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    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    I'm not talking about Gary who is the only one who carries OSC on his shoulders. I'm talking about the other team members who are only there to defile. I don't quite agree with your approach Steve , a person from China who has just installed OSC and does not find a WeChat payment module available, leaves OSC and installs another ecommerce platform. Not having these modules pre-installed from the factory means that more than one billion people (or more) do not use OSC. You see this issue from another point of view, you who already have an established business should add that module to reach a billion new users. What I see is what must be be done to enlarge the OSC community. Best regards Valqui
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    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    I think we need a lot more than just PayPal the world has changed/is changing fast.
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    Phoenix Announcements

    Phoenix Particular thanks to @BrockleyJohn for fixing the Hooks class. Demo Site: https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php This Update; Fixes bug in Hooks Class that presents itself on some, not all, servers Update version to How to Update if on; Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using How to Update if on earlier version; Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker] Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on" instructions - OR - You can download and install a brand new; clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install After New Installation is complete; Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using - Join the Phoenix Club - https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/ If you are not a member of the Phoenix Club, request it; you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer future releases.
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    Anyone wanting to use this can use the files below which have been tested. Remember it's a no core change add-on. just turn off stock and turn on the new one. Don't like it just turn it off and turn on the stock again. After playing around with it I stttled on a simple layout which remains the same between large and small screens. Could be improved further by adding Ajax to auto update cart and could get rid of the refresh button but that's for the wish list. on small screen JcM shopping cart Product Listing V1.1.zip
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    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    You are right there. There are loads of members very few of which are helpers so it could have been, and should have been kept in the open public forum.
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    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    Too bad, because we are several that we want to help and contribute. I think it is better to follow the discussions in the general forum so we can all contribute. It is not good to segment the OSC community, we have to unite and not divide.
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Please do not use 1.0.7 for now. The code for order_status_history and order mails is removed/wrong. I have sent a PM to the author already and I suppose he will fix it in the next update.
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    List of my Phoenix compatible Addons

    Uploaded Ajax attributes manager update for Phoenix: AJAX Attribute Manager BS 3.0.0.
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    $listing_sql = "select distinct " . $select_column_list
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    Trouble with user.css on Phoenix

    Big up to @BrockleyJohn who did all the investigating and all the fixing. TY John.
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    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    @14steve14If I would be H, I will eliminate all the team members (except Burt) and recruit new ones who want to contribute. For example, there are several members in the forum who write excellent addons that can be incorporated into the basic OSC package installed from the factory. Everyone can help as they can. Doing market research, testing and informing what is needed is also a way of contributing. Let's join efforts to move forward, I'm sure we agree on this
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I have just tested the most recent version with live and test payments and all seems to be working as it should. I did uninstall and remove the old stripe code form the site before testing so things must be looking up. My only comment is that payment details are showing again on the invoices. Is there a way for this not to show, but to be saved somewhere. In some of the earlier versions this dint happen.
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Testing version 1.0.9 here on my local server and shop, all seems to be OK. Thank you @asro2004, @raiwa & @mhsuffolk Mike
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    PayPal fee changes

    The customer is "King" allways. Turning off PayPal may not be a good solution.
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    Double Main and Large Images

    Take a look at this post, uses a simple SQL to copy over the product image in to the large image table. As always back up first.
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Yes, but the problem here is that if added to the last status, they would be lost if no successful payment is returned. I believe it's important for the shopowner to see the customers comment even payment failed or even if the customer doesn't complete the checkout/payment. EDIT: Just checked again and the comment shows in "Preparing [Stripe SCA] " status which should be the first in the list.
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    Thanks for updating the Sales Reports admin add on! Works great! Kind Regards, Peter
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    Products without categories

    Just a silly bit of SQL. I realised that products I had used in previous promotion were not displaying as they were not in any categories, so here's a little bit of SQL to help fix databases if you've been using other tools to administrate your products. 1 - Check for products not in categories. SELECT * FROM products WHERE products_id NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT products_id FROM products_to_categories); 2 - If none display then you're fine. If they do then choose a category to put them in and get the category number. If need be create a new category and look for the number in the database, i.e. SELECT MAX(categories_id) FROM categories_description; 3 - Move the uncategorised products into your new category... If the previous query resulted in 211 then INSERT INTO products_to_categories SELECT products_id,211 FROM products WHERE products_id NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT products_id FROM products_to_categories);
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    I believe all checkout pages are now running under the new "minimal" style; https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php To check out the checkout changes, you will obviously need to be logged in with something in cart...so that you can complete an order. Feel free to offer constructive criticism, ask questions, point out broken things etc.
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Thanks, they have been fixed in 1.0.7
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    Yes but they will not help as in osC php is mixed with html. https://bootstrapstudio.io/ https://www.layoutit.com/build https://pingendo.com/ It's not hard to do in simple code editor. https://code.visualstudio.com/ Just play with the code, if you break it no problem it's only testing after all. Best way to learn is to just do it. I will post test moduel that you can play with shortly. Just a few mins can make changes. Like or not is personal view you can re do layout as you like.
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    You over estimate the abilities of shopowners. NNTR
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    Updated PWA Purchase without account 4.0.0
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    Updated: KissIt Image Thumbnailer
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    PHP 7

    You can easily fix it. Read this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35128323/php-extended-class