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  1. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Got it working... was a conflict with another add-on.
  2. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Nope, must be something conflicting. It's working on my default frozen site but not on my main site. This site is quite heavily modded too so I guess I will be busy searching through it. Great add-on.Thanks for your help.
  3. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Aha, I was just going to try that... LOL. Cheers pal
  4. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    Hmmm... @JcMagpie done as you instructed but I don't get any model cart pop-up. I just get the default cart as normal. I have even tried it on a default install of Frozen in case there was a conflict.. Maybe it's me. Will try re-installing it. Just to clarify copy the files minus the 'Hooks' section then use the supplied template file?
  5. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    @JcMagpie, brilliant!! I will definately add this. Thanks for taking the time to check things
  6. freakystreak

    Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1

    would this work on Frozen or is it able to be adapted?
  7. freakystreak

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    @raiwa having bought your pro version earlier today I have just tried to upgrade from Version 3.0.3 Lite to Version 3.2 PRO. I've searched through your 'Update' document supplied but nowhere in that does it say how to update from Lite to PRO. Plenty of instructions to upgrade a PRO version, do I follow upgrading from 3.0.3 to 3.2? Is that the right way of doing it? Am I missing something? If I am or misread then I'm deeply sorry. Also, how many wholesale groups can you have? Is there a limit? Thanks.
  8. freakystreak

    Product Extra Field

    Hi Eddy, @Moxamint would I be able to have a set of those files if I ask nicely via PM? I'm trying to incorporate the extra products filed add on into CE Frozen
  9. right I see. So just to clarify, it will display 4 items even though there is only one special offer? At the moment there is one special offer being repeated 4 times. It's no problem if I have 4 specials. Sorry I'm not explaining myself very well am I?
  10. Sorry, I didn't explain that well. Currently I have 1 special offer and the same offer is repeated 4 times. I have turned off 'auto-play'. I just need it to display the correct amount of specials. Thanks
  11. ok, thanks for replying quickly. Is there any way to stop it repeating if there is just one product as a special?
  12. @JcMagpie got your excellent add-on to work perfectly and thanks for you help and advice. What I do notice is if you have only a small number of items on special, the products get repeated. At the moment I have 1 product on special and it's repeated across all 4 slots. Is there a way to limit the products that display so as not to repeat?
  13. freakystreak

    Get 1 Free

    @raiwa, @Tsimi problem sorted. Because Frozen is modular then I had to re-follow the install instructions as I had placed the main class in the wrong file. My bad... Thanks for the quick reply @raiwa.
  14. freakystreak

    Get 1 Free

    @raiwa thank you for noticing that. If you remember I was having an issue with the products not stacking which I fixed by using just the default product_listing. This obviously is a connected issue with this add on. You've given me an idea as to what to look for now. Thanks again, sorry I confused things there. That's another drink I owe you....