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    Email queuing system

    Adding in those extra {{XYZ}} tags has caused problems. Main problem being on the admin side when adding an email into the Queue, the extra {{XYZ}} tags over and above the basic (always available) ones were impossible to add. That's now solved after much banging of head on keyboard. So, I think it's now good to start being properly tested - over the weekend I'll upload the new files to the demo site, clean out the queued emails and ask for testers (once again, sorry)...
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    Email queuing system

    Another full day of coding this, the joys of being a coder. I now have it as easy as possible to add in {{XYZ}} tags, and they automatically show in the admin side as available for use. Eg on the "no_checkout" slug I added in {{SIGN_UP_DATE}} (which is the date customer created account) and in the admin side it appears like so ready for use; It's not as simple as I'd like, but I think I've done as much as I can working within the confines of the osCommerce architecture...
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    @valquiria23 I have a conversation by email about that with JC. This is this contribution and I let him to decide what it wants to propose or not. If JC wants help because it has a problem, it can ask. I will be there. ('same with my little time !!)
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    Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    I'm looking forward to seeing this enhancement Gary. I too think it's a game changer. 👍 Dan
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    Frozen bug list

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    GDPR & info Modal tabs popup CE BS3/4 V1.2 full package by JcMagpie 14-3-2019 GDPR & info Modal tabs popup v2.3.4.1 CE V1.2 Updated to clean code , make multilingual and add BS4. A much simpler footer information block addon. It gives you the information links and as modal popup with tabs so all GDPR , T&C and Shipping & Returns are all shown in one popup with tabs. The contact us is still separate link. Reduces the information footer block to just 2 nav pils. Why? Well gives a cleaner look to the footer and makes reading information much better for the customer. On large sites it can take time to find what your looking for. With stock osC if having found it you press a info link your taken away from the page you were looking at. With the Tabbed popup the page stays behind the popup and when you close the popup you carry on with what you were looking at. Again totally stand-alone with no core code change. Once you have copied all the files over go into admin/Content /Modules and install “JCM GDPR Information Links Block”. Turn it on and turn off the stock info block or another you may have uninstall it. This version will not change the contact us link. That remains as new window. The other stock links are not replaced. We make new ones for the modal tabs so you can revert back anytime you like. To add new text for each modal tab simply edit language file, keep it plain text. That’s it Enjoy.
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    Sure, if you edit template file you can add more links.
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    GDPR & info Modal tabs popup CE BS3/4 V1.2 full package by JcMagpie 14-3-2019 GDPR & info Modal tabs popup v2.3.4.1 CE V1.2 Updated to clean code , make multilingual and add BS4.
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    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    You can safely change that setting and then try sending an email from admin->Tools->Send Emails. I've seen sites where changing it caused the mail not to work and others where it didn't make a difference. You could install the phpMailer. I don't know how much needs to be changed for it to work in a Frozen shop but it does work fine once installed. Honeypot is an easier install than Recaptcha, in my opinion, but whichever you prefer should satisfy your host.
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    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    Today I decided I got angry for the last time updating a table rate based module. Afer several tryouts to change the shipping rates just to see I had a typo in the values string -damned colons- and having to manually calculate the net prices for each row from the gross that came from the table provided by the courier... I had enough and modified the table rate module to show a real table where you can see what you're doing. Uses some javascript to update net/gross, add or remove rows and do some basic checks. It can be adapted to any other module that uses the same system. Note: The net pice is caclulated based on the tax class from the module. It will apply only to the countries in the module's zone and it's not savet to database but calculated on the fly. For this column to work you need to set up the tax rate first, save and enter the module configuration again. Here is the file: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wyYLv&sgipping-table-module-update @burt you can replace the stock one if you consider it fits the community project.
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    Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    I've always been surprised that people using PWA style shops would email customers at all. I thought from a customers point of view they were opting not to give or have shopowners use their data or information at all. I would be shocked if I got an email from a shop I opted not to set up an account with. Is that not an issue with guest systems? Dan
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    to load JS in the header or footer I recommand put all JS to load in one PHP file In catalog/ext/ create a file named js.php put the follow inside: $js = array('jquery/jquery-3.3.1.min.js', 'jquery/ui/jquery-ui-1.12.1.min.js', 'templates/js/bootstrap.min.js', 'js/general.js'); $mergeJS = ""; foreach ($js as $js_file) { $mergeJS.= file_get_contents($js_file); } ob_start('ob_gzhandler'); header('Content-type: text/javascript'); header('Vary: Accept-Encoding'); echo ($mergeJS); than in the catalog/includes/template_top.php load this file with: <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/js.php"></script> Its also good for SEO, than its only one file for to load and ofcourse JS should be minimized. For CSS files can do as well. My site loading speed increased by 40%!!!
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    Shichemt, Thank you for your replies! I'll see what I can do with a more current version of PHP. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Frozen bug list

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    Not been able to you must have removed the login.
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    JcM footer Google Map V1.0 Thank you to @fantomen for reporting the bug in the add-on, a silly mistake by me in naming files which caused a conflict on multilingual sites. This has now been fixed and a updated add-on as been uploaded.
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    If the install directory has been removed then is should not see that install URL, I would first clear your browser cache as it may be the cause of this issue.
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    I'm sure you are not the only stupid user who has never explored their own admin area
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    You could also have just done it via the Admin, as Sweden only has a few Zones; Admin > Locations/Taxes > Zones > {Add New Zone} Answer given for future reference of people finding this thread.
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    Hans, you can try this one and see if it helps. Please note I do not use it so check first. https://apps.oscommerce.com/8h0g3&amp;edit-pages-via-admin-shipping-conditio
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    Yes but in stock osC define languages is just a list of files! nothinng to edit just a list. You need aditional add-on's to edit in admin. So please post which add-on you are using so others will know what to use.
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    Sure as I said it's an issue with your db proper fix in in the .ini file which your host will be able to do. Or backup and give Phil's thing a shot! The test I did was using CE Frozen on PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.1.73 From what little I know that error normaly happens on a db which moves from MySQL 4 to 5 but as I said I don't know much so play safe.
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    Backing up is free takes seconds, I do it before every step change to db that way you can step back if you mess up.
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    24 posts in 11 years. You are part of the problem. If everyone gave a little bit of time and effort, the whole environment and ethos would be awesome. As it is we have people who popup every 4 or 5 years asking for help and advice, and giving back nothing to the community. That's something we need to (somehow) solve...