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    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    Update Dutch/Nederlands OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.14 OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.14
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    [Tips and tricks] GTIN

    I just copied and modified the model number modules for MPAN, added a column in the databse products table and then added the input to an already admin category hook in the admin. Seems to work and if I can do it so can anyone. We dont always need things to be added into core, we can do it ourselves.
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Hello @raiwa and thanks again for your great addon. I wanted to have language specific default images. To achieve this I made the following change to kiss_it_image.php: if (defined('DEFAULT_IMAGE') && tep_not_null(DEFAULT_IMAGE) && !is_file(DIR_FS_CATALOG . $src)) { //VMN$src = DEFAULT_IMAGE; $src = 'includes/languages/' . $_SESSION['language'] . '/images/' . DEFAULT_IMAGE; } elseif ( (empty($src) || ($src == 'images/')) && (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') ) { return false; } I wonder whether you would like to include this change into a future version of the addon:).
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Uploaded: Ship In Cart Phoenix 5.3 Compatibility: OsC CE Phoenix Tested with Phoenix pre release PHP: 7.0 - 7.4 Changes Vers. 5.3: - Added optional City input required for some shipping modules. - Fixed wrong cart global to session. - tested with Phoenix and pre release.
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    only: ./includes/modules/content/shopping_cart/cm_sc_shipping.php the other language file is different, just open both and you'll see. Please use the below new version and follow the update instructions. You need to switch on state, zip and city in the settings. To show a quote on first time page load, fill in a default zip and city. The customer_id error must be addressed in the canadapost shipping module. @zipurman did it i the newest version 2.1.1. Make sure you are using that one. If all the required fields are filled in, it shows the quote without login.
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    BREXIT: shopowners in the EU selling in UK

    I would far prefer this than adding something to core. If we modify core to make it flexible, then it is entirely in your power to determine how important something is to you and how you want the store to behave. Whereas if we modify core to work in a certain way that happens to support you, it will likely break some other store owner. So I (and I think I speak for Burt as well) would very much prefer to make core flexible rather than try to use core to meet each individual need. It's more generally useful. It doesn't exclude some people to help others. And it doesn't get us bogged down in long discussions about whether or not the majority of shop owners want things to work one way or the other. Everyone wants to be the store owner for whom core caters every need. But no one wants to be the store owner left outside when we cater to someone else's needs. Note in this specific topic, there is a straight-forward way to make things work. Just apply for a VAT ID in each country to which you ship. Then there's no difference between the way you charge small and large orders. You always charge and remit VAT (sometimes to the taxing agency and sometimes to customs). Alternately, don't ship to countries where you don't have a VAT ID. Neither of those solutions requires a core change. Many stores will find that they can do one or the other (unfortunately, not shipping may often be the easier choice). I understand why store owners don't want to get VAT IDs for each country. It's extra work. But it's also extra work to create a module. If you are profiting from that module, then you should be able to pay for that extra work. If you are not profiting from the module enough to pay for extra work, then you should stop shipping to the country that is making things difficult. A simple business level solution that would be extra work for someone else: have UPS (or whatever shipper) remit the VAT. You collect it on their behalf. They take payment, along with the shipping price. And they remit to the relevant government. Note that shippers are highly incented to encourage these shipments, as they make money from them. As opposed to modifying core, which costs Burt's time (even if I make the actual modification, he still has to process it and maintain it) and profits no-one. If you can't convince a shipper to do this to get your business, why do you expect someone to do it for you for free? Note that the actual code to do this would be relatively small and trivial. What would be complicated would be making it work correctly for your needs. That's exactly what the certified developers do. You give them money and they make code that fits your needs.
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @gsmiley007, Here is the updated cm_sc_shipping.php : cm_sc_shipping.php you need to uninstall/reinstall the module. city and subtotal are now available in the shipping modules. Please try and let me know .I'll then upload tomorrow the updated package.
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @gsmiley007, @raiwa I have updated the Canada Post (2.1.1) Mod here: https://phoenixaddons.com/knowledgebase/canada-post-rest-module/ The 'city' is not required for this mod, but I have been keeping all of my shipping mods the same so it is required by others. For now, I have adjusted so the code is skipping 'city' if it is not defined. I also have it loading the $_SESSION['cart']->show_total() if the $order->info['subtotal'] is not defined. Hope that helps. Zip
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    Ultimate SEO URLS rewritter for Phoenix

    Just checked and you're right. I think it's related to another issue @marokech also found. Will investigate it to see if it's reated to core changes.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    In includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/honeypot_display.php. delete this line: return $str;
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

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    XSS & SQL Vulnerabilities

    Then there isn't a problem. The problem would be if the page displayed a separate alert box that would just say SAINT.
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    Ultimate SEO URLS rewritter for Phoenix

    App updated: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Imrlq&ultimate-seo-urls-rewritter-for-phoenix Updated to work with Phoenix from to Removed unused configuration option. Now the app can be installed/uninstalled from admin. Added x-default hreflang tag. Corrected hreflang links not using language character conversion when another language page is loaded. Corrected canonical tags for index page if force remove index.php is enabled. Navbar and box language selections can now show/hide current language.
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    reset password vulnerability

    I got the following reported: Matt @ecartz, provided the following script/hook to fix this: class hook_shop_siteWide_reset_all_sessions { public function listen_accountUpdateTables($parameters) { if (isset($parameters['db']['customers']['customers_password'])) { $sessions_query = tep_db_query("DELETE s FROM sessions s INNER JOIN whos_online wo ON s.sesskey = wo.session_id WHERE wo.customer_id = " . (int)$_SESSION['customer_id']); } } } I made the hook which should be placed in: Phoenix templates/default/includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/ Phoenix - includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/ reset_all_sessions.php Lower Phoenix and OSCommerce versions need to add the query to account_password.php line 49-50. So it should look like this: if (tep_validate_password($password_current, $check_customer['customers_password'])) { tep_db_query("update customers set customers_password = '" . tep_encrypt_password($password_new) . "' where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); tep_db_query("update customers_info set customers_info_date_account_last_modified = now() where customers_info_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); // session destroy on password reset tep_db_query("DELETE s FROM sessions s INNER JOIN whos_online wo ON s.sesskey = wo.session_id WHERE wo.customer_id = " . (int)$customer_id ); $messageStack->add_session('account', SUCCESS_PASSWORD_UPDATED, 'success'); tep_redirect(tep_href_link('account.php', '', 'SSL')); Matt asked me to publish this here so other users can test it before adding it to core. It is already in use in one live store. Please test and report back.
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    Templates are now in Phoenix stream

    Was about to suggest myself, although would need some help/proofreading from someone native in english (and obviously more knowledge of the software first). But since there already is a wiki, I guess I have to re-evaluate the need of it.
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    Jssor Slider

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added code to delay javascript to make it compatible with Phoenix. Changed code to be compatible with the new advert system (Phoenix only). Changed code to allow text to be shown on the banners. Moved the jssor images to the correct location to match the code.
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    [Tips and tricks] GTIN

    Told yah!