms i want free shipping to trigger when the sub total order value is £99.
  10. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    I'd best start looking then... LoL. Thanks
  11. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Hmm.... I don't have that option. I have this one however....
  12. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    @JcMagpie Hey there mate, are you using the same version then as me? That's exactly as I'd like the paypal window to appear
  13. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Where is the paypal option? Is this in the checkout_payment page?
  14. freakystreak

    Latest PayPal Version

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Paypal is working correctly in the way the cart is performing. I do have 'In-Context' flow enabled and also I did notice that this was depreciated. This led to my initial question of the version number for Paypal Express.
  15. freakystreak

    Get 1 Free

    I'm having the same issue. Is there a way to add a free product to Paypal Express?