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  1. Hi again, I have figured this out, I just needed to add this line in the easypopulate.php file: $filelayout['v_manufacturers_name'] = $iii++; just after this line: case 'froogle': // this is going to be a little interesting because we need // a way to map from internal names to external names // // Before it didn't matter, but with froogle needing particular headers, // The file layout is dynamically made depending on the number of languages $iii = 0; $filelayout = array(); Then I get something like this: Sandisk,"722","66.51","http://www.domain.com/product_info.php?products_id=27","126", But I need: Sandisk,722;66.51;http://www.domain.com/product_info.php?products_id=27;126; Does anyone know how to get this formating in CSV? shasidi
  2. Hi all, After searching in the forum for an hour I have decided to write here. I have successfully installed the contribution and it works fine. Basically I would like to use Export EP to Froogle products file feature. But since I am using this not for Froogle but for www.edbpriser.dk, another provider similar to Froogle, I need to create a csv file which is a slightly different than Froogle file: manufacturer_name,product_id;price;merchant_code;link;quantity;delivery_time;shipping_cost; In Froogle file there is no field for manufacturer_name, so if I could add this field to froogle export file then I would figure out the rest. Any help is appreciated, shasidi
  3. shasidi

    Wanted! Tag cloud Contiribution

    Thanks for your help, I think I am looking for this contribution. So I will test it right now.
  4. Dear All, I have seen in some shopping comparison sites tag clouds implemented. For example here in the bottom. So I have searched in the contributions but did not find anything like this. Is it possible to develop such a contribution for Oscommerce? Thanks for reply's Shakhboz