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    Smoky Barnable

    Addon access

    We need access to the old addons now, not "shortly". If you refuse to provide access to this open source content authored by developers who offered this content for free, would you at least consider paid access? It's impossible for forum members to provide support to those in need if we can't reference the files.
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    We were able to restore access to the old osCommerce 2.x modules. They are located here: https://old.oscommerce.com/ They will be TEMPORARILY available in the read-only mode on this URL.
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    Custom templates

    I also checked the wiki on creating a theme from scratch. I am just not there yet.... I know what has happened with this project as I am guilty of it myself... The development team knows this product so well that they cannot see it with 'outside' eyes. To them everything is logical, makes sense and is easy to use. From the outside, we do not have the understanding to appreciate this and rather we see something that is hard to use, complicated, and quite honestly, annoying. You guys have created a fighter jet and we are trying to learn how to fly it. Unfortunately we have only flown an old biplane and all the gizmos and functions are beyond us. We need to work up to it in stages. As I suggested before, it might be helpful to create an old-style look and feel template so we can at least have a starting point that is familiar. I do not like the old-style, but I do understand it. If I can see the widget that is used to generate a certain feature, then I will be in a better position to learn, edit, modify, be happy, and sleep well. O... and how do I create and edit a plain and simple home page? At present I can't seem to create a landing page that I can edit. I can create a page that is the landing, but I can't seem to edit the text. I can edit text on other pages though. I am also unable to get the store physical address to display.
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    Addon access

    I think that it is only fair that those who wish to continue with OsCommerce 2.3 continue working on it and thus we will have two versions of oscommerce. OsCommerce 2.3 is easier to modify and for companies that have to make constant changes in the code, they are more adapted and everything is easier for them I have a saying "What is beautiful excites, what I practice sells" everything has to be practical first. The best eCommerce ideas over 20 years are in these contributions.
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    Custom templates

    I feel like I really need to second that. I find this editing system to be really not flexible. It would be really good to understand from a coding perspective and not from a WYSIWYG perspective, how a bottom-up theme can be built. Even though the grid offers good flexibility it takes quite some times for the Pros to get on board on manually adding and configuring widgets rather than setting their own designs directly from scratch on a local ide and with a json manifesto. Do you plan to open up to this kind of tutorial or all the designers will be forced to work onto your tool? Looking at the themes structures from FTP, it seems like there's close to no information about it. The dynamic loading of the content via widgets is very clear, but having another way to edit both widget and the layout system would really be paramount.
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    osCommerce 4.02

    osCommerce 4.02 has been released. Download your own or use "Host with osCommerce" to have it installed on one of our servers for you. New features, changes, and fixes are described in osCommerce Wiki: https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Change_Log To upgrade from osCommerce 4.01 proceed with the following: 1. Connect to the App Shop: https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Connecting_to_App_Shop 2. Choose the "System Update" tab of the App Shop menu 3. Press the "Update now" button to initiate the update Work on osCommerce continues. osCommerce development team has a pipeline of tasks for many more months. Our immediate priority is adding Apps to the App Shop, and making it possible for developers and designers upload their own Apps there - free and paid.
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    My name is Vadym. I'm just one of many of the team osCommerce. It is my birthday in 20 days. And in 2022 we celebrate 20 years since we built our first osCommerce website. So I decided to publish a post every day for 20 days to share why I, personally, see osCommerce as a great Ecommerce platform that more and more people shall use to build their new online shop, and switch to osCommerce from anything else they use. It is my personal but also professional opinion and I'm going yo share it with you. Some posts will be short, some long, but they will all contain truthful and nonbiased information. osCommerce is the optimal Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large businesses. There are many other Ecommerce platforms and solutions out there. So why choose osCommerce to power your business? Reason number one is how osCommerce allows business owners, managers, and staff exercise CONTROL over the Ecommerce website. It is not about your normal product catalogue (yes I write it the British way), or site name. Or even content pages. It is about being able to control each and every aspect of the website. To make it exactly the way YOU want it. With osCommerce you (or your development partner) are in charge of the look, feel, content, and functionality of your online shop. You want to change permissions of your staff who can do what in the back end? Done! You want to add a lot, and I mean - a lot of images to the product? Done! Video? Done! You want to change the logo, colours, styles? Done! Want to go into CSS - please, be our guest! You don't like the "Add to cart" line on the button, and prefer "Add to Bag" - sure, not a problem at all. Show tax during the checkout? Sure. Not show it on the invoice? Of course! The other way round (actually makes more sense)? Not a problem at all. The site is your oyster, to rephrase the popular saying. All actions can be performed from its advanced backend, with no or minimal understanding of coding. Even if you use an in-house IT team, they will appreciate the level of control they get without the need to change anything in the code.
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    New V2 Forum

    " Support for older versions of osCommerce may be offered on these Forums, temporarily, although we encourage all users to move to the new, better, and more secure version. Support for other Ecommerce platforms and osCommerce forks WILL NOT be offered on these Forums. " I am two minded about investing the time and money in starting up a brand new domain and forum as a meeting place for people still interested in V2 osCommerce. The forum will be non commercial, for information exchange only, as osCommerce was in the beginning. How many people interested in this idea ?
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    I am not familiar with that code change but it probably uses the GD library. If so, there were problems in the older versions of that library, which is on the server. Since you are using an old php version I suspect that is the problem. I suggest you use Honey Pot instead. It will stop spam much better that what you are using. That version of oscommerce can run on php 5.3, maybe 5.4, so you should upgrade the php.
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    New V2 Forum

    The support forum for the old 2.xx versions is online. If anyone is interested, simply register and post their concerns. I am convinced that there is no longer any support for the older versions. https://yepix.de/forum/index.php
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    Day 5 today. Or rather night 5. The day was so busy that this text is being written at night. This one is very important. For a business, a real business, watching the expenses is very important. Having an online store means creating one and then maintaining and developing it further. There's always some amount that it costs to build a new website. With osCommerce it starts from $0, since osCommerce is free as such, and so are a number of Apps from the App Shop. Of course on top of this can come custom design, custom development, paid apps from the App Shop, and still it will be cheaper than building a similar shop in the likes of Adobe Commerce (former Magento), Shopify, or ShopWare.What's also important, it will likely be faster to build, since a lot of business-proof features come with osCommerce. Once an online store is up and running, comes the period of further development and maintenance. It is the most natural rule of running a business - as your business grows, changes, and improves, so shall your online store grow, change, and improve. A lot of the changes can be implemented by the business themselves (advanced user or in-house IT department). This means any idea or change request can be implemented QUICKLY and CHEAPLY. Even hiring a 3rd party development team will require less time for implementation. So maintaining an online store is cheaper with osCommerce.But it is also quicker to see how ideas get implemented online. A friend had once worked for a major international business that created some amazing vacuum cleaners. She complained a number of times how creating a new landing page required a planning request to be filed several months prior to it going live. With osCommerce, she could have done it herself in half a day perhaps. Being able to change and adapt is super important for every online business to win the competition. Talking about changes, what about updates? What about osCommerce core updates, and what about osCommerce Apps updates? Well, as soon as the changes are implemented in the back end, and as soon as developers follow guidelines and implement any and all code changes accordingly in the widgets and modules and Apps - it should be possible to update all other parts of the system without any problem automatically via osCommerce connection with its App Shop.
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    Hello everyone, I am using osCommerce since 2002-ish. I just downloaded the new 4.04 version and when I try to install, right after providing the MySQL details I get an error message: Error. Can't update database. Both lib/frontend/runtime/ and lib/backend/runtime/ folders are empty. I checked the server log files and here is what I found: == [06-Sep-2022 04:11:54 UTC] PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): Empty query in /home/ultragen/public_html/install/install_steps/db_access.class.php on line 224 == And here is the code causing the issue: $sqls = $this->parse_sql_file($restore_from); foreach($sqls as $sql) { $result = mysqli_query($link, $sql); if (!$result) { $this->log('install_error', 'Can\'t update database.'); return false; } As far as server details, here it is: Server OS: Linux 3.10.0-1160.59.1.el7.x86_64 Database: MySQL 5.7.39 HTTP Server: Apache/2.4.54 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.1.1q mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_fcgid/2.3.9 Phusion_Passenger/6.0.12 PHP Version: 7.4.30 (Zend: 3.4.0) I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance. - Ed
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    Old osCommerce 2.x modules

    Thank you very much 😊
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    Custom templates

    Personally I did - while the step by step is sufficiently clear, I believe it's also a good draft to highlight some "issues": look at figure 3: the numbers of menus to customize all the items via editor is really massive, and that's essentially for just a couple of CSS lines of code. That's why I believe the general view over here is that if you want to onboard pro designers you need to provide a clear file structure for a developer. That goes especially for widget, where it feels like most of the design architecture is located there. That said I also think no one here wants to criticize your choice on having an editor: to be the first time OSC has one I believe is quite impressive and a good compromise that is reminiscent of Divi on WP. But its flexibility and UX limit a lot probably a standard power user. For UI devs instead it's probably quite limiting. What is easier to fix to onboard more community? probably couple of lines to describe structure and components interaction to some developers? 😉
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    Custom templates

    my thinking is to just make a long ass youtube video guide, stating with a blank canvas and setting up a new store as a new user would. inc. a theme build and adding products. then you can time link, or cut out sections to answer sub questions or link back in the wiki. this will then generate new questions over missing help areas in times, and a new update video can be made addressing those at a later time. youtube is good platform because you can go back and update, link and annotate the video
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    Custom templates

    Me too! I have been doing this for a while but right now I want to give up. What would REALLY help is a basic configuration that comes out of the box with a single sales channel that has a similar look and feel to the 'old' osCommerce that we've been starting with for almost 20 years. Right now I can't even get the store physical address to display correctly. I have tried editing the widget to no avail. I can see all the benefits of being able to modify EVERYTHING, but if I can't figure out how to do it, then it's going to get very frustrating very quickly.
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    Custom templates

    thanks for your reply, to clarify i am not saying the old code way is better... i am saying this new method is very hard to use and understand. and i have a decent i.t background, but i am still getting stuck. i may figure things out eventually. other people wont . for example there are multiple parts of the admin pages you need to go back and forth from to build a theme, the editor, the menus, the catalogue etc. setting owners and attributes then finding its not working on the preview. personally i am stuck right now.
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    Day 2 of 20 of posts why I think osCommerce is the platform businesses shall consider switching to, or using straight away. So far it is easy to write, as there is so much information about osCommerce features and solutions I'd like to share. There is already a list of 20 post themes in my Google Keep, and many more could be added there but let's do the first 20 first. Hybrid Ecommerce - it is my reason #2 to choose osCommerce. We have come up with this name ourselves, and would like to explain what it means for team osCommerce. There are at least two types of Ecommerce platforms out there (perhaps many more, but for us these two are the most important ones) - open source Ecommerce and SaaS Ecommerce (EaaS). Open source examples are old osCommerce, Magento (Adobe commerce), ShopWare, X-Cart, Zencart, Open cart, Woo commerce, and more. SaaS are the likes or Shopify, Big Commerce. Open source is great for people who like to dig into the software and change stuff. If you have code knowledge, are a developer, like to change and customise - open source is great for you. Ahh, one more - open source is often free. Or starts free and then offers special Pro versions, support, etc SaaS is different as it is closed code model, not open for customisations. It is the same code base that is used for all of the customers. You can surely customise the design and content, and add. 3rd party apps via hooks or API. But the system is a bit rigid and you depend on what the owners think how it should be developed further. One of the benefits of SaaS Ecommerce is that you get updates automatically as soon as they are released. With open source Ecommerce you have to update to the new version yourself, which becomes a lengthy time- and cost-consuming process. Now, the beauty of osCommerce is that it kind of combines both open source Ecommerce and SaaS Ecommerce in one platform. That's thanks to the effort of the amazing development team behind it. People thay have been creating Ecommerce websites and solutions for the last 20 years, who learnt personally the good and the not so good ideas in that time. We call it Hybrid Ecommerce. So osCommerce is and will be open source. You can look into how it is made. You can add things. Modify existing apps or modules. We do not recommend modifying the core. But there's nothing that stops you from changing everything else. Since it is hybrid, osCommeece can update itself to the latest version almost automatically (yes, you'll need to press a button or two). This part works as if it was SaaS, although it is the SaaS Ecommerce that you get free of charge and can look into! There is the App shop too, which allows searching for free and paid apps. Apps are open source too, but you don't need to install them yourself - the App Shop "SaaS" interface does it for you. Thats the beauty of Hybrid Ecommerce approach we implemented in osCommerce - that it takes the best of both worlds and gives it to you!
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    Installation issues

    You have to add a symlink to direct the template to the shops root, or wherever you want it to show. This really should be done automatically in my opinion. Maybe in a future version. It's a known problem. See my post here. The oscommerce team, apparently, doesn't consider it important. I think it is a big mistake on their part. They were removed by the new owners. They said they would be added back in but nothing so far.
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    Dynamic text

    @Sergey Dunaevcould you please comment here?
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    Custom templates

    @Sergey Dunaev could you please comment here?
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    Demo backend design improvements

    its a good idea, the menu takes up alot of screen space. i wouldn't say change it. i would suggest to add the options to resize or edit it for personal preference. that way you can please 99% of end users
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    Github oscommerce V4

    Hello, Just a question ? There is a new osc version appears but we do not see anything about the code evolution in Github. Do you want to use github or it's just stay like that without code evolution ? Also I inserted lot of bugs, little are commented, some others not and we do not see if this bugs are resolved or not. Also if the community can confirm these bugs or add it will be great. Thank you
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    osCommerce v4 translation

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    JcM Store Close Phoenix V1.0 This is an add-on that lets you close your store to orders being placed. It contains 2 modules. The first is a simple header message which can be used to let your customer know you are closed. The second is a button control header tag that hides buy or add to cart buttons on index and replaces the buy button on product info page with a closed button. It is designed for stock install so if you have any custom buttons then you will need to deal with those separately. Again totally stand alone with no code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and install. The messages can be set in admin by editing language files. Once installed all you need to do is turn on the 2 modules to close the store to new orders. No other module needs to be changed as customer can not add anything to basket. Your store should be full functional other than this and web links , seo should be unaffected as all products and pages are still active and available. Has been tested on Phoenix 1.0.2.x only. Enjoy! The message ( you can select which pages it is shown on ) The disabled closed button on product info page