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    Article Manager v1.0

    check your code in a clean code editor like notepad++ , If you are cutting and pasting code from the forum then you can have probems as the code from the form can copy badly. This is what I see from your pasted code in php sand box. As you can see extra bits have been added. These will give syntex error. With these removes no syntex error given. http://sandbox.onlinephpfunctions.com/
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    @Dnj1964 If you use a program like Notepad++, it makes it a lot easier to find un-matched divs, etc. M
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    product_info is moduler, just turn off each module one at a time to see which one is causing the problem, either width or missing div will show it self.
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    Sitemap SEO

    @valquiria23I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. This addon doesn't have anything to do with images. Maybe you meant to ask in the google sitemap thread? If you meant this one, please explain in more detail.
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    Hi, @Harald Ponce de Leon, I hope you are very well. Could you give us an updated date on this market update? Best regards, Valqui
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    JcM Adverts Header V1.0 CE BS3/4 A simple add-on that allows you to display adverts in a carousel in the header It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and setup. It is setup to allow 3 slides for display. These can be images or videos or any combination. The images and videos are defined in language file as is the caption for each slide. This allows you to be fully multilingual, so each language could if needed display different image/video as well as caption. Images and videos can be local or you can define as url. Configuration for most items is in admin. Carousel’s are not perfect on small screens so you can set which screen size to block them on in admin. You can also select which pages it will be shown on in admin. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on FROZEN CE BS3 & BS4 only. Can be seen working on the test sites https://www.jcmagpie.com/
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    @supercheaphobb Take a look at this one: https://apps.oscommerce.com/lRMLi&fix-shipping-method-description-in-order Eddy
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    Article Manager v1.0

    sorry cross posting 😂, ok best left to Jack as he will know better.
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    Article Manager v1.0

    Ok then it should save to all the tables. Manualy check in the bd is the links exist to the articles in All Articles 4 and All Topics
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    Article Manager v1.0

    It looks as if the install is bad, I can only guess from the code I see but it looks to be missing the links in the db to the articles. I'm assuming when you add articles it saves in to db the actual artical and a id to find them all. It looks as if you have added articles by copying them over and not copied the links? Not sure just a guess.
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    Article Manager v1.0

    @Dnj1964 Dreamweaver has been known to create problems with PHP bases, data-drive websites. As I mentioned to you in another thread, try using a different code editor, such as Notepad++. M
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    Product tabs/SEO issue?

    Yes you can now easily use the bootstrap tab. Now the google gives the permission for this bcause google change his alogorithm and it also don't create any issue for seo Thanks
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    Article Manager v1.0

    @Dnj1964You don't mention the version of your shop (please always do that) but I will assume Frozen since that is the only version that setting will work with. I just tried it here and it works as expected so I don't have an answer as to why it would fail. But here's a quick fix. Find this line in admin/articles.php $hts_status = (ENABLE_HEADER_TAGS_SEO != 'true' ? 'disabled="disabled" ' : ''); and add this below it if (false) .
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    😂 well we all do this when we edit code. Just have to hunt down the stray div.
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    check the width settings on your product_info page add-on's. That can mess things up is you don't set it corectly.
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    That usually happens due to an extra or missing div tag. Have you made any code changes? If not, it could be due to the product description. Add a new product without a description and see if it displays correctly or not. If it does, then the problem is in your product descriptions. If it doesn't, then some code that is only on the product page (assuming that is the only place it fails) is at fault.
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    Transactional email service

    I think we've got 2 or 3 different issues mixed together here: Excessive volume of emails (exceeding host's per-minute, per-hour, per-day caps). You need to find out from your host what the limits are. Unless they are ridiculously low, or your site is very, very busy; routine emails such as order confirmation should not be a problem. Newsletters and other such mass-mailing rates have to be low enough to not to interfere with routine emails. It's possible that you will need to use an external service to handle newsletters and other mass mailings. Newsletters and other "not necessary" communications (mass mailings) have to be explicitly "opt in", to avoid legal problems and accusations of spamming. Don't forget in every mailing to right at the top remind the reader that 1) they had signed up to receive the communication, and 2) how to easily unsubscribe (without reporting your store as a spammer). If your host (or other systems, such as Yahoo or Gmail) are flagging the content of any of your emails as spam, you will need to adjust the wording and contents to pass the spam tests. Certain words, certain phrases, an excessive number of links, etc. might have to be changed.
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    TYOP - BS4

    To run a repo for your own version of osc you don't really need to get into much more than sourcetree and putting bitbucket in the mix is an unnecessary complication. Pretty much all the courses you'll find on the net assume that the repo is your system and not a fork that keeps your project variant so they're likely to confuse as much as help. Simply create a github account (if you want to keep a full copy of your system in their cloud and keep it private you'll need to subscribe but if you strip out your config files and anything obviously hacker-useful like that then you can use a free one). Create a fork of Gary's repo on github, then set up sourcetree and clone your fork. This gets a copy of the CE version into your sourcetree on windows. Find the point on his master that you've reached with your updates and create a branch for your project. Copy your code into this branch. This records it as a set of changes to Gary's "core". When you want to do some development on your system, create a branch of your project branch and do the work in there. When it's live and stable you can merge the dev branch back into your project. Never do any changes to master or merge anything into it or you'll lose the ability to use it to catch up with Gary's. Best way to learn is to try it out... There are some more detailed discussions on the forum but they typically get distracted - I know I've helped do that in the past 😉 Happy to talk you through it on here
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    Transactional email service

    I use gmail as a backup service but it is just a backup. You should not have issues with transactional email as they should orignate from your email server. Make sure you have white listed all your customer emails. Also check with your host to find out what if any restrictions they have on the free mail service included with your hosting packege. It could be you are exceeding the limits set? Good if it's due to high buissness, you may then have to look at upgrading your hosting plan to allow for high mail usage. The other thing you have to be carfull about is sending newsletters and promotional emails from your shared server these can get you into hot water! I would allways use a proper marketing mailer for things like that, mailchump or somthig like that. Also if your on a old hosting plan it may be worth looking at some of the new cloud based shared hosting plans.
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    how to manage heaps of images

    😊 Try this will do all images. Have as many subdir.. as you like , I based on this add-on. Working fine on CE Edge. file attached as allways backup first. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=347582 categories.php
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    Product tabs/SEO issue?

    Yes, due to the recent changes in Google algorithms, tabbed content is now actively being indexed. This makes bootstraps tabs valuable assets for SEO.
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    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Frozen is a year old and I have been *begging* for help to move it on, my pleas are heard only by very few. Frozen is now out of date and is EOL. "Edge" is where my focus is and that is done in my spare time, help me to make more spare time.
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    Forum Changes

    Harald, I have said it before, and I'll say it again: You cannot leave a product unattended for more than 12 months, or the ecommerce market declares it dead. You must have a major refresh or release at least annually, to stay in the public mind as a "current" product. The official product (currently is the one that "one button" installers will pick up. That's the one that all newcomers will be using. It must be kept current. It doesn't matter if @burt's dazzling BS4 responsive PHP 7.3-ready plutonium-powered incredible edible edition is "available" on the main page -- that's not the one installers will pick. It would be best to take Frozen + patches and rebrand it as osC 2.5 (since 2.4 is already taken), and make it the official release. At least that will buy some time for a newer edition to be developed. If your work isn't ready by early 2020, Gary's BS4 edition could be 2.5.1, buying another year's grace. It's a very bad habit to not keep the current release updated, on the expectation that your work will be ready (Gold) Any Day Now -- history has shown that never happens, and these things slip for years. It doesn't matter how wonderful whatever you're working on will be -- it may well be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if it's been more than a year since the last update, it will be starting from scratch in the public marketplace. In fact, it's worse than that -- it will have to first dig itself out of the "osCommerce is dead, dead, dead" hole before it's even in the race. Please declare everything earlier than (official) to be immediate End of Life, and bar any further support discussion, except for how to migrate to the current version. and Gary's CE works should go EOL in a year or so. Let's clear the decks of all the ancient stuff, and get everyone to the new 2.5 (a.k.a. Frozen) and eventually to whatever you release. Yes, tools are needed to make migrations less painful. If this feels like a bucket of ice water poured over your head, it's meant to be. Time to wake up!
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    View Counter

    This is the support thread for View Counter. View Counter provides a way to monitor and control what's going on in your shop. If you are familiar with the Who's Online addon, then this can be thought of as Who's Online on steroids. Most shop owners are not aware of the number of search bots, crawlers and skimmers that visit their shops on a daily basis. Some are useful but most are not. All they do is use the accounts bandwidth and slow the server down. This program provides a way to see and control them. Some of its functions are: - View who's on the shop, including visitors and search bots. - View a history of the IP's that have visited and how often. - View the pages in the shop that have been visited and how many times each was visited. - View the pages in the shop that have not been visited. - Look up the DNS data for anyone on the shop. - Ban by an IP, range of IP's or a domain name. - Kick someone off the site and display a warning message. - Send someone a message that is currently on your site. - Trap IP's that do not follow the robots file directive. - Ban IP's that change the url's to cause damage (hackers). - Much more and growing. View Counter is compatible with all versions of oscommerce. I would like to extend my special thanks to Steve, aka Altoid, for the assistance he provided in testing this addon. His ability to notice things I missed, along with his valuable suggestions for improvements, resulted in a much better program than I initially had written. Thanks Steve. :)