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  1. leec

    install payment module

    Ahh hell this things a week old. Oh well guess ill find another shopping cart that I can support.
  2. leec

    install payment module

    So has anyone found out how to get this working yet?
  3. leec

    Searchd But No Answer

    just state based like ohio, newyork, new jersey, and delaware would be zone 4 @ 12% shipping of the order total and utah, oregon, washington, nevada and california would be zone 2 @ 7% shipping of the total order
  4. leec

    Searchd But No Answer

    Wow hard to believe no one wants to make money.
  5. leec

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Any chance on adding a percentage rate to this? IE product is shipped to zone 4 @25% of the total
  6. leec

    Searchd But No Answer

    that only has lbs not percentage. And the zones are only countries. im using 2.2 MS1
  7. leec

    Searchd But No Answer

    well evidently there isnt none. So how much will it cost to get it made? if anyone is in interested
  8. Does anyone know of a shipping contribution that works in this way? Order Amt $250.00***$55.00 Thank you for reading and responding