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  1. VadymG

    Feedback to site

    hi Lars, Is it me or the site is mostly designed for mobile screens? It looks a bit odd on my laptop.
  2. Harald,


    I hope you're well. I have not heard back from you, and am unable to set up our partner page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.


    Kind regards,



  3. VadymG

    Checkout by Amazon migration from SOAP to MWS

    You're welcome, Geoff!
  4. Hi Soeb, We have responded via email and also copied Amazon Payments team on it. Please do let us know should you require any further assistance! Kind regards, Vadym
  5. We have just submitted a newly developed Checkout by Amazon payment module for osCommerce v. 2.2 and 2.3.1. to the Contributions section of osCommerce.com Please feel free to download the contribution and use it to take payments via your Checkout by Amazon account. The Amazon Payments module for osCommerce has been developed by Holbi (DataLink UK Ltd) and fully tested by the Amazon Payments team. The module is easy to install and configure as per the installation guides (see the Readme file). Merchants require to have an Amazon Payments account to use the module, and can sign up for an account here: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/on-board/workflow/Registration/login.html?passthrough%2Fsource=internal-landing-select&passthrough%2F*entries*=0&passthrough%2FmarketplaceID=A2WQPBGJ59HSXT&passthrough%2FsuperSource=OAR&passthrough%2F*Version*=1&passthrough%2Fld=ELUKCBAholbi0712&passthrough%2Faccount=cba&passthrough%2FwaiveFee=1 Checkout by Amazon -from Amazon Payments- is a complete checkout and payments service for e-commerce retailers. You can enable millions of Amazon customers to use payment and delivery information in their Amazon accounts to buy safely and conveniently, without leaving your website. Learn more about Amazon payments here: https://payments.amazon.co.uk/business/?ld=ELUKCBAholbi0712 Feel free to contact Holbi using this osCommerce forums should you have any comments or questions.
  6. VadymG

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hi All, The latest versions of the CBA for osCommerce 2.2 and 2.3.1. will be posted into the Contribution section soon. All the very best, Vadym
  7. Hi Jerry! Thanks for your comments! We are going to implement full support for different customer groups, including individual prices, discounts, tax options. I hope it will be provided in about a month or so. Documentation - we are working on it :) We have described several features already, and our technical writers are working hard to provide descriptions of everything we have put into XProjectX for osCommerce. You can access the documentation online at http://www.xprojectx.com/wiki/index.php/XprojectX_Wiki Kind regards, Vadym
  8. How to install XProjectX Beta rc 1 Business Management Plugin for osCommerce v. 2.3.x: Copy the "adminxpx" folder to be at the same level where the "admin" folder of your osCommerce installation is located. Make sure the following list of files and folders are writable+readable: adminxpx/.htaccess adminxpx/index.php adminxpx/application/config/tiny_mce.ini adminxpx/application/config/app.ini adminxpx/cache adminxpx/cache/smarty_c You can run "chmod.sh" before the installation to change file/folder permissions at once. To start the installation navigate to the www.[pathtoyourdomain.com]/adminxpx/install and follow the installation instructions. After the installation is complete remove the "install" folder and run "chmod_after_install.sh" to revert file permissions back to where they were. Enjoy your XProjectX experience!
  9. XProjectX Beta rc 1 is now available! We have tried to submit the source files to the Contributions section of osCommerce.com web site, but it didn't work because of the file size (12mb). You can download the source file from http://www.xprojectx.com/files/adminxpx.zip but we would be delighted to actually submit XProjectX as a contribution if it is technically possible. As promised in the past this is an open source plug in for osCommerce 2.3.x. The archive contains the XProjectX plug in itself and supporting libraries (smarty, zend, etc). We have implemented a special installation wizard that can be found in the /install sub-folder. The wizard installs the XProjectX files and connects to the osCommerce database. Please NOTE: this is not even a full Beta version as such, but its first release candidate. This version should NOT be used or linked to live working osCommerce web sites. This version should ONLY be used for testing and demonstration purposes. You are welcome to submit your ideas or bug reports to this forum or PM them to me. We keep working on the next version of XProjectX for osCommerce and look forward to hearing from you! P.S. Installation instructions will be posted into this forum in the next several minutes.
  10. Thanks Gord! I do not think it will be implemented as a part of the core osCommerce code as it is developed directly by the osCommerce development team. But our plugin is compatible with 2.3 and will be with further versions too. We've got the Beta version rc 1 ready, going to upload some source code before next Wednesday. Kind regards, Vadym
  11. Yes, this plugin will be free, and as soon as we reach the Beta version stage it will be uploaded as an open source osCommerce contribution. There will be the so called "enterprise" version, of course, but all the core features that we talk about on this forum will be available in the free version to the full extent. All versions will be open source PHP. Kind regards, Vadym
  12. We have updated the Alpha version of our Business Management Plugin for osCommerce with some essential fixes. Link to the front end: http://www.xprojectx.com/demo/ Link to the back end: http://www.xprojectx.com/demo/admin/ Please note: the demo is not available for download and is hosted on one of the staging servers. Beta version will be available for download and will be submitted into the Add ons / Contributions section of osCommerce.com. Please submit all comments and questions into http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/368198-business-management-plugin-for-oscommerce/ Kind regards, Vadym
  13. I'm happy to announce the release of the Alpha version (demo) of XProjectX - Business Management Plugin for osCommerce. The demo is not available for download, but is hosted on one of our servers (Beta version will be available for download and will be submitted into the Add ons / Contributions section of osCommerce.com). Link to the front end: http://www.xprojectx.com/demo/ Link to the back end: http://www.xprojectx.com/demo/admin/ All comments and questions will be answered in this forum. Happy looking and testing! Kind regards, Vadym
  14. Online demo of the Alpha version of the new osCommerce plugin will be available in less than a week!
  15. I will continue posting screenshots of the current version until the first demo is available in the beginning of February. It will be possible to see how XProjectX links to osCommerce and try most of the functions we promised to deliver earlier. Here is how the order list screen will look like: This is how the order / quote screen will look like (see it has many additional tabs too): Finally for today, this is how the Delivery address tab of the Order screen will look like (it is possible to get Google Maps opened with the specified post code): That's all for today, more updates coming soon! Best regards, Vadym