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    Grid List - Cookie

    Grid List is remembered via Cookie. This means loading in this file; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/ext/jquery/cookie.js It's not a big file, but it can be got rid of as so; Change these two lines: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/modules/header_tags/ht_grid_list_view.php#L46-L47 To: $grid_list_js = <<<EOD <script>$(function() { var cc = localStorage['list_grid']; if (cc == 'list') { $('#products .item').removeClass('grid-group-item').addClass('list-group-item'); } else { $('#products .item').removeClass('list-group-item').addClass('grid-group-item'); } $(document).ready(function() { $('#list').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('#products .item').addClass('list-group-item').removeClass('grid-group-item'); localStorage['list_grid'] = 'list'; }); $('#grid').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('#products .item').removeClass('list-group-item').addClass('grid-group-item'); localStorage['list_grid'] = 'grid'; });});});</script> EOD; $oscTemplate->addBlock($grid_list_js . PHP_EOL, $this->group); Save file and upload. You should see no change at all in functionality. HOwever your site is now loading faster as it does not have to load the cookie.js file. Thoughts and Feedback appreciated. And code changes. Etc and so on. Pitch in.
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    I have removed your Admin URL (which you managed to post 5 times!). Stock levels work on products_quantity, ensure the product you are looking at has stock = zero.
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    Ive got a suprise coming

    Support forum created at:
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    Grid List - Cookie

    @burt Because everyone doesn't use localstorage you might want to check if it's enabled first and use the old code as a backup if it's not. if (window.localStorage) { // use localStorage script }else{ //fallback to cookies here }
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    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    This is the support thread for the Customer Service Portal https://apps.oscommerce.com/xihXD&customer-service-portal The primary goal of the Customer Support Portal is to allow osCommerce shop owners to allow their employees to work on order fulfillment and customer support inquiries without having to allow direct admin access. Additionally it serves as a full fledged order placement system that will work with a shops existing payment methods, as well as a couple of new payment modules that could be useful in case alternate means of payment processing are desired, or in person cash sales are needed. The Customer Support Portal also allows a true guest checkout option. No customer is created if this option is used. All customer information is stored only in the actual order information. There is a quick link in the Customer Portal Header menu that allows guest orders to be viewed separately from the rest of the store orders. Please note that in the ht_customer_service module settings there is an email field to fill out, by default it uses the store owners set email address. This email is used for certain functions within the Customer Service Portal, such as a placeholder email in guest account creation. It will always be populated on the guest customers information field, just to skip the additional step of gathering an email address from a guest. Whenever done with guest accounts, or even logging into an existing customers account always go back to the dashboard. This resets the session for that particular customer. If you are in a customers account, then you have to take on a session allowing you to access their info, the dashboard kills any sessions that are not related directly to you the customer service agent. If you are using the cash payment option, you will need to adjust the sort order of you order total module sp that the order totals and cash back amounts are computed correctly. Helpful Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwaid91cp1A&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLgiD1FoTj4&feature=youtu.be Known issues: This plugin has been used in working shops for a number of years and proven to be stable. There are howver 2 issues I am aware of. 1) If a product in the cart has attributes, the update quantity field wont work properly. If a different quantity is desired, just delete it and add the correct quantity from the product listing itself. 2) I have not noticed this until testing on PHP 7.0, when using the cash payment option, the update button needs to be clicked twice. Feel free to post with comments or suggestions.
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    This is a admin sidebar that replaces the stock menu. It can be expanded or condensed on a column of icons. It also adds bootstrap framework to admin. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment here if you have any improvements or find any problem. Download: https://apps.oscommerce.com/ebjVY&admin-responsive-sidebar-with-bootstrap
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    Grid List - Cookie

    Didn't work for me in one of my firefoxes - until I enabled DOM Storage again in about:config, had this one disabled years ago to avoid flash cookies. Best regards Christoph
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    Grid List - Cookie

    Hmmmm. I do see an improvement in the overall load time of category pages. I notice a boost in loading of product pages, especially in the server response time or time till first byte. Which can be critical during peak times. For a site as large as mine, it's a huge plus. What about areas of the site where cookies are required in order to function? And the EU cookie law?
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    Quotes addon/app?

    for that you only need order editor and set product price to 0 and everything related to that product (attributes). The order editor allow you set-up prices for each. Within product_info you could do a check to read from the db if that specific product is marked to be a quoted product table product_info : product_quote 1 or 0 You could show a message to the client that the order process is for a quote. (skip payment, and perhaps even shipping, can even skip the whole order process). you not even need to use the shoppingcart. You can setup a copy of the orders and orders products table and orders product attributes table -temp_orders -temp_orders_products -temp_orders_products_attributes
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    Quotes addon/app?

    The only difficulty is setting up a product that; (a) only the relevant customer can see (b) the product does not show in any of the product lists or menus If you can easily solve (b) without too much code changes...(a) is fairly straightforward. You could write some sort of admin page which allows you to; select a customer fill up that customers cart Then ask the customer to login where their cart is waiting for them.
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    Even better use google analytics to track the banner clicks/history
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    Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    That's it ! It works now, thank you. ;)
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    Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    @milerwanWell, you might understand i'm surprised and would normally say "impossible". Is there a way i can see your admin, if so, send me a private message. What happens when hit CTRL+F5 (That is a so called hard reset for the browser cache.)
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    Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    I wanted to take a look at the WYSIWYG Editor, but it wouldn't load. I had to change the code to... <script> $(function(){ //SUMMERNOTE WYSIWYG OPTIONAL: $('.summernote').summernote(); }); </script> ...to make it work. Another thing: You should change the "http:" for the WYSIWYG Editor-Script and -Stylesheet to "https:", or remove the "http:"-part altogether. AD
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    https://apps.oscommerce.com/m2hDP&rma-returns-system-for-osc2-3-4bs Full product returns system for osCommerce. Features · No core file changes needed, just upload to your store. · One click install. · Works with PHP 7.1 and Edge · Create returns from admin, or allow customers to create their own, or both. · You choose which order statuses orders must be at for customers to return items. · You choose how many days after ordering customers can return items from an order. · Includes issuing of discount coupons direct from the returns admin page*. · Includes Paypal refunds direct from the returns admin page**. Partial refunds OK. · If you require serial numbers to be entered this can be turned on in admin. You can also make serial numbers optional or compulsory. · Return items to inventory if you desire, just tick a box on the returns admin page. · Set a default restocking fee, and inform the customer when they fill in the return request. · Terms and conditions can be shown to customers before they fill in a return request, if so they must agree to continue. They can also have the terms and conditions emailed to their email address. · One click comments when updating orders. · Unlimited number of return reasons. · Unlimited number of refund methods. · Only logged in customers can create a return request. · Search for RMAs in admin by RMA Number, customer name, or order id · Will not create duplicate RMA request numbers.
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    Dan Cole

    Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    Now that I think about it....you're probably not the right person to ask....I hear your Iguanas fall out of the trees with the first hint of cold weather. Dan
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    Group Order Update for Edge

    This addon has been updated to work with osCommerce v2.3.4.1BS. Have submitted it so should be available soon. Have tested in with Edge and PHP7.1 works fine. However as always Backup before installing. oscom-batch-update-status-osCommerce v2.3.4.1BS Thanks for all your help in getting this done. Z
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    Finding sp0ecific .php page

    @Ken_Shea The file in question is shopping_cart.php , located in your /catalog_ontarget/ directory. HTH
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    Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    @wHiTeHaT In case you want to add font awesome icons to buttons: $("a.btn span.document").addClass('fa fa-edit fa-lg').removeClass('document'); $("a.btn span.trash").addClass('fa fa-trash').removeClass('trash'); $("a.btn span.arrow-4").addClass('fa fa-arrows fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-4'); $("a.btn span.copy").addClass('fa fa-clone fa-lg').removeClass('copy'); $("a.btn span.plus").addClass('fa fa-plus fa-lg').removeClass('plus'); $("a.btn span.close").addClass('fa fa-times fa-lg').removeClass('close'); $("a.btn span.disk").addClass('fa fa-floppy-o fa-lg').removeClass('disk'); $("a.btn span.key").addClass('fa fa-unlock fa-lg').removeClass('key'); $("a.btn span.refresh").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('refresh'); $("a.btn span.mail-closed").addClass('fa fa-envelope fa-lg').removeClass('mail-closed'); $("a.btn span.arrowreturnthick-1-n").addClass('fa fa-share-square-o fa-lg').removeClass('arrowreturnthick-1-n'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-nw").addClass('fa fa-share-square-o fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-nw'); $("a.btn span.circle-triangle-n").addClass('fa fa-globe fa-lg').removeClass('circle-triangle-n'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-w").addClass('fa fa-caret-left fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-w'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-e").addClass('fa fa-caret-right fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-e'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-n").addClass('fa fa-caret-up fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-n'); $("a.btn span.arrow-1-s").addClass('fa fa-caret-down fa-lg').removeClass('arrow-1-s'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-w").addClass('fa fa-caret-left fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-w'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-e").addClass('fa fa-caret-right fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-e'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-n").addClass('fa fa-caret-up fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-n'); $("a.btn span.triangle-1-s").addClass('fa fa-caret-down fa-lg').removeClass('triangle-1-s'); $("a.btn span.arrowrefresh-1-w").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('arrowrefresh-1-w'); $("a.btn span.arrowrefresh-1-e").addClass('fa fa-refresh fa-lg').removeClass('arrowrefresh-1-e');
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    The word function is a php keyword and those are not case-sensitive. See here. But it is considered bad form to use upper-case for keywords. And there is a push to make them case-sensate, which will probably happen at some point. See here.
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    You can search for language.php in the files and change the include to include_once in each case. If that makes the error message go away, you had a file in the wrong place, and you still need to find that and fix it. It's possible that PHP 7.0.27 has a regression bug, or that the security changes that Centos makes to the default system will cause this problem for any version of PHP. The bug has never been traced to that level. Regards Jim
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    reCAPTCHA V2 - Looks So Cool

    As the error message says, Your server is configured to not allow this operation (for security reasons). You might be able to set allow_url_fopen=1; in your php.ini file or equivalent. Ask your host how to do this, especially if you don't already have a php.ini file set up.
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    Qué chulo! Really nice!!
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    Plural search not working

    I am using below code it helps me remove 's' from the results hence when I search for results of keyword 'Mukut' on my store:- Results come as below:- Search word Mukuts = Results for Mukut Search word muku= Results for Mukut Search word muk= Results for Mukut Search word mukut = Results for Mukut if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['keywords'])) { $keywords = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_GET_VARS['keywords']); $stringlength = strlen($keywords); if(substr($keywords, $stringlength-1, $stringlength) == 's') $keywords = substr($keywords, 0, $stringlength-1); } So hence for example even if Jackass is searched and 's' is removed Jackas should return results as Jackass only... I also use Smart Search addon in addition and selected searched keywords(like Google)- As Suggest result type. You can also use Extra Product Field addon to add extra search keyword field to products and put in the plural word there. Hence when a customer searches the product it will return in results. Hope it helps.. Regd./ radhavallabh
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    Surfalot CMS App Support

    Surfalot CMS is an osCommerce App designed to help the developer and shop owner alike build, maintain, and organize content easily in one place. TinyMCE is integrated to provide WYSIWYG content editing. Create new content and insert it into your navigation quickly and easily directly in the admin. Edit content on existing pages by placing a small template code snippet on your target page. The responsive features of osCommerce v2.3.4 Community Edition are maintained throughout the App. Full osCommerce built-in cache support is available. If your shop runs with osCommerce cache, Surfalot CMS will cache all the page queries so your shop maintains peak performance. Dynamic content from the additional shortcode module is still injected at display time. This is designed specifically for osCommerce v2.3.4 Community Edition. This project was started to see how far I could stretch the "no core changes" principles driving this fabulous osCommerce version with content creation. osCommerce v2.3.4 Official is also supported. Main Features Create and WYSIWYG Edit Site Pages Create and WYSIWYG Edit Content and Blocks Manage page titles, page content, breadcrumb, and meta tags in the admin Create Navigation with a Navbar Module and Sidebar Box Module osCommerce Cache Support Easy install App requires changes to only a few files Place content using existing osC Template groups and create your own Integrated TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor Navigation Features Full featured Navigation manager Manage your Navbar menu with text, links, and existing modules Manage a sidebar information box with new or existing pages and links Specify Font Awesome icons for all Navbar items Compatible with existing Navigation modules Include Surfalot CMS page items anywhere in the Navbar Download: https://apps.oscommerce.com/iJnr7
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    I suggest not reading any of those SEO "experts" and just focus on giving your customers a great experience. Repeat business is what you want, not a continual frenetic hunt for new clients through Google.
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    SMS marketing

    According to me, you should keep in mind the following points: Send sweet and short sms Target your audience Connect with your existing customers Use shorten link goo.gl Must add your contact information in SMS.
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    When I first started my site i was advised on these forums a long time ago, to add a few addons that would help. I added all products seo as already mentioned, featured products on the front page as well as the new products, and also a cross sell addon on the product pages, but make sure the products were linked in some way ie a plastic kit and the glue required to make it. Apart from these addons I cant think of anything else I have done except try to link different pages, where relevant, within the product description ie I have a kit of parts where links are placed to the individual products within that kit to allow people to easily find the place to buy more. I do have help pages where there are links back to the products also. I do have the manufacturers info box on the site as this has a link to other products from the manufacturer which may also help, but I have no idea whether it does. I used to use another addon from Jack, which placed links to the category and other places on the product pages but never added it to the new BS site but cant remember what it was called now. It may have been his sitemap addon, which I only use the sitemap page now. Whether there is, or was, a benefit to not having the other links on the pages I have never tested. I do have products more than 3 clicks from the home page just to make it easier for customers to find the products they want. Apart from those addons the site is pretty much as it came.