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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Just saying, it makes sense to free up some time next week or the following week
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    W3 osCommerce WIP

    Great work. And super idea to rely on ! I'll give a try...
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Patricio, thanks for your continuous interest in osCommerce v4. We are finishing internal tests of B2 and are looking to release it shortly. Please kindly note that every person or company that contacted us in regards to becoming a Beta tester for B2 was added to the list and will be given B2 once it becomes available.
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    Thank you 'domiosc' for thinking that I am an AI machine with capabilities to translate quickly. However, I am real ... and it took me several days and hours to do such work in order to be helpful to the community in assisting 'osCommerce-Official' to release a multilingual osCommerce v4 as quickly as possible. (Gracias 'domiosc' por pensar que soy una máquina de inteligencia artificial con capacidades para traducir rápidamente. Sin embargo, soy real ... y me tomó varios días y horas hacer ese trabajo para ayudar a la comunidad y ayudar a osCommerce-Official a lanzar un osCommerce v4 multilingüe lo más rápido posible.) I have tried very hard to use Castilian (Castellano) Spanish as such is the formal Spanish spoken by educated speakers. If you wish to help and translate in the second language commonly used which is Mexican Spanish then kindly do so as it would be helpful, any corrections are easily able to be done on the existing left column.😁