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    osCommerce v4 is coming with support for Multiple Design Templates and built in Template Builder. Template management doesn't require any PHP coding, and is done via the back end of the website. It is possible to create, import, and export multiple design templates. This opens ways for professional designers and developers to offer their osCommerce templates for sale in the future App Marketplace - announcements to follow. Design templates are managed and modified via the back end of osCommerce, using a special built in Designer. It is possible to edit template settings in several ways (visual editor and CSS editor). It is possible to add, move, and delete various widgets from any page of the osCommerce website. Additionally, all documents (invoices, packing slips, emails) can be edited if required. It is also possible to create copies of the existing pages. For example, there can be 2 or more product pages, and different products can be assigned different designs of the product page. Support for Responsive design is implemented, as well as an additional optional Mobile view for each template. The system allows both professional designers and end users (i.e. shop owners) change the look and feel of the osCommerce online store without going deep into the code or even without HTML knowledge. Of course designers and developers are able to modify widgets or create new widgets to extend functionality of osCommerce v4 Have any comments or questions? - please feel free to post them here. Interested in becoming a Beta tester - sign up via the Contact Us form on osCommerce.com website to be added to the list, get notified about the releases quicker, and get access to the Beta version as soon as it becomes available. Would you like to learn how to create beautiful osCommerce templates and offer them on this website to shop owners? Sign up via our Contact page. Watch this space!
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    osCommerce is under new management. We thank Harald Ponce de Leon and the historical development team, wholeheartedly, for creating osCommerce and will now work hard to develop it into a modern successful Ecommerce platform. osCommerce v4 is to be released in 2021! osCommerce will continue being open source and FREE to use. There will be an opportunity for developers and designers to offer their commercial products (apps) and services in osCommerce Shop. osCommerce v4 is about: business growth for shop owners new revenue streams for designers and developers modern, powerful, and secure Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large B2C and B2B businesses API-based integration with 3rd parties osCommerce that is easy to support, maintain, and upgrade mobile and SEO friendly platform smooth migration from osCommerce 2.x and other Ecommerce solutions Discussions on this release are welcome at the Forums, where a new section for osCommerce v4 has been created. Questions about osCommerce shall be emailed to hello@oscommerce.com Development Partners and Beta Testers are always welcome! Please sign up via our Contact Page. We will notify you when the Beta version becomes available (likely in June 2021). Development Partners - we will make preview versions available to you, please indicate your interest when signing up for the Beta Program. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for a new release of osCommerce!
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    Menu Editor

    Menu is a totally new concept in osCommerce v4 that comes built in and "out of the box". Instead of website menu being effectively a copy of the category tree in previous versions of osCommerce, in version 4 we have created a totally separate entity for menus, which can be embedded into any part of any page. And so, Menus are managed from a special section of the back end: You can switch between different menus existing in the system or create a new one. It is possible to export and import menus, to move them between websites. A menu is a list of a tree of choices. Each menu item can have its own name, link (if not predefined link to one of the website's pages), and style class: So, it is possible to rename categories as they get added to the menu, or even have the same category more than once in the menu. Besides categories and brands, It is also possible to add links to website's pages (like Shopping cart, Contact, etc), to the content pages (like About, Privacy policy, etc), or to a completely random URL (custom link).
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    Menu Editor

    Ashley, when creating a design theme, it is possible to set different "breakpoints" (or widths) and have different widgets behave differently according to the screen size. It is also possible to have a special "mobile" version of the theme, which can be quite useful for some websites. This is how the same menus look on mobile phone screen: Brands, along with categories, can surely be present in the menus - please refer to the earlier message in this thread, where we wrote about how menus are created in the back end - it is possible to add links to categories, brands, system pages, content pages, and just literally any link to the menus.
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    Upgrading to the latest version

    To follow-up on this and eventually help others, I was able to update to following the Github instructions here: https://github.com/heatherbellho/CE-Phoenix-Updates .. Thanks for the pointer ecartz !
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    osCommerce v4 comes fully prepared with modern on-site SEO features. 1. Page properties Every entity like product, category, landing page, website pages have editable page URL, title, description, H tags, image alts, and so on. It is possible to set templates for each type of page in the SEO settings in the back end. And it is also possible to override those settings to make granular changes to, for example, product catalog. 2. Rich text snippets describe pages in a better way for Google and other search engines 3. Pre-integration with Google tools (Analytics, Tag manager, various Trackers), where only the account code needs to be specified in the back end to complete the integration 4. osCommerce v4 allows for redirects (301) to be set for particular entities (like products, etc) or through the whole website (SEO redirects functionality) 5. XML site maps are generated automatically by the website 6. Page load speed has been optimised to pass Google Page Speed test successfully SEO functionality comes "out of the box" and will be included into osCommerce v4 FREE and open source version. Watch this space, more updates to follow!
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    Vanilla osCommerce

    Vanilla osCommerce this fork osCommerce v2.3.5 https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce Demo: https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/ Changelog: https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md Minimal core changes. No changes in code architecture and structure, just modularized and hook. Full compatibility of add-ons with Marketplace. Never worry about speed again. Code Added Composer Default used character set utf8mb4 SMTP send email with Swift Mailer (tep_mail wrap swiftmailer) Removed wrapper tep_not_null, tep_session_is_register, tep_session_unregister Security Support SSL used default Username and password recheck bypassed #658 Allows to execute several file types #631 SEO Optimization Correct HTTP status code 404 New Header Tags module Open Graph, Rich Snippets, Twitter Product Card Modularized the XML sitemap (products, categories, manufacturers, product images) Removed native search engine friendly urls Design Front-end based on Bootstrap 5 and use mobile-friendly template. Changed the structure of folders with images and added control over images. Removed all right and left boxing. Removed jQuery in front-end. Back-end without changes. Add add-ons PHP log errors Cookie notice and compliance for GDPR/CCPA Menu Sorting Products (modularized) Information Pages Recently Viewed Products New Reviews system Wishlist system Box Product Filter (modularized) Added Spanish language New layout modules Footer, Header (modularized) New content modules Index, Product Info (modularized) Removed Whos Online Banner system
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    Many users of this forum asked if osCommerce v4 will be free. And in this post, besides explaining how on-site SEO will work, we have yet again emphasised that osCommerce v4 will be free and open source.
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    Yes, of course, there's a fully working order editor in place. Will be posting more info about it on this forum
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    Ashley, thanks for your comments! Sure, this will be updated along with other parts of the website and forum. We believe it was mentioned previously, but still, older versions of osCommerce and add-ons will be available for enough time that is required for shop owners to move to the new version. We do not plan on closing access to those on the website or to corresponding sections on this forum. At the end of the day there are some 55,000 websites out there using osCommerce and we will not want for them to be pushed or rushed to upgrade as such. At the same time, we would very much welcome when they do choose to upgrade, as it will be: a) beneficial for the shop owners b) create good business opportunities for developers - members of this Community This Forum will not tolerate disrespect. Support - users of this Forum are welcome to support each other as such, however those businesses that require professional reliable support will be encourage to hire a developer (osCommerce development partner for example) to offer such support according to terms of their contract / service level agreement. We believe that people shall have a choice, and that osCommerce will benefit from offering such choice to its users. Thank you very much!
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    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Add-On or Plug-In. There are other free and opensource projects that use these names for extensions so i would call them that. Also "contribution" would be a fine description for the free extensions like in the past.
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    New management and osCommerce v4

    Phoenix is an osCommerce FORK. Whoever wants to use it should do it. I've always been of the opinion that osCommerce is also osCommerce. In my opinion, everything that is not osCommerce should be removed from this forum to avoid confusion. Addons that are not compatible with osCommerce are also a danger for pure osCommerce software. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to the return of the king.
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    Than you, Valquiria! That is EXACTLY our intentions. We were sad to see all the missed opportunities for osCommerce and its Community, and are very happy that now we will be able to start fixing the situation and improving it, both for the platform and for the shop owners, designers, and developers of osCommerce. Agreed. Please kindly note this account is to be used for "official" communication mostly. It is currently operated by Vadym Gurevych, you can "google" the name. But it is likely that it will be operated by different members of our team in the future. We are not going to eliminate anything as such, at least such plans do not exist at the moment. V2 and CE(s) content on the Forum will be left intact. We hope that more and more users will switch to v4 because it will be: better more powerful more modern easier to manage etc However we recognise that there will be cases when people will want to keep using V2 or CE(s) for a bit longer - and we are going to respect that. There's not going to be anything forced upon users and developers of osCommerce. V2 and CE(s) apps will stay for the foreseeableble future, at least until we see no more interest in them from the osCommerce community. The only thing that may change is the URL, that is if we decide to call them "apps" in the new version. V4 apps will be made available in the new App store. We hope the development and design partners of osCommerce will find it very beneficial for them to create apps and offer them, for free or at a price, in the new App store. We fully recognise the benefit of having a strong community, and want to offer community members various opportunities to not only contribute to the platform but earn a fair fee doing it. It will be very beneficial for shop owners as well - for a business, supported solutions are almost always better than non-supported. Keep them for the foreseeable time. Agreed. But it is not just about "like" or "not like". It is about common sense and convenience for osCommerce users of all types. Thank you very much! We will be happy to know you and everyone else as a development partner or osCommerce store owner - in either capacity. If you "google" "osCommerce" as Google Trend, you will see a very painful picture. We are here to change that trend!
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    New management and osCommerce v4

    Honestly. It is time for osCommerce to rise again
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    Header Tags SEO

    The changes in Phoenix will sometimes change the code to where it is no longer recognized by the code in addons. For example, a function may be moved to a class so the code in the addon can't find the function any longer. There's no way for developers to plan for this so we just have to react after the fact. But as soon as we upload a new version of the addon, the code in Phoenix changes and breaks the addon again. Testing the addon with the new version of Phoenix, identifying the new problems, fixing the code and then uploading the new version of an addon is not a small job so upgrading can't be done for every version of Phoenix. Unfortunately, there's just no way around it.
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    Upgrading to the latest version

    I hope that's not the the entire community, as it is a small exclusive group that, from what I've read automatically drops people after a couple of months. I know.. Still, to me Phoenix is a much needed visual update of osCommerce with PHP 7 support, rather than a different product. The file structure is the same, database is largely the same, etc. I could be wrong, that's just my own lowly opinion, whatever that's worth. You are right, it is not restricted, just not readily available here. I couldn't find any upgrade information on this site/forum, and it seemed odd to me, hence I was just trying to give feedback, maybe even help others that may find themselves in my situation. In any case, I am sorry if my post irritated anyone, especially people that contribute their time and expertise to this product. It wasn't my intention at all.
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    Upgrading to the latest version

    I did apply to the Phoenix Club yesterday before I posted here, I just haven't received a response yet. I do appreciate the work that has been done to update osCommerce. Still, restricting simple upgrade instructions to those 700 members seems counterintuitive to growing the osCommerce/Phoenix community imho.
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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    In the following functions are deprecated in admin: tep_session_id tep_session_name tep_session_register tep_session_is_registered tep_session_unregister It seems to be working with fixes for admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerSessionFunctions.inc.php included in the zip. fixes.for.
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    osCommerce v4 will support multiple languages and multiple currencies. Currencies are managed in the back end, under Settings / Localization / Currencies Similar to how it was implemented in previous versions of osCommerce, it is possible to add new or manage existing currencies and set: - currency symbol (left and / or right) - decimal and thousand separator - decimal digits - the exchange rate against the default currency Exchange rate can be updated manually or automatically (via Oanda). HOWEVER, in osCommerce v4 there exists a new feature called Marketing Prices! Marketing prices feature, when enabled (disabled by default), allows setting up custom product price in each currency. So, one and the same product can be $9.99, £8.99, and €9.95 not depending on the actual exchange rate! More than that, with Marketing prices comes another wonderful solution called Rounding, something our Swiss customers, for example, will surely appreciate. Rounding allows to set how marketing prices shall be rounded in the chosen currency, or how they should all be transformed. There exists an option to round all prices in the selected currency to 0.05 - meaning that 2.21 CHF will turn into 2.20 CHF and 19.93 CHF - into 19.95 CHF. Also to 0.10, or 0.00. There exists an option to set all decimals in all prices to 0.00, or 0.99, or 0.95.
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    Payment methods

    It makes perfect sense when shipping depends on the method of payment. For example, for cash on delivery not all shipments are available...etc
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    Shipping methods

    It's better to have the shipping inside Marketplace / add on .. as you want. It's very specific and it's in relation to the country. Also, the new v4 developer does not make all the shipping in all the country. Just the basic is enough after ti will inside the hand of the community.
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    New management and osCommerce v4

    Being truly open, discussions and source codes likewise, I believe v4 will bring back more of the existing 353413 members back online, and add more new members too. osC glorious past will soon return! 😀
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    @domiosc Vicent, thanks for your post. We strongly believe in osCommerce, and its community, hence we have acquired osCommerce from the previous owner and are working very hard to launch the new version and additional facilities and services later on. As it was stated in the original post, and in all the comments above, osCommerce v4 will be OPEN SOURCE and FREE. It will come with a great deal of features, immediately skyrocketing it to 2021 from pretty much previous millennia. After v4 is out and available to the public, we will be working on a number of other very important tasks, like launching the App store, setting up proper support and documentation, providing development partners with means and facilities to offer their solutions and services to osCommerce shop owners. Our goal is to make osCommerce a mainstream Ecommerce solution, and provide osCommerce community various tools to be able to find solutions and services (for shop owners) and offer such solutions and services for a fair fee (for designers, developers, consultants, accountants, you name it!). As to the ERP Ecommerce - this is EXACTLY what osCommerce v4 is about. Or rather its ERP version - this is not clear at the moment yet. There are tools to manage suppliers, warehouses, stock. There are tools to connect to various 3rd parties via the API and other means. There are tools to manage customer communications, including returns. And many more. Our goal is to find a balance between offering a modern, featured, solid Ecommerce platform AND not overcomplicating it at the same time. Please sign up to become a Beta tester via our Contact page, and we will be happy to give you a preview version once it becomes available.
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    QTPro BS

    Update uploaded: QTpro Phoenix 7.3.1 Version: 7.3.1.: Compatibility: OSCOM CE Phoenix Tested with Phoenix PHP: 7.0 - 7.4 Core changes: NONE Changes versus QTpro 7.3.0 - fixed non working attribute stock update to zero in Admin : Categories/Products : Attributes Stock Tab.Thanks to @Owl Sauron - fixed attrributes Price with Tax. Thanks to @Owl Sauron - fixed undefined errors in checkout for products without attributes. Thanks to @beerbee Changes versus QTpro 7.2.0 - updated for Phoenix - fixed glitches in admin categories hook - moved shop hooks and template files into custom template - replaced order class extension by order process sitewide hooks - merged order process hook into order process sitewide hook - replaced alternative hopping cart content module by override template - added support for PayPal Standard IPN attributes stock deduction - modernized code to match actual core standards - added back option images support
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    Header Tags SEO

    Core is always evolving and getting better, it will eventually end up in a place where everything can be done without core being affected at all. To get to that place means some "hurt" for existing addons. What we have is a small team of addon developers who are actively involved in helping Matt @ecartz and myself to "bend" the core code to better suit their addon needs, which means their addons become much easier to install. Think back to the days of 2.2 (or even 2.3) where you would see addons changing core code on lots of different pages to do something. We've massively reduced that with the help of supportive addon makers and supportive shopowners. On the flip side of that coin are the addon makers and shopowners who have zero input into the core code. If one has zero input, one should expect to have to deal with problems as they arise, rather than know upcoming problems in advance. I can summarise this as so: The core does not stand still because of addons.