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  1. Hi, might be a dumb question, but how do you make it so when someone buys a gift voucher it doesnt ask them to choose a shipping amount. I use the UPS XML shipping module. Thanks and great MOD!
  2. prolifix


    running 1.09 on MS2, one problem is when viewing or creating a banner the image comes up broken, yet the link works fine. Is this a permission problem?
  3. try removing the 'tep' so it's just array_merge
  4. Running this mod on MS2, everything seems to work except the options under the admin section don't show up at all. I checked the required addition to application_top.php. The mod works without seeing those options, but I suppose they are important. Any ideas?
  5. prolifix

    [CONTRIBUTION] Wishlist-update_MS1

    Actually I forgot to mention that is was after adding your change there is when this problem started..before that I was getting the other SQL error. Are you running this on a MS2 site? it seems to be cause me lots of errors.
  6. prolifix

    [CONTRIBUTION] Wishlist-update_MS1

    Actually if I try and add a product to the cart from anywhere I get that error... :(
  7. prolifix

    [CONTRIBUTION] Wishlist-update_MS1

    Getting this error when trying to add an item to the cart from product_info 1146 - Table 'catalog.TABLE_WISHLIST' doesn't exist delete from TABLE_WISHLIST WHERE customers_id=2 AND products_id=21 [TEP STOP] running on MS2 using the new product_info.php file any ideas? THANKS!
  8. prolifix


    Is it possible to get the affiliate box to appear only when logged into the affiliate system? sorry if this is a little off topic.. Thanks
  9. right, sorry for the confusion. For some strange reason the tick box to redeem vouchers now appears..I have no idea why it just started working, but I'll leave it alone :lol: My second problem still exists, also if I leave the voucher sort order at 740 it will show on the checkout confirmation page after the total and not deduct the price. If I change the sort order it stops working. Like I said before the coupon module works fine and gets deducted from the order total, but my payment gateway will process the original price instead.
  10. I'm having a few problems on my new MS2 install. My first problem is when someone redeems a gift voucher from an email, it shows up in the shopping cart but there is no checkbox button during the checkout process, I checked to make sure the module is installed and left the sort order at 740. My Second problem is when entering a coupon code the amount is deducted properly and confirmation email shows proper deduction, but my payment gateway still processes full price. I'm using a custom payment module I made for my gateway, but it's programmed to send the total from the final total field, which is displayed correctly. The second problem could still be a bug in my module, any help on the first problem would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. prolifix

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi, just tried running your mod on a MS2 shop, seems to run fine except I get a couple of warnings on the admin page. in packaging I see: Warning: Failed opening 'includes/classes/htaccess.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/packaging.php on line 59 at the top of the page, and then when creating a new package, I see: Warning: Missing argument 1 for shownewpackageform() in /var/www/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/packaging.php on line 201 also at the top of the box. I know there is no htaccess.php anymore, but as far as I can tell the mod works fine. Will these warnings cause any serious problems? Thanks
  12. prolifix


    snowman...uhhh ohhh :shock:
  13. prolifix


    I installed oscaffiliate on my late may snapshot (may 31'st I belive?) The install when fine and I even thought the addin was running fine, but when I'm logged in as an affiliate, the payment report, clickthrough report and sales report links return an error "1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near ') as total ' at line 1 select count() as total [TEP STOP]" Is this due to an incompatible version of oscommerce? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks