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  1. freakystreak

    Theme Import

    Hmmm... I know that the wiki gives information with screenshots but even that is different to the actual admin included in the first release. It's a nightmare to arrange menus how you want them. I want a mega menu and there is indeed a post on another topic confirming it's possible but the screenshot provided is completely different and I can' get the menu to appear the way I want it. We need proper documentation, a series of basic videos perhaps, (youtube) to just get acquainted with the way things work and give an idea of what can be achieved. This isn't a complaint or moan but a cry for help. I'm sure I'm not the only person struggling in getting to grips with OSCv4.
  2. freakystreak

    Session problem

    Site hosted on a cloud server.
  3. freakystreak

    Session problem

    Just adding some test products and whenever I try to add a product image I get an error 'Your session expired'. Doesn't matter if I browse or drag and drop the image. Any ideas?
  4. freakystreak

    Theme Import

    Thanks Ivan. I did look at the wiki but still think maybe a nice simple follow along creating a new theme would help enormously.
  5. freakystreak

    Theme Import

    I have been trying to get my head around the theme design and I'm lost. I've tried to create one from scratch but I think you should have a detailed tutorial on offer to help those like myself. Incidentally, I have deleted some of the themes built in, how do I get them back? Can I import them back in?
  6. freakystreak

    Theme / customize / widgets group error

    I get the same error
  7. freakystreak

    301 redirects and writing to .htaccess

    Sorry, I'll try to explain better... The addon creates the alias but I have to reset the cache through the app. This does indeed change the URL but if there is a listing on Google then Google willl use the old URL rather than the new alias. So, for example I want to have the URL as /my-product.html but my Google listing has /this-is-my-product.html. Unless I manually change my .htaccess file with a 301 redict, then google will class the page /my-product.html as a 404-page cannot be found. What I would like is a way for the 301 redirect to be automatically added to my .htaccess file, so I don't need to manually add redirects. Hope this makes more sense.
  8. Not sure if this can be done but.... what I would like to achieve is have Redirect 301 addresses in my .htaccess file updated automatically. I currently use the SEO friendly Urls Pro app and while it does a great job changing the urls, i still have to manually update my .htaccess file with a 301 redirect for the changes to take full effect. Tried to find any way of creating this method but as yet not seen anything that would work. Is this possible?
  9. freakystreak

    SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    What does the '301 Permanent Redirect' option actually do? Is it supposed to write to the .htaccess file?
  10. freakystreak

    SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Hello all, just a quick question. Is it possible to change the url of a product from: https://mysite.com/abk10-advent-black-compatible-inkjet-cartridge.html to: https://mysite.com/abk10.html. I just want the model number in the url and not the product name. Been looking through trying to find out where the url is generated from but can't find anything that helps. I understand that this is quite old now but my website ( -Frozen) is working well otherwise and I am using the PRO version of the app.
  11. freakystreak

    When to expect osCommerce v4 release

    Best wishes and thoughts to those in Ukraine. We stand together.
  12. freakystreak

    Paid Apps

    I expect there is to be paid apps for V4 but do you have any details of price structures? Or maybe this will be based on the app/addon itself? Also, is there an eta on the list of features that will come 'out-of-the-box' ?
  13. freakystreak

    New management and osCommerce v4

    How easy will it be to modify or add some custom code? Some features I've created over the years are independant to the website's needs and might not be something that is useful to another user. Or there may not be an add-on available.
  14. freakystreak

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thank you @osCommerce-Official. This is very exciting indeed. Will this new iteration of our beloved OSCommerce be similar in features to that of Magento? There has always been some features lacking in past versions of OSC that should be in the initial out of the box download. Can't wait to see what is planned. Also, will apps/Addons need to be added manually or will there be an install process, say like Wordpress?
  15. freakystreak

    Multiple Sales Channels

    When you say additional apps or add-ons will be needed to enable Ebay and Amazon integration, will you be creating these add-ons?