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  1. thierryc

    [Contribution] Mass Attributes v.01

    hello there is there a Mass Attributes for osc 2.3.4? thank you in advance for the information soon thierry
  2. Hello I try to make a change on a meta in the current meta, it displays the image link 100x80 I would like to change the information to display the link to the image that is in (products_images / image /) instead of the one in (product / products_image /) I tried several changes, but I can not, I have found no information on the net or the forum to make this change assistance would be welcome thanking you in advance soon thierry
  3. hello when I export (Create Froogle .csv) I have no link, with image_link is good against the problem can come from it rewrite seo? thank you for help bye
  4. hello I did the patch I have a blank page osc 2.3.4 I still have not created thank you for help bye
  5. thierryc

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    hello thank you for the answer soon thierry
  6. thierryc

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I have a problem in the sitemapproducts.xml file my url is not rewrite one have you idea of problem I have ultimate_seo_urls5, oscommerce 2.3.4 I problem did not succeed in toruver, it is not easy because my English is very weak thank you in advance for help
  7. hello I have just seen that there is a topic to devote to easypopulate , I had create a request by creating another topic, therefore I am going to pose my problem here (if admin can abolish my topic which is isolated thank you in advance) I have two problems easypopulate 2.8-231 and osc 1 when I want to create an article, the file is put in the temp file, but it does not make the updating however I well make create on the contrary it makes updatings well when the article is already create in the site the second problem, when I want to make a bet has day from an existent article, if I make a comeback of line <br/>, it does not want to be brought up to date I have make the test with <Br> <br/> <br \> ' <br/> ' and ' <br/> ', but always nothing afterwards of search, I found that it is just the character> that poses problem because if I make the only <it is definitely in detailed description of l ' article, after the updating on the contrary when it there a> only, impossible to make the bet has day, the page becomes white I tried \> '> ' and '> ', it does not pass an idea of problem had you why it is just this character which poses problem thank you in advance for your help but excuses for translation if it is not good, I use an online translatorby bye thierry
  8. hello for the problem of character, I found that it is> which poses problem as soon as it y> in detailed description, not possible to make of updating on the contrary <it he passes without problem with you an idea where from problem can come? thank you in advance for help see you soon Thierry
  9. Hello I have a problem with Easy Populate 2.8-231 and osc when I make an updating of an article the updating am correct on the contrary when I want to create an article, it does not make it it downloads the file in the temp file without making the updating I have a second problem in detailed description if I point out <br> to make a comeback to the line he does not want to take me the file thank you in advance if you have a resolution either otherwise or I not much to search problem see you soon Thierry
  10. thierryc

    Imprint Text Options

    here are pictures I also have problem when I turn articles on one I have the text of both articles bye thierry
  11. thierryc

    Imprint Text Options

    Good morning, please excuse me for the writing because I do not speak English. I use a translator to write you. My problem, I installed the contribution without problem. The frame to put the text is well in the chip article, on the contrary when I come back from the text, it is not displayed in the shopping cart. On the contrary, if there is an article already in the shopping cart, the text and good in the shopping cart. I do not succeed in understanding why, if there is 1 only article in the shopping cart the text is not displayed, if there is 2 the second article shows the text well. I did again the installation, but nothing changes, I do not find why the first article in the shopping cart does not take the text. Thank you in advance for your assistant.